【Sermon】Life Is A Spiritual Matter (2022-06-05)

Know "How" to Live Well

I am not so sure whether it should be good evening or good morning. Never mind. Good morning to the North American and European people, and good evening to the Asian people! This is Sunday night in Asia. Today I am going to preach a topic about our life. You know, every time I come across a person, I will ask: "Do you want to live well?" "Yes." "Do you want to get rich?" "Oh yes." "Do you want to study and work well?" "Oh yes." No one says no. So I am not going to ask these types of silly questions. So I won't ask these silly questions, do you want to be rich. Do you want to live well? Do you want to live healthfully? I am going to ask a meaningful question: "Do you know how?" If you do not know “how”, there is no use. "I want to get rich, and be rich, but I don't know how." It is no use at all. There are people meeting up with friends at night, talking about their dreams. But in the morning, they wake up and continue to live as normal, as in their old days. After many years passed, they were still the same.

The world after globalization has become so heavily interdependent. Some guys are trying to undo globalization. And then, do you know what happened? They stopped supplying electronic chips. Without these chips, another group of people could not produce these phones. So they started to make problems everywhere. But if you don't know how to make the chips, will you live with the fact that you cannot produce a chip anymore?

Knowing how is a crucial element. If you explain "Oh, I am poor because of this, because of that" and give thousands of reasons, it is no use at all. The question is, how do I become rich? If you have cancer, what you need to do is not explain why you have cancer. The question is how to kill cancer and how to pull the person from their terminal diseases. So knowing how is a crucial element. No matter what, if you do not know how to produce things, that's it! You will put your neck and your head under control. That is about it.

Life is A Spiritual Matter

So you have to know how. "Do you want to live well?" That is a silly question. Now, it is not so silly to say, "I know how." And this course is telling you how to live well. I am going to explain it to you. Men live by the spirit. Life is a spiritual matter, this is biblical. I don't explain by science, or as historians, philosophers, explaining this and that. I am using the spiritual word to explain spiritual things. If you want to live well, you must know this. Life is a spiritual matter. Living well is a spiritual matter. You'd better know the doctrine of Ming Ding. "Ming Ding (命定)" is a Chinese word translated into English, “destiny”. But “destiny” is not a 100% match so I will continue to use the Doctrine of Ming Ding. And the Doctrine of Ming Ding, or Ming Ding Doctrine, is trying to summarize what is inside the Bible, and then put it into practice. As long it works, we can say we got it right. If it doesn't work, we will continue to search for it.

So life is a spiritual matter. If you want to live well, you have to solve the spiritual matter. I have a lot of stories to tell about that. My mom lived very healthily. But one day she went into this hospital and they gave her a free checkup. After the checkup, they took an X-ray, and the doctor was looking at the X-ray film. They looked at my mom, then at the X-ray film, then back at my mom, and asked, "how can you walk?" My mom said, "I can walk." And she walked again, and the doctor looked at the X-ray and said, "how can you walk?". Do you know what happened? One of the pieces of her spine was already 75% gone. If you used your finger to touch the backbone, you can see that it was already gone. You could even put your finger inside the hole.

The doctor couldn't believe that my mom could walk. Do you know why she could walk? Because I prayed for my mom. And this is so real. My mom came back from the hospital, and laid down and couldn't get back up again. Because her mind started to question, "I am supposed to be paralyzed, but how can I walk?" After this confusion went into her mind, she started to have all these sorts of questions. They did not know that this was not an issue but the spiritual powers were an issue.

And after I prayed for my mom, she could start to walk again. This is so amazing. Do you understand the issue behind this? It is not the piece of bone supporting the spine. It is the power of the Holy Spirit supporting the spine. If you understand this issue, you will have no problem understanding why the X-ray showed one thing, and the person was another thing. They could not match. The doctors cannot understand the spiritual power.

Last year was so amazing. Do you want to hear more stories? I will give you more stories. I want to tell you that life is a spiritual matter. Because it is a spiritual matter, that is why we need the power of the Holy Spirit.

