【Bible Study】Genesis 06: The Way of Destruction and Salvation

Bible Study: Genesis


Hello everyone! Let's look at chapter 6 of Genesis, which reveals a very interesting truth called "The Way of Destruction and Salvation". Through Genesis 6, God shows us how the path of destruction is followed and how the path of salvation is followed.

Therefore, brothers and sisters must know that God created two kinds of people: those who are destroyed and those who are saved. If you want to be a person who will be destroyed, it is easy. You just live like everyone else in this world. But what if you want to be saved? Then you have to think about how to get saved. To this day, I feel that many of us are envious of the famous and heroic people who were destroyed.

Let's think about it. For example, if a child's mother sees that her child is not studying well, she will be very anxious and upset when seeing other people's children do especially well in school. But those who are doing well in school seem not to be doing well now. After the investigation, do you still want to be such a person? We people still do not examine enough things, but if you examine more, you will come to a conclusion: Do you want to be a person like Noah, or do you want to be that generation of heroic and famous people full of violence? You have to make your own choice.

There are only two paths for man in this world: one is the path of destruction, and the other is the path of salvation. Which path are you going to take today? A few days ago, I saw a video describing what happened to the top students in various places. They live a bad life.

When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Then the Lord said, "My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal ; their days will be a hundred and twenty years." The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on earth and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time. (Genesis 6:1-6)

Let's analyze the path of destruction and consider it carefully. First of all, he is made of flesh and blood, and he is a very powerful and violent person. Behavior and thinking are corrupted, intercourse with the sons of God and has children, and he becomes a hero and a famous man, but the Spirit of God will not live in him forever. The only person on the path of salvation was Noah. Noah walked with God, and the Spirit of God never left him. His thoughts and actions followed God’s logic system, and he lived by it. He did what God told him to do, and God made a covenant with him.

Are You Spiritual or Carnal

Whether a person is spiritual or carnal determines whether they will be destroyed or saved. If you are a carnal man and live for carnal things, you will perish. Because the spiritual man sees through the way that man lives and dies, he no longer lives for the things of the flesh, but he still eats, drinks, and lives for God.

So the baptism in the New Testament, whether you are baptized in a bathhouse, in a swimming pool, in a ditch, or if you buy a plane ticket and go all the way to the Jordan River to be baptized, is not worth doing because, in the end, it depends on whether you are a carnal, fleshly person or a spiritual person. The carnal man lives in a very interesting way. Whoever threatens his life or threatens his carnal life, he will kill you. That's what Cain and Lamech did, and they died. There are two very different kinds of people: carnal and fleshly, or spiritual and divine. The spiritual man knows that he will leave this world in the future, so he will no longer live for the sake of living, nor will he care about living.

I have met many Christians who are afraid of death. Do any of us fear death? Thinking about what to eat, what to drink, what to live in, what to use, what to invest in, what to manage, retirement, planning, and financial freedom? If so, ask yourself if you are a vessel of destruction or salvation. A vessel of salvation must know that there is no point in living, so he needs God, seeks God, and hopes that God will save him.

Some of the Christians I have met are interested in carnal things, and there are people who have been Christians for twenty years who have not read the Bible. I asked, "What did you do over the past 20 years?" He replied, "I have served God by going to church and cooking for the brothers and sisters." This is quite interesting. It's carnal of you to cook for your brothers and sisters. They are not clear about God's words.

I want to tell you that when a spiritual person sees through all things, the first thing he sees through is life and death, and he has no interest in living. Physical life becomes meaningless to a spiritual person. If you truly believe in the doctrine of destiny, you will despise the fact that you are alive. You will find that living and making money are very simple things.

