【Bible Study】Genesis 09: God sees People as Honorable

Bible Study: Genesis


Hello everyone, I particularly like Chapter 9 of Genesis because it talks about how God sees humans as honored. If God sees you and me as honored, then you are very honored! How do you feel? It's like being inspired from head to toe, even your toes are inspired, and you walk differently!

If you are a very honored person, would you still do things like stealing or cheating? No, you wouldn't. If God tells people to be fruitful and multiply, and to fill the earth, if you are a very wealthy person, would you still steal or cheat? No, you wouldn't. Can you understand this? If you are a very capable person, would you still do things like stealing or cheating? No, you wouldn't.

You can see from a person's behavior what they are thinking inside. Some people don't know they have this image of being honored inside them, but God says you have this honored image.

There is a group of people in this world who are particularly interesting, interesting to what extent? They have a lot of dishonored thoughts in their heads and insist on doing things like stealing and cheating. That's why I particularly like Genesis. The reason is simple: it reveals God's good intentions for us. God created humans very well. If there is still something in this world that can be considered a sophisticated design, it is humans.

People on the ground are very honored. If we can accept this in our bones, then you will be amazing! In any case, listen to my advice and live out the honored image of God. When God created you, you were already very honored.

Then God blessed Noah and his sons, saying to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth. (Genesis 9:1)

“Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind. (Genesis 9:6)

The First Attribute of Honor - Be Fruitful and Prosper

If you see yourself as honorable, God will bless you because your perception of yourself aligns with God's perception of you. That's why when I see those poor and miserable people, I don't consider their condition as prosperous or honorable.

What I mean is, being fruitful, prosperous, and abundant is an attribute of honor. Later, I realized that if a person is truly spiritual and blessed, they will also be prosperous financially. Many people say I preach a prosperity gospel. Do you prefer not to succeed? Someone came to me and said, "So-and-so's teachings are good." What's good about teachings on failure? You can believe in the teachings of failure if you want, but I prefer prosperity and abundance. It's not called a prosperity gospel, but a theology of honor.

Can you imagine what it's like to be honorable? Imagine living a withered and shriveled life. Is that honorable? Walking the streets like a beggar. When you get on a bus, many people get off, or when you stand next to someone, they automatically offer you their seat. How does that feel? It's nice, right? Everyone offers their seat? It's unbearable! Smelling all sour and foul, as if you're about to die. That's why the gospel we convey is in line with the Bible. You are an honorable person. In the Doctrine of Destiny we believe that we are honorable, believe that we are prosperous and abundant, believe that we will be fruitful, believe that we will not lack in finances, and we will absolutely not lack in health.

This gospel is amazing. Being fruitful, filling the earth, and prospering is not something you can achieve on your own. All those who achieved it were wiped out by the flood. Only Noah's family survived. These people today are blessed by God through Noah's family, and that's the key point. Have you seen anyone blessed by God living in poverty and misery? I haven't. I discovered that these people in the Bible were truly amazing. David was wealthy, and when money is mentioned, many people's eyes light up. David didn't love money, but he had a lot of it. You listen and wonder, why am I talking about David now? The truth is, it's exactly the same. You should know that Abraham was wealthy, Isaac was wealthy! Jacob was wealthy, but they truly didn't love money!

After listening, do you want to be wealthy? If you do, change your mindset. If you think of yourself as a broken car or a broken person, won't you lose money? So what I'm talking about is being blessed by God, which means being financially prosperous. Some people have several children and they cry at home. I ask them, "Why are you crying?" They say, "Teacher, I can't afford to raise them!" The doctor revealed it's a boy! I ask, "So what's wrong with having a son?" They say, "When he grows up, he'll need to buy a house, a car, and pay for the dowry." I just want a daughter so I can receive a dowry in the future. I can't help but sigh.

The Second Attribute of Honor - The Fear of All Things Towards You

All things fear you, and this is good. Why? Because all things know that you are more honorable than them. God has placed all things in your hands, and even the demons fear you. If all creatures fear you, what else is there for you to fear? If these animals do not fear you, what does that signify? It signifies that you are not honorable. If animals do not fear you, can you still be called honorable? The fear of all things towards you is the second attribute of honor."

