【Bible Study】Genesis 07: Only the Righteous and Those Owned by the Righteous Can be Saved

Bible Study: Genesis


Hello, let's look at Genesis chapter 7. You may read Genesis Chapter 7 plainly, but if we think a little deeper, it is really a tragedy. If there were five billion people on earth in that generation, only eight people survived. Noah was in the ark, and the water soaked all those people and swelled them up, and they floated on the water.

This event should remind us of something. It seems that Noah's family was quite selfish, and he didn't pull more people into the ark. Noah probably didn't do this, and if he did, it would have been recorded in the Bible. But God didn't command him to pull more people in either. I haven't read in the Bible that Noah pulled people into the ark, or that Jesus pulled people into the Kingdom of Heaven, or that Apostle Paul pulled people into the church. Interesting, isn't it? You might think that God wants everyone to be saved, right? God, are you too harsh?

I can tell you that only the righteous and those owned by the righteous can be saved. You must not bring the wicked into the kingdom of God, as the Bible does not mention bringing the wicked into the kingdom of God. Therefore, the theme of this chapter is: only the righteous and those owned by the righteous can be saved. Not one of the righteous will be left behind, even if Noah's sons were not great, but because they were Noah's sons, they were able to enter the ark. However, if you do not want to enter, Noah will not force you to enter. If Noah's son had this attitude: "I don't want to enter, Dad, bye, I won't enter, I still have to invest in real estate, trade stocks, you guys go into the ark, I'll drink with my friends." Noah would not pull him into the ark.

Isn't it interesting? Later, I also developed the habit of not dragging people. If some people want to leave the church, then you can leave, and I won't even make a phone call. Whoever wants to follow me can follow me, and whoever doesn't want to follow me can do whatever they want. My logic is completely different from that of the evangelical logic. Everyone should know which one has a foundation.

The construction of Noah's ark became big news locally. The ark was only 10% complete, and there were still many more parts to be built, like an aircraft carrier. His technology was not great, and he spent 120 years building it. He was so busy with caulking and other tasks. People asked him, "What are you doing? How are you going to launch this ship when it's done? Push it from the top of the mountain to the seashore?" He said, "No, I'm not going to push it to the seashore. The water will rise to this mountain top in the future." The water will reach this mountain top? This confused everyone. Everyone thought, "Oh no, he's gone crazy."

When have you ever seen someone building an aircraft carrier on Mount Tai and then how to transport it to the seaside after it's built? When have you ever seen someone building an aircraft carrier on the Himalayas and how to handle it after it's built? It's such a heavy object weighing tens of thousands of tons. It's definitely crazy! When Noah had completed 10% of the construction, he held a preaching conference on the ark and shouted: "This generation still has 120 years to go!" After 20 years, he shouted again: "There are still 100 years to go!" After another 20 years, he shouted: "This generation still has 80 years left!" By this time, the ark was already half-built. Later, when it was nearing completion, with only 10 years left, Noah stood at the top of the ark and shouted: "This generation still has 10 years left!" Everyone thought Noah had gone crazy. How could a good person become so foolish?

Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal ; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.” (Genesis 6:3)

For the past 120 years, Noah has been telling the people that the rain will come and this generation will be gone. Those people were stunned, what happened? Did Noah go crazy? How could the elephants, lions, and tigers go crazy with Noah? Is he running a zoo? The sky was so blue, and the sun was so good, why did Noah go inside? When the door was closed, Noah did a live broadcast inside the ark, and people outside shouted, "It's over, he built a pyramid. Let's check back in a few days to see if it's turned into a mummy."

On the seventh day, the heavy rain came, and the water slowly rose from the mountain, and people living in the villas 100 meters from the beach began to move out. However, they found that as the water rose, they had to continue to move higher and run up the mountain. People move up, water flows down. The water rose around the ark, and it kept rising. The people outside the ark remembered Noah's words and realized that he was telling the truth. Then they went to knock on the door of the ark and asked Noah to open it. No one opened the door, and it couldn't be opened. Noah said inside, "I want to open the door for you, but I can't. This door was closed by God."