We Need the Miracles And the Power of the Holy Spirit

Last year, I fell sick. When I recovered from the sickness, I got a call from a friend. I asked, "why are you so busy?" He said, "I'm so busy I cannot answer the phone right now." I asked, "why are you so busy?" "My wife has a fish bone stuck in her mouth." You know, I had just recovered from the sickness, and my body was still weak. Many people don't understand this. How come you fall sick? Because I am a normal person, a human. And I prayed for the wife, and 15 minutes later, this was so rare, the fishbone was gone! The fishbone that was stuck in her throat disappeared! Where did the fish bone go? I do not know, it is the power of the Holy Spirit. So if you want to live well, you'd better know the spiritual world, the spiritual truth, and look at these problems by the spiritual truth, and the spiritual law.

The Bible is a spiritual word. It does not talk about science, but about the spiritual powers. The Bible is not talking about the physical law, but the spiritual law. About 10 days back, do you know what happened? A miracle happened. My life is full of miracles, full of spiritual stories. And I was telling people, oh, somebody injured her leg, and I prayed for her, and after 15 minutes she was healed. And many people don't believe me.

And there's a sister in Christ, about fifty years old, who was riding a bicycle and injured her foot. The foot was swollen, and they were going to go for surgery on the coming Tuesday. That Saturday, someone brought her to me. I think they wanted to test me, to see if I was telling the truth. They wanted to test if I was the real thing. So she walked in, with the bandage, and something else supporting the foot. And I said, can you take it out? So I held the foot and prayed for half an hour, and after that, the lady started to walk! After she walked onto the floor, everything was normal. She was supposed to wear a pair of shoes, but one of her feet was swollen, so she only wore one shoe. And I brought her to dinner and gave her a new pair of slippers to walk back.

She called me on Monday, to tell me that she canceled the surgery with her doctor because she could walk normally already. The doctor replied, "no no no, you must come to see me immediately." So she canceled the surgery but still went to see the doctor. So the doctor took an X-ray and the X-ray showed three pieces of bones that were broken. So the doctor asked, how can you walk? She said I walked here. Can you walk again? And the lady walked again, and the doctor was so confused. So she asked the doctor, "are you a Christian?" And he replied, "Yes, I am a Christian". And she said, "on Saturday a pastor prayed for me, and I could walk even today." This is hard to believe right? The X-ray showed that her foot was broken, and he said no one could walk like she did today.

Do you want to live well? Then you need the power of miracles, the spiritual powers.

Now, I want to give you hope. If you have a son or daughter, with a study problem, you don't need to worry. What you need is the power of the Holy Spirit. One kid was with a learning disability. I know kids in North America have a lot more learning barrier disabilities. After labeling the kids with learning disabilities, do you know what happened? The kids start to learn slower and slower because they are labeled with learning disabilities. That is in fact a spirit, if you know it is a spirit, you should cast it out, and the learning capabilities will be restored. And this is an example, I'm going to tell you that life is a spiritual matter. So I'm going to insert a paragraph like this.

The Bible Teaches Spiritual Principles

The Bible is a spiritual word, which tries to explain the spiritual truth. If you want to learn the Bible, if you have come to listen to what I'm trying to say, if you have an interest in Christianity, listen to me. I'm an engineer, I'm a problem solver. When I learn the Bible, I always try so hard to apply it.

So I'm going to insert a little bit of a note over here. In Chinese, we call some books "jing (经)". In English, we call this "Bible". Some other people call it "scripture". And in Islam, they Call it "Quran". And all these we call Bible, but the bible does not sound very good. So I give you a new English word, called jing. It sounds good, right?

Anything which highly summarizes the governing principle is called jing, or Bible, or Scripture, or Quran, or Buddhist scriptures, etc. But I find that English has limited capabilities for translation, either because of my limited capabilities in English or because I could not find a good match for the Chinese word called "Jing". Another Chinese word I need to tell you is called "lun (论)". "Jing" is a set of highly summarized governing principles. For example, the Bible is a set of highly summarized principles of the spiritual world. And the spiritual world rules over the physical world; you must go with me in this. And "Lun" is to talk about how to apply the governing principles in practice. "Lun" is what we call "paper", "thesis", "dissertation", "treatise"... something like that. Or a "sermon", or a "short essay". All my sermons, Bible studies, and course are talking about how to apply spiritual principles. This is a new invention. So I hope this, one day, will be collected in the Oxford dictionary.