I found many examples in the Bible, such as the prophet Elisha, who was quite well-known but had a flaw - he was bald, he had no hair. In that era, being bald was considered unattractive. In today's perspective, if you shave your head and keep it shiny, it can still be considered attractive, and you would still be an honorable person. Because of Elisha's baldness, a group of children mocked him, saying, "Baldy, go up!" They were making fun of his baldness, essentially telling him to leave. Are these children honorable? No, they are not. Is Elisha honorable? Yes, he is! An honorable person would never say, "Baldy, go up!"

if you are a person of honor, you would not speak in this manner. Instead, you would say that you have the image of dignity within you, and others also have the image of dignity within them. You would not mock or ridicule others. When Elisha, who was bald, was mocked by some children, bears came out and mauled them to death. If you carry the dignity of God, even animals will fear you because the spirit of God is upon you. When these animals see you, they are afraid and stay away. Those who are mauled by bears or killed by tigers have brought it upon themselves! There was a person who climbed over the wall into a wildlife park, and when the tiger saw him, it thought, "Here comes an interesting young fellow." Can someone who climbs over a wall claim to be honorable? The tiger recognized that this person was not honorable and devoured him.

When we observe the things happening in this world, we understand this in our hearts. If you lack the image of honor, even cats, mice, and even cockroaches will bully you, not to mention tigers and lions. It's a serious matter. Among us, are there any who fear cockroaches? Fear mice? That definitely does not represent the image of God. You need to change gradually! Transform yourself so that they fear you, instead of you fearing them, because what you fear will come upon you.

The Third Attribute of Honor: All Living Animals Can be Your Food

you are more honorable. You are not food for animals; animals are your food. Because you are honorable, to what extent are you honorable? Brothers and sisters, we need to grasp the essence of things. Humans are highly esteemed, while cockroaches are not. Some people think that the cockroach they stepped on in this lifetime was the reincarnation of their past life. What kind of logic is that? No one has seen it, you haven't seen it, and I haven't seen it either. For example, if I encounter a mouse and ask, "What were you in your past life?" It stares at me, unable to answer, clueless!

There is also a story about a big rat, so the rat ranks ahead of the ox. These nonsensical claims are all part of Chinese culture. Why do people insist on classifying themselves as animals? "What's your zodiac sign?" "I'm a monkey." Look, when you get anxious, you scratch your ear and cheek. Quite resembling indeed! You really are a monkey. Those who belong to the rat have sly eyes. And those who belong to the pig have everything. So, what do I belong to? I belong to Jesus, I belong to God. I have the image of God within me. Therefore, animals are our food, and animals are not honorable.

On this earth, there is only one category that is honorable, and that is humans because humans are created in the image of God. What image are animals created in? This question baffles you. If you listen to me often, you would know that animals are created in the image of angels. How are angels created? You can see it in "Journey to the West"; those divine steeds, after descending to earth, become demons.

Humans are created in the image of God, while animals are created in the likeness of things in the spiritual realm. I say this based on the Bible. For example, the cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant, or the forms of angels that the prophets of the Old Testament saw, were similar to certain animals. Who is more honorable, humans or angels? Humans! Because humans are created in the image of God. Do we still worship angels now? No, we no longer worship them. We should start contemplating this slowly, little by little.

The Fourth Attribute of Honor: Whoever Sheds People Blood or Causes Harm to People Life, God Will Condemn Him

To what extent is a person honored? It is when they shed human blood, and God will demand justice for their sins. That's how honored a person is. Why? Because when someone sheds human blood, they fail to recognize the value of a human life, and that becomes a problem. In Chinese destiny theology, our goal is to shape each brother and sister among us into an honored person. Who paved the way for honored individuals? It was Abraham. Those who bless Abraham will be blessed, and those who curse him will be cursed.

I find it strange that some people don't want to live out the honor of God. If you don't want to live in God's honor, why did you come here? If you came to the Doctrine of Destiny just to make some money, it's useless! Although I have said that the finances of those who come to Doctrine of Destiny will be blessed, you seem to have forgotten that part. I'm saying, you have to become honorable. How can you expect to make money if you are not honorable? You only think about money and believe it is important. In reality, a person's life is not measured by material wealth; a person's life is measured by their honor. Do you all understand now?

Once, I visited a successful entrepreneur who had a unique and impressive management philosophy. He invited me for a meal, and during the conversation, I asked him how he manages his company. He responded with a question of his own. He asked, "If I were to give you ten million dollars every year, but you had to eat and work on your knees, would you agree to it?" Some people said, "I can do that! Absolutely!" But I said, "I don't want to." You need to know that the most crucial aspect of business management is treating people as honored individuals.

Those who shed blood and harm others for the sake of money will have their sins pursued by God. It doesn't matter who you are; God will demand justice for your sins. So, brothers and sisters, whether you are looking for a job or doing business, you must know that you are an honorable person. You need to know that companies would hire you because they need you to solve problems. They don't need you for your salary; they need you, as a talented individual, to solve problems.