Although the ark cannot be opened, many people are tightly gathered around it, hoping to grab something. Some people even regret not bringing a nail with them. If they had brought a nail, they would have nailed it to the ark, tied a rope to the nail, and then tied a safety belt. But it would be useless.

Let me tell you about the people inside the ark, they are very amazing because God told Noah that all these living creatures had to come on board, one male and one female. Noah was not confused, I tell you, what humans cannot do, does not mean that God cannot do. What humans cannot do, but we know that God can do, this is called humility. If a person thinks that they cannot do it, and no one can do it, not even God, then that is arrogance.

Those who Believe are Righteous

Let's talk about what Noah was thinking. The faith system in the story of Noah is very clear - only the righteous and their families are saved. However, today it is difficult for people to understand what it means to be righteous. For 120 years, Noah worked on building the ark every day. He realized that this business model might not work because investors, those who hold capital, did not see the value in it. Many people withdrew their investments, and those who had planned to invest in Noah changed their minds, thinking that he had gone crazy. As a result, many people withdrew their capital, saying that Noah's stock cannot be purchased. They believed that Noah had ruined everything by doing something so foolish.

When all the capital left Noah, what did he do? The economy was in trouble, and Noah couldn't get a loan or an investment. What does it mean to have faith? When faced with the fact that capital has left, Noah continued to build the ark. He believed in God, and if he didn't believe, he wouldn't have been able to do anything. Moreover, when God instructed him, he didn't say, "God, did I hear you correctly?" Today we can see that when you encounter adversity, financial difficulties, and various other situations where money is scarce, you may ask, "God, why is it like this?" We know about Noah's situation because God works in this way. Your faith cannot be called faith unless it is tested. In other words, only those who believe in God are righteous.

When you face negative economic growth, capital withdrawal, stock market crashes, a multitude of economic forecasts, as well as ridicule and criticism, people predict that your business is completely finished. Do you know how Noah dealt with this? He still believed. How do I know this? This is what I am telling you, it is not even mentioned in the Bible. Because Abraham believed in God, when did he believe in God? It was when God told him that the land was for him after he arrived in Canaan. As a result, he encountered famine. After encountering famine, Abraham still trusted in God.

Was it smooth sailing for Noah when he built the ark? Definitely not, he must have faced ridicule and criticism. Brothers and sisters, you must know that when I built the church, I accepted what was good and rejected what was bad. Even today, I still maintain this attitude. I know what is treasure and what is garbage. I won't bring garbage into God's kingdom. Why would I invest in them?

So brothers and sisters, we need to gradually understand that my attitude is to only choose what is good. I ask you, is my approach more in line with the Bible or is theirs more in line with the Bible? They like to bring people into the church, pastors call them to come and eat, and even make demands while the pastor humbly agrees. I don't do this kind of thing, don't even think about finding a pastor like that here. Your pastor or district leader is not like that either because they were all trained by me.

Because I only choose treasures. When I encounter difficulties, I don't believe in those who don't believe. Everyone needs to understand this principle. I want to be a son of God in God's eyes! If they want to live and follow the path of belief, we will go together. If they don't believe, that's fine too. If you don't believe, you are an evil person, but if you believe, you are a righteous person. If you don't believe, you will be doomed to destruction, but if you believe, you will be saved. God only saves the righteous, and those who believe are righteous. If you think you are inadequate, it doesn't matter, but don't think that God is inadequate too.

Those who Believe Will Have Miracle

On that very day Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark. 14They had with them every wild animal according to its kind, all livestock according to their kinds, every creature that moves along the ground according to its kind and every bird according to its kind, everything with wings. 15Pairs of all creatures that have the breath of life in them came to Noah and entered the ark. 16The animals going in were male and female of every living thing, as God had commanded Noah. Then the Lord shut him in. (Genesis 7: 13-16)

"Miracle" means the acts of God. A believer must have miracles and wonders accompanying them. In Noah's time, he was remarkable. When he spoke, elephants, lions, tigers, hunting dogs, and wild dogs all behaved well. Noah asked them to line up, and they lined up. Even the animals that entered the ark with Noah were stronger than the dead. If people don't believe, they will perish.

