【Bible Study】Genesis 07: God is in Control

Pastor Samuel Sharing

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Bible Study: Genesis

Today we look at Genesis Chapter 7. We look at Genesis Chapter 7. There will be many problems, and the questions will pop up in our minds. Many people say:" Wow, God! destroy everything. How can God do this? "Oh yeah! Then this kind of person starts to eat the fruit (from the tree)of knowledge of good and evil towards God. And do we have the right to tell God what He is supposed to do? We have no right to do that. It's because you and I are human.

We read the Bible and there are many approaches to reading the Bible. Some people are reading the Bible. Then they become occult. Some people read the same Bible, go astray. And some people read the Bible after reading it and they become a historian. They want to prove what happened in history. Say, for example, they say, oh I, we discovered the Ark of Noah on this certain mountain. And these are the people. These are the people trying to prove. But in the end. What do they get? They say, yeah, what happened? What's recorded in the Bible is true. Then they stop there. Is that supposed to be the way? No!

What is the way we read the Bible? We read the Bible and then we relate to what we are supposed to do. What we're supposed to do, just like Genesis chapter one, is when we read, we read about how God does the creation and after reading that OK, some people say that for my information. But we read it as the doctrine of destiny which we developed. A typical guiding principle reading Bible. We may read the word of God, then we apply. We read the word of God. We put it into practice and the question is how are we going to put it into practice? So we surround by this, we will do the Bible study. Some people will notice that after reading the Bible, through the Bible study together with me and somehow you find that, Oh yeah, we should. We should apply the word God in this way. But come to Genesis Chapter 7, what are we going to apply? What are we able to put into practice? We cannot generate a flood on the whole Earth. We cannot repeat the same (story of the flood), but in this Genesis chapter seven, we can see salvation.

You know, when Jesus talks about the end time. He always relates to the time of Noah. So how do they know (it's) Noah's time? Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also we will be in the days of sons of the men; people were eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage, are married up to the day, Noah entered Ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same on the day of Lot; people were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But on the day that Lot went out of Sodom, fire and sulfur (brimstone) rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. But this Genesis Chapter 7 it's referred to by Jesus Christ.

Now let's study what is the main topic is the Author trying to present it to us? The Author is Moses. So Genesis Chapter 7; If it we read it carefully, what do you find? You can find certain word; it keeps on repetitive, as the Genesis chapter one. What is the word keep on repeating? Have you found the word keep on repeating hello? Well, in Genesis Chapter 7 there is a word or a sentence, keeps on repeating. According to its kind. If Bible repeats certain things and highly repetitive words you got to pay attention to it and Genesis Chapter 7 according to its kind is a very important word. Why is that so? In Genesis chapter one? According to its kind, in Genesis chapter seven also go according to its kind.

Now let's firm up and let's firm up what is the main topic in Genesis Chapter 7. Then we will discuss. We will discuss the whole chapter. We will discuss the whole chapter, according to surrounding with the topic like this, anyone can give me your view.

Hello, let's see what is? What is the main topic Moses trying to speak to us or God trying to speak to us?

OK, someone says judgment and salvation; are quite good. Yeah judgment and salvation, but when we're talking about judgment and salvation, we have a little problem. I mean, we have a little problem applying it to our own life.

We know all yeah God creation now and we know that, OK, God did the judgment and they also did the salvation for all of us. Some people say obey God. Yes, that's very good. Obey God. Obey God means;" to obey God is (the theme) probably in the whole Bible right now. Faith to the God. There are also sound good. Yeah, some people say God has a schedule, yeah? Separation is set apart. OK if you ask me I would say:" Fear not, fear not, God is in control. God is in control”.

If we will look at Genesis Chapter 7, there is a big mess. A big mess! What is the big mess from the human point of view; the flood came, and after the flood; do you know what's the situation looked like? The tsunami; when the tsunami attack Southeast Asia; All the things were destroyed along with the seashore. So when we look at the picture, it is a total mess; fear not. We're not to fear. God does things according to its kind. God has a great plan and God's execution. God's execution of the plan is in a very good manner.

When we deal with certain things, sometimes we have a little worry, a little concern. Is God in control? Many times Christians always had this wrong concept? They thought Devil is in control; No! God is in control. When God is in control, everything will be executed according to his plan.