As a man is of blood, so my spirit does not abide in him forever. Then the Lord said, "My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal ; their days will be a hundred and twenty years." (Genesis 6:3)

Are You a Strong Man or a Weak Man

We need to reflect on whether we have the logic of a strong man or the logic of a weak man. You are a vessel for destruction if you want to be a strong man like the heroes of old, men of renown.If you know very well that you are a weak person, you need God, and you need to be made strong by God.
Look closely: the first world war was fought in our generation, since the twentieth century.Do you know why the war was fought? The war was fought for money and the world's resources, but the people who fought in the First World War are no longer alive.Why did they fight the Second World War? Again, they were fighting for money. It was all about flash. Where did those people who fought in the Second World War go? Some people became war criminals, like Tojo Hideki or Hitler, and were sent to the gallows. The winner is the king, and the loser is the thief. If Tojo Hideki and Hitler won, then the Allies would send those people to the gallows. The world is like this. Those who fought the Second World War for money, resources, and their lives but didn't survive in the end It's all the strong man's logic.

If they worship the students who have good grades in school, they will end up becoming upset and frustrated because they are envious of these strong people. But the problem is that they do not know that these strong people will end up destroying themselves, and the weakness of a person will become an advantage because you know that you are a weak person, and you need God!

Some people have children and want their children to be like Zhuge Liang. That is the logic of a strong man. This generation worships heroes and is the main cultural body of this generation. If you only think Zhuge Liang is so powerful, then it's over! You will become a vessel for destruction.

All the people of Noah's generation were swept away by the flood, and only Noah's family was saved. We have read about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the Bible; do you know their logic system? What was Abraham's logic system? When his wife was taken away, he trusted God and believed that God would keep him, so he did not go to fight, and he did not live by fighting. Isaac lacks the logic of a strong man. His well was robbed, but he didn't rob back. Instead, he dug another one. Then, it got robbed again, so he dug another one. As a result, Isaac's year coincided with the year of famine, and in the year of famine, Isaac had a hundred times the harvest.

Are we better off relying on God? Or are we better off relying on our own flesh, like the strong-man logic system of Cain and Lamech? Of course, it's better to rely on God! So let's start adjusting; let's not compete with others.

When I was a child, I knew that I had to walk with my head down—not the kind of head down playing with a cell phone. At that time, people did not have cell phones or watches; there was nothing to see. I have to bow my head because my childhood environment is too cruel, and there are many very powerful school bullies. If you look up, people will ask, "What are you looking at?" If I answer the sentence, "Look at you! So what?" then that's a big problem. So, I have to walk with my head down because I am weak, but I am called a weak shrewd!

It is because I am weak that when people study better or have higher test scores than me, I do not dwell on it. Since childhood, I have not competed with others. Strong men are a competing of logic. I thank God! I also thank my mother! My mom often says to me, "Son, don't get tired." She doesn't care too much about my studies. When I first started university, I told my mother that after I finished, I could pursue a postgraduate degree. She told me, "What's the point of going to do a postgraduate degree? It's good just to go to university."

The problem was that I had a concept in me that I couldn't do and that it was okay. Then I realized how wonderful it is to have God on my side as a weak person like me!A weak person like me doesn't fight with others. When I was little, my mom was always so relieved to know that I didn't get into trouble when I went out.

Then I realized that there was not much point in living. After I met God, I treated him as a treasure, and the weakness in me was slowly gone. I became strong, but I didn't fight with others. This is called shrewd. Never be a strong man; do not aspire to be a strong man. If you aspire to be a strong man, you are also on the way to destruction! We must always boast of our weaknesses, not our strengths. The carnal man is based on his own power, but the spiritual man is based on the power of God and turns his carnal weaknesses into spiritual strengths.

What is in a Man's Mind Determines Whether He Will be Destroyed or Saved

What people think in their heads is referred to as their logical system. What people think in their brains determines whether they will be destroyed or saved. If you think in your brain, "I want to be like Genghis Khan, I want to be like Qin Shi Huang, I want to be like Emperor Wu of Han," some people even say, "I want to surpass all of them, including Qin Shi Huang and Emperor Wu." What do you think the end result will be? We have always thought that these people were amazing in the history we learned in elementary school! What exactly are you thinking in your brain? Are all your thoughts evil?
Do you know what it means for all your thoughts to be evil? It means that all you think about is yourself. "I want to get this. I want to get that. If I can't get it, I'll take it from someone else." If I let you get what I want, then I won't get it.