The city and all that is in it are to be devoted to the Lord. Only Rahab the prostitute and all who are with her in her house shall be spared, because she hid the spies we sent. (Joshua 6:17)

There is a person named Rahab who was the great-grandmother of King David. At that time, Rahab was in the city of Jericho, which was to be destroyed completely as commanded by God for the Israelites. However, Rahab prayed to God, and because of her faith, God saved her and her family.

When Joshua sent two spies to the city of Jericho to gather information, he was afraid. But God was moved by Rahab's faith and instructed Joshua to send the spies. Joshua was worried because the Israelites had already spent forty years wandering in the wilderness after sending twelve spies to the Promised Land. However, because of Rahab's faith, the miracle happened, and the spies were able to rescue her and her family.

Rahab was a person of faith, and even though she was among those who were to be destroyed, she was saved because of her faith. Don't be a wicked person; those who believe in God are righteous, and those who do not believe in God are wicked. We need to know that people live by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

The people who believe have miracles every day following them. God works through my hands to perform miracles. I've shared my mother's experience before, where she was suddenly struck with symptoms of dementia before we went out to eat. But after I prayed for her, she was completely fine in about 20 minutes. Then, we continued with our plan to eat. However, only five minutes into our car ride, the ghostly possession returned. The ghost was quite skilled, but I was able to stop the car and make the ghost lie down. Those who were with me asked what we should do, but I just said, "What should we do? Let's go eat!" My mother had looked like she was about to have a stroke for the first half hour, but in the second half, she ate a whole plate of food with no problems. It was all because of the ghost. Can an ordinary person do what I did? No way.

Another time, someone came to me with three broken bones in their foot, wrapped in a cast and bandages. I suggested taking them off, and of course, I was confident, and the person had faith as well. After the cast and bandages were removed, they started practicing walking and praying at the same time. The swelling went down, and everything was fine. Then, they went home to buy a new pair of shoes because they had only come in one shoe, and the other foot was wrapped in bandages. A few days later, they went to the hospital, and the doctor took an X-ray and asked how they had come there. The person replied, "I walked here." The doctor was surprised and asked how they could walk, so they demonstrated it again. The doctor saw that the bones were broken, but the person was able to walk. It was the spirit of God carrying the broken bones. That's all my work. I like performing miracles because I believe in God, and those who trust in God will see miracles. Noah was just like that, performing miracles every day. How do I know? It's not written in the Bible, but if a person has faith, God will do wonderful things in their life. You don't need capital or capitalists, you just need God.

With God, we have everything, and life becomes simple. We each have our roles to play, following the rules and living a proper life. I want to tell you that the animals on the ark, living so properly and following the rules, are miracles in themselves. Did Noah train each animal? Did he have to discipline each one individually? If not for God, many problems would remain unsolved. Brothers and sisters, we must trust in God, perform miracles, and trample our enemies. When you begin to trample the enemy, you will find that the power in your hands is incredible.

Stroke is a demon, cerebral infarction is a demon, heart attack is also a demon, all are demons. Life is of the spirit, the flesh is useless, so the spirit in us is what matters. You have to think differently because we tend to view things in a certain way. But once we have God, everything changes. With God, any problem can be solved!

Those who Believe Will be Saved

Only Noah's family were righteous and believed in God, and no matter what the circumstances, he believed in God. He often experienced miracles, making it difficult for him to lose faith. However, that generation, no matter how many miracles Noah performed, they just did not believe. I find that quite remarkable. Those who believed were saved, and Noah entered the ark seven days early and stayed there. Some people might have thought that the sunshine outside was great! But when the rain came on the seventh day, it was heavy and they finally understood.

But what about those first seven days? That was a struggle of faith. Noah couldn't leave and the door of the ark was closed. Outside, people were celebrating this and that, holding funerals, weddings, and celebrating one hundred days and more. Noah looked out the window of the ark and saw that people were living quite happily! Why did he come to the ark so early? What if he died in the ship? Moreover, there were one hundred and fifty days of water, how would the water go down, and when would they be able to leave the ark? One hundred and fifty days is a long time to be stuck in the ark.