OK come to this Genesis Chapter 7, God said to Noah; Go into the ark. The problem is this, if you go into the Ark, God speaks to Noah then because of one thing; Noah is a righteous man, in the eyes of God.

God says: "I have found your righteousness in this generation", in the eyes of God. Now if we're in God's plan, everything goes smoothly. If you're outside God's plan, there will be chaos and total mess. So outside the Ark, you can see the total mess, (while)inside the Ark, everything is executed according to God's control.

You see for this Noah he is someone God thinks is righteous and what is righteous? Righteous means the person who has faith. The person who has the faith. You know when God says: OK for the clean animal, male and female; two of every kind; seven of every kind of clean animal male and a female and two of every kind of unclean animal; it's mate; male and a female. When God speaks to you like this, the problem will come into our minds. Come into our minds: How am I going to do it? How am I going to do it anymore? Are you sure God?No lying, (example)tiger; those are the very fierce animals you know. And even just the clean animal there will be a lot of danger. They are different in size. How am I going to manage that? How am I going to manage that? We are sure that there will pop up all kinds of worry and all kinds of concern and we'll get to seek very hard. But do you need to seek that hard? I'm sure Noah got no answer. I'm sure Noah got no answer.

Let’s say for example the bird in the sky. How am I going to get the different types of bird?

How am I going to get 7 male and female birds? Sometimes I can't even tell which one is male and which one is the female right? But if you have faith in God, you say God is in control, then what do you say? Oh yeah, God is in control. God surely will enable me to do it. Do you know Noah don't even bother to ask how?

How am I going to do it? Noah never asked this kind of stupid question. You know you turn and shrink your shoulder then turn to God and ask “How do you think I'm Superman? If I am Superman, I can do this kind of things. Are you sure God? Are you sure you want me to do this? You know we have a lot of problem with this, and the only cause is the root of all our problems as we lack faith in God! Now today I want to re-establish this.

This faith in God is knowing God is in control. God is in control of what Noah did. Noah did what exactly God had told him, but he had no knowledge to get the animals and the beasts. But if you read the Bible, you will find something like this in Genesis Chapter 7 verse 8-9 “Pairs of clean and unclean animals, of birds and of all creatures that move along the ground, male and female, came to Noah and entered the ark, as God had commanded Noah.”

Fortunately, Noah never asked God how am I going to do it? I don't know how to do it, or you get someone else to do it. I don't know what to do this. I am not an animal specialist, but Noah never asked this kind of stupid questions because Noah knows God surely execute the salvation according to his plan. Yep, not in a big mess, it was not in a big mess. You read it the animals came to Noah.

You know they came up from the forest they came up from all over the places. They came up. Don't know how far away from the air we really have no idea where they come, where and how do they know? How do they identify Noah? So many, so many species. There are so many species and all of them came to Noah.

Did you read that? If you read that they oh yeah now let me, ask you a question, can God manage your boss’s mind, the mind of your boss? Can God manage the mind of your customer? Can God manage the mind of the different types of species? Can God manage the mind of all the beast or all the animals? Yes, obviously yes. The problem lies with us, why do we need to worry about? If we rely on our own capability, rely on our knowledge, rely on our experiences, rely on our qualification then you always find you yourself short of something. You always find the problem you face is always bigger than what you can do.

The task given by God or given by your boss. Or, even by someone is always reach beyond the reach of our capabilities, and that's very common and you see, oh I am how am I going to do it?

Then the question is, do you know God is in control?

Later in the chapters of Genesis, you will read about a man of faith called Jacob. One day, Jacob confronted his brother, Esau who brought 400 men with him, took all the weapons, and planned to kill Jacob because years ago he had cheated on him. Esau thought Jacob cheated on him but, in the end, you know what happened? Jacob had a lot of worries, don't know and what to do? He tried all kind of approaches.

Their plans were to separate the two teams, one team go this way and the other team go the other way. Then he let the people go ahead and he would fall far behind. If the brother killed this team and he will run away and the other in the mind, he had a lot of ideas like Oh my God!! That’s a big mess! There's a big mess in the mind.