What is the Doctrine of Destiny pursuing? I want to be a blessing to others; I want to bless them and do good for them. When everyone gradually understands these things, will it be chaotic? Everyone knows that our the Doctrine of Destiny is a systematic theology. Why is it systematic theology? We need to understand that this is a logical system. What people think in their heads is that the earth is only so big, there is only so much oil, and there is only so much natural gas. If you take more, then I get less, and if you get less, then I take more.

Do you know there is a game called a zero-sum game? The market is only so big; if you want to get more of the market, you have to make your competitors lose some of it. If you think about it like this, then all your thoughts will be evil. My logic is that I keep giving. If I keep giving, then who will give to me? God will give it to me. The system we live in today is not a closed system, but an open system. It is not a zero-sum game; it is a game of multiplication.

Do you know why? Because God gives resources. If all the resources that God gives from heaven are included, then the earth will not be a zero-sum game; it will be multiplied. There are not many people who come to the Doctrine of Destiny who are not blessed because the resources of heaven are open to you, and you hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven in your hands. Do you know how Jesus defined the church? When Jesus defined the church, he said that the keys to the kingdom of heaven would be given to you. What are these keys for? A key opens the gates of heaven—not a key, but a set of keys.

What are you doing with the keys to the kingdom of heaven? You can draw on the resources of heaven! That's great for my research. Let me tell you, today you need to form a logic of the keys of the kingdom of heaven. There are only so many resources on earth, but the resources of the kingdom of God are infinite. The more I bless others, the more resources I will have in heaven. The more I receive, the more I give out. The more I give out, the more I receive in the kingdom of heaven. I ask you, are you still thinking about evil? How come all you can think about is not giving out? People's thinking should be changed!

In our generation today, do you want to be a blessing to others? Or do you want to deprive others of their resources? I will give you an example of God's wonderful work. A long time ago, they said that the oil in the world would run out by such and such a year. After ten years, the news came out that an oil field had been found in such-and-such a place and that there were many billions of tons of oil in it. Then it says that thirty years later, the oil is going to run out, and after thirty years have passed, everyone finds another oil field. Even if another 10 billion or 20 billion people live on Earth, we can still live because God provides the resources for people to live.

Today, we need to change our minds and think only about the resources in heaven, for the resources of our heavenly Father's house are unlimited. Preachers, especially, should not have poor minds.

Brothers and sisters, you should know that the church is not supported by your contributions, but by God, who has given us so many resources. If you think you are supporting the church, then you are in trouble. I have seen a businessman lose all his money. Why did he lose it all? Because he wanted to go into business to help the poor preachers. We should know that a poor preacher is poor because he doesn't preach the Word of God.

I am wondering why people don't know that the Father is rich? Don't use your money to feed the preacher. The preacher is raised by heaven and has to have a logical system. Why were people violent in those days? Because of the seizure of resources. Why seize resources? because they want to live well, but whether to live well or not is decided by God.

Since the beginning of time, there have only been two paths: one is the path of destruction, and the other is the path of blessing. Which path you take is closely related to what you think in your head. You say that people can't live without money, but in fact, people are dying without God! What's the use of having money? Money can't save people. If people don't think right, they can't act right.

Men's Behaviour

God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways. (Genesis 6:12)

Is it faith or behaviour that Noah did what God said? It is the thought of a man that dominates his behaviour. Some time ago, there was a man who was very interesting. He said, "Teacher, I am willing to lay down my life for God, and I love God very much. I said, "If you love God so much that you are willing to lay down your life for Him, why don't you give a tithe? He said, "Tithing is a little bit difficult, but it is not difficult for me to give my life to God. When I heard that, I thought it was a little strange. What kind of logic is this? Money is more important than life. When you dedicate your life to God, your money is not important. This kind of person has no destiny, and he said that he loves God very much. Then I said that. He can just go somewhere else and love God.