Before some brothers and sisters search for a job, I always encourage them. How do I encourage them? I am an expert in building people's confidence, and I tell them that they are honorable individuals. I tell them never to beg for a job because if they beg for a job, they won't get it because they lack honor. When you go to a company to work, why would they hire you? It's not because you desperately need that job; it's because you are honorable, and you have the ability to help solve their problems. If you think you are not honorable and lack the ability, and you say, "Boss, give me this job!" Well, you won't get it. That's why people often can't find jobs because they lack the appearance of honor.

As we gradually rely on God's blessings, knowing that we bear the image of God and live according to His words, prosperity will come. Some people, despite being mixed in their behavior, were doing their assignments and serving well. But when they receive some financial blessings, money becomes their idol. They can give up everything except their small shop, they can give up everything except making money. Money becomes their idol. Can they be honorable? It's impossible. Therefore, those who shed blood and harm lives, it's all for money. Even when you shed blood and harm lives, it's all for money! Or it's for trivial matters that you get entangled in.

If people understand that they are created in the image of God, they will treat each other as humans. I speak with sharpness and sarcasm, but my motive is lofty. My motive is to remove the rubbish from your minds and place the honorable image of God upon you. If there is garbage in your mind, I will mercilessly remove it. Do you understand? And then you should know that you have the honorable image of God within you, and you cannot be poor. Then God will make a covenant with you.

God Made a Covenant With You

Then God said to Noah and to his sons with him: “I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you and with every living creature that was with you—the birds, the livestock and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with you—every living creature on earth. I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.” (Genesis 9:8-11)

Do you all know with whom God makes a covenant? Do you think God makes a covenant with everyone? God makes a covenant with honorable individuals. If you consider yourself an honorable person, God will make a covenant with you, and He will not annihilate you. But if God sees someone as an animal, like a mosquito sucking blood from Jesus, then God will slap and kill them, because they are a mosquito.

You should know that if you live like an animal, you become food for humans. The devil is an animal, and humans are the food of the devil. God makes a covenant with honorable individuals, but the question is, are you going to be an honorable person or be like a beast? One sister among us came up with a slogan, but I stopped her from using it. But the content of that slogan was good. She said, "No one is destined to be like a beast." That's a true statement, but we can't keep saying it all the time! If you live like a beast, what are beasts for? Beasts are for eating. So, brothers and sisters, you should know that beasts have their place, and humans have their place.

The place of humans is to manage this earth, to multiply and thrive, and to govern this earth. God's will has never changed.* But as I look around, why do some people resemble ghosts more than humans? When a person becomes selfish, trouble arises. I'm trying to motivate all of you and say, from now on, let's be extravagant together. If someone doesn't love money, how come they have so much money? How does that happen? It's not about scheming; they just have excellent results. Do you understand? It's just a small goal, but they haven't even set that goal, and they have achieved it, leaving many people behind.

Later on, I realized I needed to restrain my speech a bit. Being too outstanding is irritating! Look, those in the construction business can't earn my money; those who write software can't earn my money; hospitals can't earn my money either, yet I am particularly wealthy. How does that happen? This is what I'm telling all of our brothers and sisters.

You also have the image of God within you.God made a covenant with me. What kind of covenant did God make with me? The covenant of Noah? No, it's the covenant of Abraham! Those who bless me will be blessed, and those who curse me will be cursed. I think that's great!

Some people are afraid of me cursing them, so before they leave the church, they want to sign a contract with me. They say, "Teacher, I want to go back to my original church." I say, "Okay, go ahead! Leave quickly." Aren't I keeping them? They say, "Teacher, I have one request. After I leave, don't curse me." What kind of talk is that? If you were Abraham, could anyone curse you? If you were Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob, who could curse you? No one can curse you. But if you're not Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Joseph, I won't curse you; God will curse you, because cursing is something God does, and many people fall into this misunderstanding.

Later, this covenant was upgraded. The covenant of Noah was upgraded to the covenant of Abraham, and the covenant of Abraham was upgraded to the covenant of Jesus. Jesus' covenant was established with His blood. Do you think that's honorable or not? You and I were bought with the honorable blood of Jesus Christ. Is that honorable or not? Yet, you secretly love money. Isn't that embarrassing? Isn't it? It's embarrassing to the extreme, constantly thinking about money. Why? Because of poverty!

The poorer you are, the less honorable you become. The less honorable you are, the poorer you become. The poorer you are, the more you love money. The more you love money, the less honorable you become. When will this end? Today, I raise my knife to cut off everything that is not honorable. If you participate in this extravagance, I feel it would be stronger than it is now. I don't love money, but I still have it. How do you explain that? Okay, no problem! I have a covenant established by God. For those who have made a covenant with God, they are truly remarkable. You can ponder over it slowly.