Then he started to wrestle with God and after that, after that, God bless him with his limped leg and walked ahead of the team to confront with his brother Esau. You know what happened? Esau was still harboring all the anger and remembered clearly about what had happened 20 over years ago on how Jacob tricked their father and pretended to be him, getting the blessing from their father.

Esau is so determined to kill his brother. Probably after approaching his brother, he saw his brother, Jacob limping and walking towards him, suddenly Esau’s mind changed. The mind of Esau changed. Who change it? God changed it and I have experienced this kind of miracles many times. I have encountered these kinds of miracles many times.

One day I had a PhD candidate who hadn’t got her PhD yet. She was still waiting to get her PhD’s result. She was sitting next to me; I saw her face feature changing, was looking so ugly, almost starting to cry so I asked her “What happened?”. She opened the email from her professor considered her boss who determined her future, wrote to her stating her thesis was not good enough to pass her so she was unable to get graduated. She could not go for an oral defense. She couldn’t do anything, and she couldn’t proceed anymore. She had to re-do her thesis. “Oh my God!” When I read this. I said, “Oh my God!” that is so shocking? But you know what happened? I have faith in God. I know God is in control, but to this person in that kind of situation, full of worry.

I had prayed with her every day for a week and on that day is Friday which we started to pray. On Saturday we prayed, on Sunday we prayed, on Monday we prayed, on Tuesday we prayed, on Wednesday we prayed, on Thursday we prayed. We kept on praying on Friday and… she was so excited on that day, the Friday, so excited when she opened the email and then showed it to me.

The professor had written an email to her stated she could be graduated now. I do not know what happened. I do not know. I have no idea how God had done it, can you imagine? The professor was writing a different reply on the same topic. The first email said her thesis is not good enough. And a week later, yeah! she could go ahead and graduated. What? What happened?

God can change people’s mind and not only can control human’s mind. God only control people mind for the benefit of the people who love God. God can do everything for those who love him. Manipulating someone’s mind is for the benefit of the people who love God!

Now we read Genesis Chapter 7, God is managing the mind, the mind of the different species of animals, birds and creatures and led them. God doing a wonderful job and all these animal queuing up.

Just like a queue where people queued up orderly at McDonald from the counter to outside of McDonald. Every creature, animal, bird out there queuing up, amazing picture at that time, if they photographed it, I think that picture will be amazing, right? If you have video clip like this every pair by pair, male and female walking orderly into the Ark.
Noah did not do anything. He only obeys the word of God.

He has a faith, so let me share with you. Let me share with you. If you are Noah, never ask God stupid question. How am I going to do it? Are you sure or not, sure or not? You think I am Superman? You think I am Superman? God is surely in control. Our God is surely in control.

Let’s start today from today onwards. Fear not! Worry not! Throw away all these sorts of things because all these sorts of things are weakening our faith in God.

God can manage. You know God can manage everything on the earth even the tiniest creature on the earth. Even though the Earth is so big, nothing is too huge or too big for God. Nothing is impossible for God. But human being, human being normally has a lot of fear, a lot of worries but God can manage our earth.

You know, God can manage our solar system. Many, many times bigger, many, many times bigger [than the earth]. If you make the earth like a green bean, then the sun will look like a basketball. So cute, the tiny earth is so small. What happens is outside the solar system, there is a huge universe. This is really huge, so huge but so what? God is still in control. God is using his hand to hold the whole universe. The whole universe is running orderly, the whole universe is running orderly by the power of Almighty God. And this is the God we trust in. And this is the God we have faith in. Then you have what kinds of worry? You know our God can feed the animals; he can feed the birds in the sky. How precious are you and I in the eyes of God. So why do you worry? Once we depend on God, we depend on the God Almighty, the Almighty God. Depend on the Almighty God. You know what will happen? Your fear will be gone. Your worries will be gone. Your future will be created. Your faith will present yourself as a righteous man in the eyes of God.

Are you with me? I'm sure you listened to that. Yeah, I don’t have to fear, God is in control! God will supply everything! Then you feel comfortable, you will have a comfortable feeling in your heart and you will certainly have peace in your heart. Why is that so? Because God is really in control. Whether you have faith or not. If you have faith, you can enjoy the fruit of the faith! No matter how serious the situation is, no matter how challenging the task is to you and I, we don't have to keep the fear in our heart, we don't have to worry because God is in control. The only problem is: are you and I are the righteous in the eyes of God or not? If we have faith in God, we will be a righteous man in the eyes of God.