What kind of behaviour you have will determine what kind of logic system you have; the human mind and human behaviour are closely linked. 

Psychic Through the Spiritual World

The thing about the spiritual world is that when people finally conclude one, they find that the spiritual world is very real, and also that businesses are closely related to the spirit world. Businessmen worship other gods. I once visited a city, and they drove down that street. He said that the buildings on both sides of this street were bought by a so-and-so company. This billionaire has a big hall with different Gods in the company, and then employees have to go to worship too.

There is a man who works in their company who is a Christian, and the boss said, "You must worship this thing because our business will be good." Do you think this is interesting? This is not in other places but in mainland China. The spiritual world is very powerful. But then the question comes: He knows there is a spiritual world, but he doesn't know there is eternal life; it's all for this life. They also know that someday in the future, the ashes will disappear and all these things will become mere passing vapour, but they will still worship. All of them live for the things they do in this life.

Does the spirit world like to come through people? The spirit world also likes it. Many of our brothers and sisters have things in their heads that are quite deadly. They asked me, "Teacher, why is it working for him to worship this idol?" I said, "If it's good, you should do it too!" These things in the spiritual world also like to find people. You know that among famous people in ancient times, all had six fingers and six toes. In David's time, Goliath, who was killed by David, was a giant, a great man. It's not that only the hands had six fingers; both feet also had six toes. At that time, all the giants were like this, with twenty-four fingers all over their bodies.

Where did these people come from? The sons of God and the women of men had intercourse and gave birth to such people. This thing is closely related to the spirit world, and then all are the heroes of old, men of renown. When people are psychic, they will become more and more corrupt.
Noah is also psychic, but he is psychic through the spiritual world of God, and other people are psychic through the spiritual world of the devil. When they psychic through the spiritual world of the devil, they became vessels of destruction. But when they pass through the spiritual world of God and walk with God, they will be saved by God.

In other words, today we have to understand how Noah was saved and how the people of that generation were destroyed, so we have to make a good choice! Did the heroes of old, men of renown, come to bully Noah? They couldn't, because God kept him. If you walk with God, even if this generation is in chaos, no one can do anything to you. When those people want to do something to you, they will not be able to do anything to you. With God's people, no one can do anything to them, even if they want to.

We must know that, although these powerful people are very powerful, God can control them. God can not only destroy them but also control them. Therefore, brothers and sisters should know which spiritual world is better? The spiritual world of God is better. When you walk with God, who can do anything to you if God is standing next to you? No one can do anything to you.

I think that this time, chapter 6 of the book of Genesis is different than the previous sharing. The most important thing is that I hope brothers and sisters can make a wise choice, and from now on, do not live with a strong man's logic system but with a Godly logic system. If you are powerful, with God's presence, you will not be destroyed, even when the whole world is destroyed. Why? You are walking with God!

Turning living into a very simple thing is a smart choice. Let's learn from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We no longer live by the sword, but by God's keeping and by the pleasing of God. From now on, it is good to know that we can't protect ourselves and that God can keep and save us.


So brothers and sisters offer themselves to God and become destined people, which is a choice that is too good to be true. Even when the whole world was destroyed in Noah's generation, God still saved us because it is God who decides who to destroy and who to save. So let go of our envy of other people's children going to international schools because our children go to spiritual schools; other people's children get the best tuition, and our children don't need tuition. That's good. Is there a problem? No problem, because all these things in this life are not important. Learn to be like my mother. My mother often said to me, "Do not tire." After I said this, did the mothers among us relax a little? Don't force your child to do the whole thing again, and don't get tired.

Today we are relaxed, and then we encourage our children to become people who trust God. Become a vessel to be saved, not a vessel to be destroyed. How good is the day with God? How cool is the day with God? Relaxed, at ease, looking down on everything, having God feed us, and then walking the path of walking with God. Thinking God's words and doing what pleases God in our behaviour, we do what God tells us to do.

May God bless everyone!

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