You See That Those Whom God Regards as Honored are Not Honored Will be Cursed

The words "dignity" and "honor" are remarkable. If you're not careful, you could get into trouble. I want you to know that I am very dignified, don't look down on me! I greet you, but if you don't see me as honorable, there will be consequences. I'm not trying to scare you; you should understand what I mean. It's not just me; others see you the same way. You should know that you are dignified, and others should not speak ill of you.

Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard. When he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent. (Genesis 9:20-21)

On that day, Noah drank a lot of wine and became intoxicated. He was naked in his tent. Because the weather was hot, there was no air conditioning or fans, and when he got drunk, he took off his clothes. Let's discuss this matter objectively; it was truly indecent and undignified. But it's not your place to gossip and judge. Ham peeped when he saw his father naked.

Have you ever seen the news about a teacher who peeks through windows to watch people bathing? What can you deduce from that? We don't know, but the result was that he got caught. Peeking discreetly online, it seems no one will catch you, but what's there to see? When Ham saw his father naked, he saw that his father was not honorable. Is what he saw the truth? Absolutely. But the truth doesn't matter.

He turned around and told his two brothers, "Our father is drunk and lying naked, it's shameful." His older brother and younger brother entered the tent backward without looking, as they regarded their father's body as dignified. His father was a man who had made a covenant with God, although he had flaws and made mistakes when he got drunk, it wasn't their place to point fingers. Although the Bible doesn't describe it, Ham saw it and spread the news, and it had serious consequences. So I hope brothers and sisters don't focus on Noah's nakedness. Noah was the only person in that generation who could survive, who walked in God's will, and who had the honorable image of God.

When Ham went out and spoke about Noah being naked, he discerned good and evil, and demons inhabited him. Once a person starts thinking that way, they invite demons. Shem and Japheth covered their father's body with their faces turned away. They refused to see people's flaws and weaknesses, and they refused to look at what is not good. If a person constantly sees what is not good in others, they are doomed.

So you need to start understanding why Ham was cursed for what he did. Because of what Ham did, the curse fell upon Canaan. Spiritual matters go beyond our understanding. People were originally blessed by God, but there are undignified things in people's hearts, and their eyes specifically seek out what is not honorable. What you see is what you get. Today, brothers and sisters, start contemplating, what does your eyes see? Let me tell you: if you keep looking at what's not good, your life will be filled with misfortune.

When you come to the Doctrine of Destiny and listen to my teachings, can you absorb them? Some people say, "Teacher, I can't control myself." If you can't control yourself, that's your destiny. What does it mean to not be able to control yourself? You do things that bring curses instead of doing things that bring blessings. What kind of person does that make you? As a result, when Noah woke up, he cursed Ham, and his descendants would become slaves. That's a really miserable life!

Brothers and sisters, you need to start knowing that you shouldn't focus on those things; instead, focus on the honorable aspects of others. In the past, during my work, I had a habit: even if my supervisor wasn't particularly competent, I could still learn many positive traits from them. If they were highly capable, I would learn even more. I'm telling the truth; no flattery. But if occasionally I couldn't control myself, I would quickly repent. If I didn't repent, I would get disciplined by God.

The God of Shem Should be Honored

God became Shem's God because God knows that human beings are honorable. Shem is Noah's son, and there is something called honor in Shem. There is something called honor in Jesus Christ, there is something called honor in Paul, there is something called honor in David, and there is something called honor in Joseph. Those who refuse to recognize good and evil, even if they are qualified to recognize good and evil, do not recognize good and evil, let alone those who are not qualified.

So the God of Shem should be honored because God became Shem's God. Anyone who emulates Shem is powerful. So I start by emulating from the root. I emulate Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Many pastors are cursed, why? Because they specifically look for faults in Noah, specifically look for faults in Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, and specifically focus on the weaknesses of those whom God delights in.

I find it very strange that ther Doctrine of Destiny doesn't even have the courage for that. They pick on the faults of Abraham, Shem, and Noah, which is often just showing off. I don't have that courage either, I don't dare to wag my tail in front of others and say, "Only he is worthy?" What kind of talk is that? Everyone needs to start knowing that from birth to death, there may come a day when they leave this world, but while living in this world, no matter how many years they live, they should live out the honorable image of God, and that is extraordinary. Don't be an ignorant person who can't even finish learning good things and only picks on faults.

May God bless you all!

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