Some people have gone crazy being isolated in a hotel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, holding pillows and running around. You need to learn from me, stay in the room for one day, two days, it doesn't matter. What am I doing? I'm writing software, writing books, and I have too much to do, no time to go out for a walk. Some people go crazy when they're isolated, but as they get used to it, they stop going crazy.

Noah was isolated in the ark for 150 days. The ark was full of the smell of a zoo, and he was very busy every day cleaning up after the animals. Despite the stench, believers did not lose faith even in such an environment. Some people, on the other hand, could not handle being in the ark for even 30 days.

Whether or not a person has faith in God can be seen in situations like this. Those with faith are always calm and composed. In the ark, one might wonder when the water would recede and where it would flow to. With water covering the whole earth, it becomes a scientific question that can be troubling. Once science is applied, faith disappears. Therefore, if one does not have faith in God, many problems can become difficult. People. If you try to explain what I have done with science, it cannot be explained.

Those who Don't Believe are Wicked

Never try to convince those who do not believe in you to believe through your persuasion. Did Jesus try to convince people to believe through persuasion? Faith and disbelief are choices made by individuals. From now on, everyone should stop trying to bring people into their faith, love it or not. It is your responsibility, it is your choice. Believers live, and unbelievers live as well. But you should know that believers are righteous, and unbelievers are wicked. Believers are saved, and unbelievers will perish by their own choices. You either choose to be a wicked or righteous person. The righteous person's entire family will be saved.

Noah was a righteous man, so his wife, three sons, and three daughters-in-law were all saved. His three sons and daughters-in-law were not considered righteous. Some people ask about Noah's father. He died. I calculated that when Noah was six hundred years old, his father and grandfather were no longer alive. The previous chapters explained how long his father lived, and once calculated, it's clear that his father and grandfather were gone. Apart from Noah, the rest were wicked. In that generation, apart from Noah, all the wicked people were washed away by the flood.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, if you choose to believe, walk on the path of faith. If you choose to believe in something else, believe in something else. You may ask if Noah and God lacked love. No, they did not! God saved the righteous, and the wicked were washed away by the flood. Their logic was centered on living for themselves, and anything that affected their own survival was not acceptable.

Those who Don't Believe will be Destoryed

God really doesn't care if one more or one less person dies. Life and death are personal choices. The kind of people I despise the most are those who don't believe. I'm too lazy to persuade you to believe, that's not my job. My job is not to be Santa Claus and give you gifts. My job is not to pity these wicked people. My job is to build a church that glorifies God and bring those who trust in God into His kingdom. I cast my net and pick the good ones and give them to God, and throw away the bad ones.

Those who don't believe will be destroyed. One thing you need to know is that God really doesn't care if that generation of people is washed away by floods. During the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, God rained down fire and destroyed those two cities. Whether it was God who burned them or they burned themselves, they were going to die anyway. After listening to my sharing and reading Genesis chapter 7, you can choose what kind of person you want to be. Don't build your hope on money, and don't build it on others convincing you. Whether you make the choice or not will make a difference.

Why do people become evil? Why do people not believe in God? on-believer? It is all because of the logic system within humans. The logic system that based on this life are all non-believing, while all those based on eternal life are believing. If a person pursues only things in this life, they can't believe and can't walk the path of belief. This is also true when Jesus comes again.

When Jesus comes again, do not think that our Lord Jesus is like Santa Claus, in fact, he will rule this dark world with an iron scepter. When he comes, he will pour out his wrath upon this world. If you read the Book of Revelation, you will understand that just opening the seven seals is bad enough, blowing the seven trumpets is even worse, and then pouring out the seven bowls is simply unbearable. Our God brings both calamity and salvation, so the day when the Lord Jesus comes again will be like that of Noah.

We testify to our brothers and sisters everywhere, and those who are willing to believe, let us walk on this path of salvation together. It's not just about solving the problems of our daily lives, but also about resolving eternal matters. The day when Jesus comes again is near, and no one can hide. Let's not focus too much on this life, but put more weight on eternal life and have a broader perspective. We should also think bigger in our minds, not have narrow-minded attitudes like peanuts or have brains like walnut kernels. If you say tht you were born narrow-minded, that's okay too, because God created many vessels to manifest His anger.

May the Lord bless you!

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