Applying Spiritual Principles in Practice

Sermons, or Bible Studies, or the concepts which I am teaching right now is about how to apply the spiritual law and the governing principles mentioned in the Bible. And I have summarized the experiences in practical applications. What I was sharing with you just now were stories that I have experienced. All the stories were the applications of spiritual principles.

If you want to become a problem solver, you'd better know the governing principles. If you know Newton's law, you can apply it to launch satellites. If you do not know Newton's law, you would not know what to launch. Without knowing Newton's law, you cannot launch a satellite at all. Governing principles and applications are correlated. Without the understanding of the spiritual principle, you cannot solve the spiritual problems, especially in cases related to possessions.

During a time, I was trying to form a new doctrine or a more biblical doctrine than the current popular ones. I have tried so hard to apply it because I know the Bible is the word of God that delivers the power of God. Whenever I encounter an issue, I want to solve the problem with a spiritual approach. I am so excited because it works. Do you know that a lot of times we are trying to explain but not solving the problems? For example, when you bring your kid to the doctor, and the doctor said: "Oh, learning barrier, or learning disability." They are giving you a wide variety of medical terms and even in the Latin language. I don't even bother with this because it is no use explaining the problem. Can you solve the problem? Solving the problem is the demonstration of knowing the governing principle.

We cannot see the devil physically, but the devil is working. For anyone who had committed suicide by jumping off a window of a building, it was the work of the devil. The Bible has clearly stated that, if you do not know, then you need to read the Bible.

My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God's power. (1 Corinthians 2:4-5)

This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words. The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments. (1 Corinthians 2:13-15)

Apostle Paul highly summarized this in Verses 4-5 and 13-15, 1 Corinthians Chapter 2: explaining spiritual truth in spiritual words. But if you were to use the words of historians, words of scientists, or words of philosophers, you would not be able to understand the words of God. One thing I like about Apostle Paul is that he was the one who delivered, and I want to deliver as well. I have tried so hard and finally become the person who can deliver. It proves that the word of God works. Ming Ding Doctrine is different from many other doctrines. I am not sure whether they use spiritual words to explain the spiritual truth or not. I have no idea about how they read the Bible. Many churches are explaining things that I cannot understand. If I ask them: "What problems are you solving? What do you think Jesus Christ would think about this?" They would say: "I don't know."

One day, I was attending a course at a theological seminary. The professor was talking about a lot of things that were not within the scope of the Bible. I asked this professor: "Professor, I have a question." Professor said: "Yes, please." And I said: "What do you think our Lord Jesus Christ would think about this?" Then the professor turned to me with a long face because he thought I was challenging him for asking such a challenging question. I was just trying to ask a real question, but he replied to me: "I am not Jesus Christ; how would I know?" I was thinking: "Oh my God, I come to the wrong place." So, I dropped the course and forfeited my tuition fees. At least I had saved my time for attending this kind of seminary, they don't even know what Lord Jesus Christ would think about this.

Explaining Spiritual Truth Using Spiritual Words

We are trying to learn the heart desire of our Lord Jesus Christ and what the Lord Jesus Christ would think. That's why I want to think like what the Lord Jesus Christ is thinking. I dropped the course and started studying on my own. Whenever I kneeled down and prayed to the Lord, I came to read verses 4 to 5 in 1 Corinthians Chapter 2.

My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God's power. (1 Corinthians 2:4-5)

Apostle Paul demonstrated how it works. Demonstration of the spirit's power is the way I do. One day, a fellow with a broken leg came to see me, the person wanted to test me to see if it will work or not. What would happen if it does not work? No! It will surely work. Do you have the idea of "surely work"? I know God will never fail, our God is faithful and He will deliver accordingly to what He said.

I prayed for the fellow and the leg was still showing as broken in the X-ray, but the spirit of power was inside the bone and the bone would not have the problem, the swelling will be gone in a few days. This fellow was so excited about it and he messaged me via WhatsApp: "Pastor, This is amazing!" For someone who has been a Christian for over 10 years and just realized how amazing it is, that is very sad! I said: "You have just discovered this, huh? Go with me! With the power of the Holy Spirit, just like an eagle flying in the sky, we are going to experience a lot more." We are not using the words of historians, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, or psychiatrists. We are using the spiritual words to explain the spiritual truth, things will happen when we apply it.

A lady brought a tough case to me that just happened recently. This lady called me up and said: "Pastor, my friend's younger brother is trying to commit suicide by hanging himself. After his elder brother saved him, the elder brother can hear something in the night and can feel there is something inside the room. What should I do with this?" I said to her: "Let’s schedule a time to have a phone call or group chat." She said: "Can we have a video call?" I said: "It doesn't matter, what we need is the word of God." So, we scheduled a time because the devil was working in the house. I got to cast out the demons and I had to explain what was happening in the spiritual world.

This is the word we speak. We are speaking in the spiritual words and taught by the spiritual reality, not the words of historians, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, or psychiatrists. We are talking about the spiritual things, the work of the devil, and the word of God. We are talking about setting people free from spiritual bondage.

Over the past years, I have seen a lot of people living in the darkness, they are living in chaos and the situation is horrible. What do they need? They do not need a hero, a psychiatrist, a historian, or a philosopher. They need the power of the Holy Spirit. Are you with me? That's why a song is sung like this: "We do not need another hero; we need a healer!" God is a problem solver! our God is not a philosopher. God is the one who delivers! The power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ will come upon us!

The Spiritual World Is Real

Do you want that? I am sure you want it because you want to live well. The solution is the power of the Holy Spirit, our God is faithful and He has always been faithful to us. God delivers what He said in the Bible and this is the governing principle in the spiritual world. Let me tell you, the material world is just the shadow of the spiritual world. In the name of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit will cast out demons and set many people free. Do you know why? We are a small group of people who lay down our lives for Jesus Christ.

The journey of knowing the spiritual world is a long story. If you are over 20 years old or at the age of 30s, I am sure you have some spiritual experiences. When I was young, there was an old lady who was my neighbor. She was a fortune teller and her fortune-telling was so accurate because I have seen it with my own eyes. One day, my father lost a valuable item and he felt depressed. My neighbor walked into my house and asked my father: "What happened to you?" And my father replied: "I lost something." And she told my father: "Oh, don't worry! Go to this place and the lost item will hang on the tree at this hour." Strangely enough, my father got back his item.

I was wondering: "Oh my God, how does she know?" After that, I asked her to teach me because I was so keen to learn this power. Of course, after I became a Christian and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, I know our Lord Jesus Christ is more powerful than fortune-telling. When I was still in school and with other classmates, after we finished the enrollment exam to university, all ten of us came to my house. My auntie was also sitting in the house. She was watching the ten of us and said to each individual: "You will be enrolled in the university.” “You will pass your exam.” “You did well.” “You did not do well, but next year you will do well."

It was so accurate because the results were the same as what she said. For the one who had failed the enrollment exam, do you know what happened? She said: "You will get in next year." And sure enough, my classmate got in the next year. But the fellow was not happy about it: "How did you know?" My neighbor then said to him: "Your father is suffering from this sickness, and your mother is suffering from that sickness. You have brothers and sisters, and I know how many people are in your house." Oh my God! I didn't even know that much! So I asked the fellow: "Is that so?" And he said: "Yes." I asked my neighbor: "How do you know?" And she told me: "Not me, it is the spirit behind me."

When I was young, I already knew that the spiritual world is so real, and I was eager to know more about the spiritual world. And finally, until the day I get to know our Lord Jesus Christ, I still have a keen interest in the spiritual world. Do you know what happened? After I became a Christian and accepted our Lord Jesus Christ, I started to do what Jesus did: cast out demons, heal the sick, and preach the gospel of casting out demons and healing the sick. I have been doing this ever since the beginning.

What I'm saying is that after so many years I became a pastor and started to set up a church. I became a founding pastor. You know what? I'm so excited! After years of being a pastor, I founded a doctrine and I called it the Doctrine of Ming Ding, or the Ming Ding Doctrine. The Ming Ding Doctrine is using spiritual words to explain the spiritual truth. Are you with me? God works. God is working. God is working among us!

So every time I see those people who are under spiritual bondage, suffering from cancer, tumor, kidney failure... all kinds of diseases, or even learning disabilities, suffering from all kinds of things for people who cannot live well, I have an urge to share with them the spiritual power! I hope all of you get it. Read the Bible. Read Bible carefully. You will find that the spiritual world is so real, so amazing. I tell you, if you were to really follow the words of God, you will see that our God is a faithful God, unlike the conventional doctrines have been talking about. They say it, but they cannot deliver, unlike Apostle Paul. Apostle Paul had been preaching the message, not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power!

Important Concepts in Ming Ding Doctrine

Today is the time when the whole spiritual realm is going to be changed. The whole spiritual realm is going to be changed. Those English-speaking devils are shivering. The English-speaking devils are going to face a group of tough people and they will be defeated! And many English-speaking people will be set free. And many, many English-speaking people will see the power of Almighty God!

You know that Ming Ding Doctrine has changed many, many, many definitions of those important concepts in the Bible. For example, salvation. The older version of the definition of salvation in the conventional teaching is all talking about after death, so it is all right to suffer in this life, to live under the spiritual bondage, to be, you know, bullied by the devil. It is alright in their life to suffer from all the diseases. That's all right in the conventional teaching.

But Ming Ding Doctrine says no to all these! Our God is the God of the living. Our God is not the God of the dead. Our doctrine is not talking about after death, but talking about before death. Are you with me? The salvation, what is the definition of salvation? The definition of salvation is to restore the image of God when we are still alive! That's a lot more practical! Come on, it's a lot more practical than the conventional doctrine!

The definition of that salvation is to restore the image of God while we are living. If you know this spiritual principle, if you know the power of Almighty God, if you know the power of the Holy Spirit, I'm sure you will be able to cast out demons, heal the sick and preach the gospel. And this is what Jesus has been doing. When I see the cancer patients, I'm so eager to cast the spirit of death, the spirit of cancer out of the person. I'm so eager to put the word of God inside this person.

Another concept is "curse". What's the definition of "curse"? What is the definition of "blessing"? And now I have a whole set of these definitions. That's why I call it a "doctrine" because I have established a complete set of theories. The Ming Ding doctrine is a lot more biblical. You've got to remember that. You know that I have studied the Bible in and out, both the English Bible and the Chinese Bible. I do not know Hebrew I'm so sorry. I know the English Bible and I know the Chinese Bible. I thought of the words of God in and out. Do you know that I have published about 80 books of the Chinese Bible study materials? 80 books, you know? That's not long ago. That's not many years. In just about less than 10 years, I published 80 books. How many pastors can do that? Not many. In my books, I summarized the experiences in the application of the words of God. Amazing, it's so amazing. I'm a highly productive person.

Setting People Free by The Spiritual Power from God

After I studied the Bible, I wanted to set people free from spiritual bondage, not by what people say, but by what God has been saying. You don't have to trust what I say. You can search. You can read the Bible carefully and you can see whether what I have been saying is biblical or not. You don't have to hear what I say. Have you seen what I have done? Have you seen what I have been doing? I have been preaching the gospel by the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom but on the power of God!

Men live by the Spirit. Men live by the Spirit! We got to know the spiritual law. We got to know the governing principle in the spiritual world. If you know the spiritual world is so real, if you know that our life is merely the shadow of the spiritual world, what do you do? What do you really want to do? What are you going to do? You will see it's really worthwhile to lay down everything for our Lord Jesus Christ, isn't it? Do what Jesus has been doing. Do what our Lord Jesus Christ has been doing and lay down everything to follow Jesus Christ!

You may ask: "Can that be done?" Oh, yes! Our Lord Jesus Christ is the king of the Kings and the lord of the Lords. And the King is so rich. Our God is a rich God and everything is under his care. So as long as we have a good relationship with God and if the relationship grows from a slave to a servant, from a servant to a friend, from a friend to a son of Almighty God, to sons and daughters of Almighty God, then you're going to hold the key of Heaven! You're going to hold the key of Heaven and you can gain access to the resources in Heaven! Do you know what will happen? I'm sure you are not going to live in poverty, you are not going to live in sickness, you are not going to live in trouble, you are not going to live with all these kinds of day-to-day problems. And you will see the power of Almighty God and you will do what Jesus has been doing. You will become a blessing to many people and you will become a blessing to both the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking people.

Walk with God On the Earth, Do What Jesus Does

I can foresee that the Ming Ding Doctrine, or the Doctrine of Destiny, will become a new revolutionary force or a new reformation, and is going to bring a lot more impact on the church industry. In this church industry, we will bring a lot more reformation than what Martin Luther had done. There will be a new reformation and the church today will be changed and will be more and more like Jesus Christ! If you're really concerned about whether you are going up to heaven or you are going down to hell, you'd better know that if you walk with God on the earth, you will go up to heaven; but if you walk with the devil on the earth, you will go down to the devil's place.

One day I was having dinner with a wealthy businessman. He is a property developer and is so wealthy. Yet he has a lot of other problems, anyway. Over the dinner, he asked me: "Pastor, I met a pastor who told me that out of 1000 people, 999 will go down to hell and only one person can go up to heaven. What do you think?" Oh my God, he just asked me a tough question! That's it. I told the fellow. I said: "Brother, I have not been there before. How do I know? If I tell you any answer, I must be bluffing you, right?"

Then he looked at me, thinking: "Oh, this guy is so smart! He has turned the question back to me like this!" But I continued to ask him: "What do you think my answer is going to be?" I told him. I said: if you walk with God on the earth, I'm sure you will go up to heaven. You are going to be with God. I have the Bible verses to support me: In Genesis Chapter 5, Enoch walked with God on the earth, and he went up there. If you walk with the devil on the earth while you are still alive, then even if you label yourself as a Christian, I'm sure you will go down there with the devil. But I got to tell you that I have not been there before! I observed so many phenomena and I summarized all the spiritual principles in the spiritual words. And I know all the spiritual principles going to impact the lives of you and me.

Jesus Is The Way, The Truth, And The Life

Are you going to take it up? If you want to take it up, if you want to live well, then there's only one route. That is the way, that is the truth and that is the life! Let me read it for you. You can turn the Bible to the Gospel of John, Chapter 14, Verse 6:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” (John 14:6-7)

Do you want to live well? You'd better know that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life.

If you walk with God, do what Jesus did. Are you with me? Do you want to walk with God on the earth? Then do what Jesus has been doing. When Jesus came to the earth, do you know what he had been doing? He trained the 12 disciples, preached the gospel, cast out the demon, and healed the sick. He trained another 70 disciples and sent them out to preach the gospel, cast out the demons, and heal the sick! Are you with me? And this is the way. This is the way and the truth and the life!

Every now and then you will hear people saying: "Oh, let's say the Lord's Prayer: Oh Lord, your Kingdom come!" But if we ask people how God's Kingdom comes upon us, everybody will say: "Oh, I don't know!" Then what are you praying for? Let me tell you the answer. Jesus has already told you and me in the Bible. Every time Jesus casts out the demon by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God comes upon us! Casting out the demons and setting people free from spiritual bondage is the key! That is "the Kingdom comes upon us"!

Now the question is: do you want to live for Him? And this is the way, this is the truth and this is the life! Do you want to live well? Then you got to follow Jesus Christ! He is the gate. I hope all of you will embrace this idea. As you listen to me more, you will know more. And I hope you embrace the Ming Ding Doctrine, the Doctrine of Destiny. Our destiny is that we live for Jesus Christ, we die for Jesus Christ, and we do everything that Jesus asks us to do.

Conclusion: Follow Jesus Christ

From today onwards, you and I will follow Jesus Christ. We will walk with God on the earth until the day we will meet him face to face. And you and I will hear a good comment from our God: We are faithful servants and we have been doing what He commands us to do. Love God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul. Follow his words.

Thank you very much for listening to me. And I hope all your problems, all your spiritual-related problems, will be addressed among us.

May the Lord bless you. See you next week.

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