I don't think Noah did much. Noah was watching a miracle performed by the hand of God. God is leading all these animals into their ark. You see why over here they say certain dates, you know February 17. The 17th day of the second month and Noah is at the age of 600. The timing. The timing. You don't have to worry about timing. God is surely in control. The timing is in control, it’s in control. Everything goes according to its kind. Going according to its kind means it is in the proper order, not chaotic. It's not in a big mess, it's in the proper order.

So, God’s execution is always like that. So, in the moment we have fear, and we execute our plan, it will be in a big mess. Once we have no fear, and we have faith. You know what will happen? God will put his capabilities in you. It is not your capabilities, but your faith. If God put this capability in you, you will be able to execute every plan according to its kind. All is in an orderly manner. The problem is that this faith is so amazing! So amazing. And many disciples of Jesus Christ came to him and asked him to increase their faith. Jesus never answered that type of question. It is a stupid question. We should never ask God to increase our faith! Why? That is our responsibility. Whether you like it or not, you have faith or not, God is a never-changing God. God is still in control, but the moment you have faith in him, you will enjoy the fruit of the faith.

If you go into the next chapter, you will see that God never forgets things. Noah in the ark, floating in the water, day by day, year by year. [Imagine] after so many years, God suddenly woke up and said: “Oh my God! Noah!” He opens up the ark, all the animals and Noah have become sculptures. Is that called mummy? A mummy is the dried body of a dead person. In Egypt, they always made the body dry up, so it will never go rotten. It is good for thousands of years. No, how can God forget? He doesn’t even forget the number of hairs on our head! Are you with me? God has counted the number of hairs on your head? Oh really? I don’t even know how many hairs I have! You can’t even count the hairs on your head, don’t worry so much! Even under the persecution, worry not, fear not, God is in control. So don’t think so hard of what you have to say, God will give you words to say. If you have fear, you can never go into the promised land.

Noah had many reasons to worry. This ark, can it withstand water? Can we go to the sea, to test it? You know, you and I have done many projects. And every project has lots of its own problems. If we don’t' test it, we don’t know how well it can withstand heat, withstand water, the storm. What happens if this ark collapses? We’re all gone! There is a different kind of worry, the flood hasn’t come yet. Seven days earlier, you go into the ark, close up the door, close up the window, everything is closed up, and in the darkness lives seven days. What kind of feeling is that? And some people quarantine in a hotel for seven days, for 14 days, and some of them almost go crazy! Noah and his whole family, and all the animals quarantined in the ark for seven days. In the darkness, not knowing what will happen! How do you go out? How to you get out this ark? Noah has no worry; he has no fear. God is in control, that’s what Noah believed! What happened to my Wi-Fi? But you don’t have to surf the internet because there’s only eight of you. If there's only eight of you, you don’t need Wi-Fi, you don’t need that at all. In this ark, there's a lot of reasons for you and I to worry about, let alone plenty reasons for humans to have fear.

When people have fear, they have phobias. Phobia is a kind of mental illness, a sickness. Sometimes we talk to the mentally ill, people like that, who worry about all kinds of things. Once I was ministering a student, and she told me her classmates wanted to kill her. And the classmates said, I don’t even know her! And this student had this kind of phobia, and I cast out the demon and she was set free. There is a lot of problems. Whether you depend on God’s power, the power of the Almighty God, never depend on your own capability. Trust me, my brothers and sisters, never depend on your own capabilities. Your capabilities can’t even beat the machinery people build. Your flesh, your mind, your body, your muscle, are really too small, a tiny animal on this earth, what can you do? You cannot really do much.

But God is the one who is in control. If you trust in him, if you have faith in him, you know that his power is just like a power plant. There is so much energy, and so much power will flow from God and go into our bodies. And this is God.

Miracle is Miracle. Miracle is the spiritual thing, is the power of Almighty God, manifests through our own. And how? How great it is to be able to walk with God, has faith in God!. How great is that? So I will tell you that once in a while I will have worry. But after so many experiments, my faith improves a little bit, improves a little bit, then now I will say I really have no more worry. Even the worry comes into my mind, I will cut them off. I know God is in control. Even someone want to kill me. So what the big deal? No big deal because my God is in control.

This is the time we got to tell ourselves that no reason to fear. Because we are children of Almighty God. God has his plan, the Salvation plan. So you don't have to worry. You got to lift up your head. Lift up your head. With all these things begin, you know, all these things one by one start to happen, right? So with all these things start to happen. You know Jesus is coming back. Everything will be shaken: the whole nation, the nation and the world will be shaken. And a lot of people on the earth, nation will be in anguish and the perplexity at the roaring and the tossing of the sea. Men will faint from the terror. And they will have a lot of fear of what is coming on the word. Heaven and Earth will be shaken. When all these things begin to take place, stand up, stand up, be careful, stand up, lift up your head because your redemption is drawing near. Your redemption is drawing near. I will hope I don't have to go through the life and death kind of problem. I will hope in my, in this life, I will see with my own eyes the coming back of Jesus Christ. Whether this happens or not, but never when. I will stand up and lift up my head every day. And I know the redemption of our God is getting near. So what about the meal? What about the bed? What about the house? What about the job? What about the money? No more big deal, no more big deal. So we look down everything and we lift up our head and our redemption is near,. We will go into the Ark.

Then what is the Ark? The Ark is the salvation. The Ark is the salvation. Everything will be good according to the plan of God. If not, your plan is the plan of Almighty God. You and I have only one responsibility: have faith in God. So all the animal, all kinds. You know all kinds. God called in to its kind. If animal can go according to its kind, orderly go into the Ark. God can do such things. You know when Noah entered into the Ark, and this picture will remain in the mind of the Noah. He said: Oh my God, I never think of God is so powerful. I, you know, I was thinking what? How am I going to do it? I was so fortunate. I never ask stupid questions and never ask stupid question.

When the flood come after seven days, the people were drinking. But then I hope Noah and the whole family in the Ark are not fasting, right? Probably they were also drinking and eating. But the whole world probably in seven days after that, you can hear the celebration, you can hear people have commenting on this Noah: Who stupid man! Going to this stupid, stupid building. Who can build this kind of Ark? You know, going to what, you know, come out, we celebrate. Noah didn’t want to come out. And the whole world is getting married, buy and sell, you know, why I invest on the share, invest on the property and ask selling the property and make so much millions and make a tons of millions. And then you know lots of things were happening and they celebrated, they drank, you know. And eat, they cook a good meal. They had all these kind of things. But seven days later, there's a little rain, and the smaller getting bigger and bigger. The water started spraying out from the sky and the water level increased again and again. The street was filled with water. The road was filled with water. Of course your swimming pool. You know, no more, right? You cannot see a swimming pool. Everywhere is a swimming pool. Everywhere is the flood with the roaring water. Roaring, you know. You know when the tsunami comes, it is horrible. Come with the sound. You know what happened. You know during that time , the people start to cry. No use.

You know the dying process in the flood. In Noah’s time, the dying process of the flood is the full of phobia, full of fear because the flood come not in one day. The water level, wow, can you imagine: someone go to the roof of the house, the roof of the house is so small right? How can cope with the flood which wants to destroy everything. And you start to regret. People will start to regret. Oh my God. Actually the day Noah was waving the hand and told me and I have seen all the animals queuing up, going to the Ark. How? How stupid I was. I shall queue up together with the beasts, right? Can you imagine? Even at that time, life and death come, right? And all these people were wondering, you know, started to regret not inside the queue of the beasts of all the wild animals, not even human being. And I remember this Noah actually waved the hand and asked me: you want to come here or not. I rejected Noah. Oh, in my life I did so stupid decision! You know why? Because of the house? Because of the meal? Because all these linkages, right, dangling in my mind. But now everything game over, everything game over.

Can you imagine some people lived in the hill? Some people lived high in the mountain, right? And this guy actually heard the news of the flood. The level of the flood went up and up, up and up. You know, probably one more day water reached that level, another day, reached another level, another day reached another level. And a lot of dead bodies floated in the water. That kind of scenario is horrible. And next day, next day, the water will reach me and I will pass away. I will be waiting to die. Everything become meaningless, too late. Too late!

Are you with me? Go to prepare yourself! My brother and sisters, never get caught unprepared. