【Bible Study】Genesis 01 Part 4: Having A Vision Like God

Bible Study: Genesis

Vision has the greatest impact on a person's life

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about Part 2 of the first chapter of the book of Genesis. Part 1 was about "God's good will," but have you ever noticed that there are many people with cancer, not only in this world but also in the church. I thank God that until today, we didn't really have people who had cancer in our church. Even if we had, we would have gotten rid of it. Then what is the problem? The problem is in our vision.

The way people look at the problem is really hard to change. I drag that person back, he goes back again; I drag him back again, and he goes back again. Finally, I have to develop a habit: I have to see that it is good.

Some people just say, "How does it look good? In fact, it really drills my patience. I have to tell you that I have a bad habit that I lose my temper very easily, and I hate stupid people. When I see stupid people, I frown and tell myself to see all the things good. Sometimes I just say, "God, please have mercy on me; God, remember me; God, be gracious to me." But I know that my vision needs to be changed.

I ministered to a sister year after year. One day, this sister got mad and said I sprayed her. Sometimes I really couldn't stand it and tried desperately to control myself. As I was talking, the ghost started talking. The devil said, "I know you hate her inside and do not want to minister to her." The ghost knows what's in my heart. It's really interesting!

I really hate her, according to my flesh, but I do not follow my thoughts. I follow the word of God. I know that there is no goodness in my flesh, and I have to deal with my own vices. When the devil heard this, the devil retreated. Later, this sister gets better and better. Although there are still some small problems, almost all the big problems have been solved. Until today, I never retired. It is all the devil who retired because I didn't follow my perspective. I follow God's perspective. This is to have a vision like God!

Part 1 of Genesis 1 is God has a good will in us and may God's will be done. However, today we need to have a vision like God. No matter what the environment and difficulties are, we have to have a vision like God.

In fact, vision has the greatest impact on a person's life. How our eyes see things is very important. What you see is what you get. All cancer, anal fistula, leaking urine, back pain, cervical pain, headache, butt pain, etc, is all about your vision.

The first chapter of Genesis tells us four things. The first thing is that "God said". You will find that there are many repeated words in the first chapter; the first one is "God said".

And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. (Genesis 1:3 NIV)

The second thing is, " And it was so." The third thing is that "God saw that it was good." The fourth thing is "according to his own kind."

Today, we are talking about "looking good" because it's a different way of saying "having a God-like vision." This sentence has the greatest impact on you, so I put it at the front. We'll talk about the rest later.

These four things have to do with the creation of God. In fact, it not only has to do with God but also has to do with us because God wants us to do what he does and don't go our own way because you are made in my image.

Today, the condition you live in is all about your vision of things, and vision has the greatest influence on people. Although some people have dark vision, some have no light in their eyes, and some specialize in seeing bad things. It doesn't matter what kind of vision you have, but it matters that you want to have a vision like God. If you don't want to have a vision like God, then do what you want because I can not stop you from looking at things badly.

Today, you have to have your own vision. If the vision is not good, then it will lead to cancer, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, and leaky urine... And if you're also stubborn, then I wish you good luck.

Brothers and sisters, we should not look for excuses because they're useless. You will still get cancer, get inflammation. People should know that their own vision is not good and do not be stubborn. We need to know that we can't and that we have problems with our vision. I hope that our brothers and sisters can change their vision.

One time, I let a brother minister to another brother. After this brother was delivered by prayer, they started to talk about health and wellness, what to eat and what not to eat, which corrupted both of them. Later, I find out that it is a distributor who comes to sell his products. He talked about the medicine so well that even he believed in it!

When will people come out of this corrupt vision and trust God? If you still have this kind of vision, you will get sick.

Let me tell you a typical example. One of my classmates who went to seminary with me used to minister to a lot of people in the church, but she got sick. Then, she came to me because she knew that I was passionately devoted to healing and deliverance, which is the destiny.

There wasn't a part of her whole body that didn't have problems, and because her back was hurting so much, I prayed for her back first. And the word of God came to me and said that her problem had something to do with her brother and her husband. I knew that this is the knowledge of good and evil and that she must not see her husband and her brother well. Her husband is cheating on her again and again, and she is eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil again and again. As a result, she got sick. There are many people who live like this, and it is all about vision problems.

For example, when it comes to the examination season, everyone puts their vision into the university examination. Later, I found that people's vision will determine the fate of people's lives.

One of our co-workers didn't go to a top-notch university, and her brothers and sisters went to 985, a top-notch university. However, her brothers and sisters don't seem to have accomplished any achievements, and they are not living well. If you look at the data from the past, you will find that these people did not live well afterwards.

If you go to investigate today, you will find that people's achievements really have nothing to do with whether you have studied at a top-notch university like 985 or not. Some people say that people who have very good achievements usually have a high probability of studying at 985, but I found that the fate of a person's life is really related to his or her vision.

When people have problems with their vision, they get sick. I can give many examples.

One abandoned child grew up to become an internet celebrity and went back to find his parents. Her parents did not recognize her, and she ended up committing suicide. Today, we need to know that your future is in your vision, if your vision is bad, there will be no future.

The most important thing is whether you can become a person who creates a better future, and your future is in your vision. The past can not change your fate, but vision can determine your future fate. Today we will tell you how much vision affects your destiny. If we have the ability to corrupt our future, then we have the same ability to create our future.

We need to see God's will in us through our vision. We all need to change our vision, no matter how hard it is. After scraping the poison off the bone, we will see that things are good. If you see all the things worse, it will attract the devil. Doing more work is a good thing, but some people feel that working more is not good and suffer a loss.

We want to become a person who creates the future, a person who creates, a person who is one with God, who has God's vision, who receives power from God, and who sees God's will. From now on, no matter what you see, it will be good. If you see this as not good, it is called the knowledge of good and evil. If suddenly something bad happens, we have to wake up and repent!

The vision of God

You will find that God is looking at all the things good throughout the creation process. What does the Bible say when light and darkness are separated?

And God said, "Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear." And it was so. God called the dry ground "land," and the gathered waters he called "seas." And God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:9-10 NIV)

We all need to know that God has chosen us and all the great men of faith throughout the ages at the beginning of God's creation. In other words, God chooses us, not off the top of his head. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, God knew it in creation, but he still looked at the good because it distinguished the treasures like us.

Fortunately, this is the defiled world, so that we can become the treasure in God's eyes. God saw eternity before he created all things in the universe. In the end, all things will be one in Jesus Christ, and the emptiness and chaos are opportunities for the beginning of creation.

We should not stop at the level of explanation and start to organize the emptiness and chaos, and then creation will begin. Emptiness and chaos are problems, and we need to solve them. The Doctrine of Destiny is not about explaining why you didn't get healed; we solve it. Christians like to explain that it is God's sovereignty when someone gets sick and prays for him and is not healed.

Not being healed is God's sovereignty? It is a shrink. The Doctrine of Destiny does not seek to explain why you are ill; rather then that, we seek to solve the problem. An English-speaking business owner was particularly excited after hearing my English-language Bible study of Genesis and said he loved the phrase I used, "Do not explain but solve the problem!"

You need the power to solve the problem, and the power has already been given to you by the Spirit of God. So, if you rely on yourself, you will have no inspiration, but if you rely on God, you will have inspiration. Let's all come out of explaining the problem. It's okay if my prayer is not working; I'll hold on a minute longer than the devil. God's sovereignty is to heal us, amen?

God wants to heal us, but it is not working when we pray because we didn't do it right. It is the power of God that solves the problems. This is the will of God, and to see all things good is God's vision.

God's creation began with emptiness and chaos. If you can not see far enough, you can not see very well. If you see far enough, when you encounter a specific thing, you will not deny that it is good.

We have to look farther in life and see into eternity. God's vision is not for one moment, but for eternity, where it is clear that a group of God's people will be united in Jesus Christ. So take your eyes off yourself today.

We need to see far like God sees a group of treasures when He sees far. God chose a whole bunch of treasures that God chose before the creation of the world. God made a lot of vessels out of clay to show God's glory or to show God's wrath, and which one you are depends on your creation and your choice. If a person's vision only sees the things that are in front of him and can't see the will of God and eternity, then it is a vessel to show God's wrath.

Today we need to know that our God had a great plan before the creation of the world. Our Lord Jesus is Arafah and Omega, the beginning and the end, and we are in the beginning and the end of Jesus Christ. When we enter into the plan that God has for us, it is called destiny. The things we have are nothing; they are just short moments in the eternal plan.

If you want to have God's vision, you have to see far. The Chinese often say that "seeking short-sighted death" is suicide. We have to look far. Every time I am tired, I think of the crown of glory in eternity that God has prepared for us in eternity. Then I gathered my broken faith and kept running forward. I don't want to have a "short sight". I want to have the vision to see the crown of glory in eternity and to see my God waiting for me there in eternity, where there will be no tears or sorrow.

By serving God, the fruits of our labour in this world will be carried on into eternity. Every time I think of the reward and glory in eternity, I persist in walking one more mile. Although every day we wish to leave this world and be with the Lord, as long as we are on this earth, we must walk in God's will because what we do today will be carried into eternity, and God gives us rewards that we can't imagine. So it's okay to be tired after solving one problem after another, casting out waves of demons after waves. This is my destiny and is God's vision.

Having a vision like God

Making judgement of life and death is the key! Remember, the reason a person has a destiny is because one understands that the things of this world are all meaningless. However, it is not that everything is meaningless, so one becomes a couch potato and is disillusioned with the mortal world. Rather, when one has seen through life and death, he values the crown of eternity, so that the labours are nothing. Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, with the hope of eternity, see everything in this world with the vision of God. 

A person who does not see that life is meaningless can't value the crown of eternity. We should know that there is no difference between living to the age of ten and ninety, or to the age of eighty or twenty. People want to live one more day, and all they see is the trivia of this world. 
So, I always advise people to make judgements about life and death. One day, a person is dying, they ask me what to do. I said that to see through life and death, what else could they do? Then they asked me, "Pastor, can't we make him live?" Then I said, "Living in this world is meaningless." 

I learned a long time ago that life is meaningless. There are times you might forget, but when you come to your senses, you drag yourself back again. God told Abraham to go to the land of Canaan, and when he got there, there was a famine. It may not seem like a "good thing", but Abraham was living in eternity, seeking the blessings of eternity. 

Without Abraham's faith and being unable to see through life and death, you are unable to inherit his logical system. Why is our church called the Doctrine of Destiny? It is because we make judgments about life and death, longing for an eternal destiny, and this is the will of God in us. We do not live for the things of this world, but for God! 

Some time ago, a pastor preached a sermon in which he said that God created each person as a unique self. However, I did not find this statement in the Bible, but found that it is a trouble for people to try to live uniquely in this world. The Bible says:

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
(Galatians 2:20 NIV)

It doesn't matter whether people live uniquely or not. Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul were concerned about whether we could live out the image of the glory of God so that Jesus Christ could live in us and see things from the perspective of Jesus Christ. You should know that a good job will give us creativity and the ability to solve problems, and repetitive jobs are not good.

Our eyes see some good and some bad, and this is all about the knowledge of good and evil. We need to imitate Abraham, who went to the land of Canaan and encountered a famine; and Jacob, who went to his uncle Laban's house and had his salary unreasonable deductions ten times. They still felt it was okay. Who can resist us when God wants to help us? What can separate us from the love of God? Is it affliction? Is it persecution? Is it nakedness? None of these things can separate us from the love of God. These persecutions are nothing for a person who has the same vision as God because we have seen through life and death. The days of this world are good, as the apostle Paul said that the days of this world with the Lord are good. It doesn't matter what work you do in this world, but do it well and live in the image of God.


**God has raised us up and chosen us before the creation of the world so that we could have the opportunity to preach with the vision of God.**Today, the church is still in a desolate state, but that is why God raised us up, God raised up the Doctrine of Destiny, and problem-solving is the norm.

Someone left a comment online asking why the pastor of their church prayed for people with disc pain and was not working. It is because, even though they are pastors, they do not have the same vision of God. There are still people who pray and ask God to heal them as if our God is not willing to heal. They need to change! Can our vision see healing through our problems? Why do we ask the Lord for help when we know that because of the wounds of Jesus Christ, healing is the norm?

Today, we begin to know that we need to become a creative person and that having problems is the norm, but solving problems is the destiny of the Doctrine of Destiny.

There was a man named Bern who had been a believer for ten years but no longer believed now because he saw in some traditional churches a lot of things that were not God's vision but were very hypocritical. Some churches never solve problems. Those who are sick are still sick; those who are not sick are sick; and those who believe in the Lord have become sick but do not know how to reflect.

We have solved all of these issues that they raised. Today, the church needs to change, and the Doctrine of Destiny needs to see the desolation of this generation and the desolation of this theological system, and we will rise up to serve this generation so that this generation can once again have God's vision, see God's glory, and see God's will in us.

Today, the world will again rise up thousands of churches like the Doctrine of Destiny. The most important thing is to have a vision like God. In God's will, this person can be healed even if he has cancer, but he needs to repent, and we must enlighten him so that he can have a vision like God.

I thank God that He has raised us up to be vessels for His glory. We have established a whole system of healing and deliverance, a whole system of how to build churches, and a whole system of how to train disciples of Jesus Christ according to the Bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Apostle Paul. Thank you, God! Today, we need to open our eyes and know that we are only a drop in the sea. We need to know that the path to knowing God is far from finished.

May the Lord bless you!

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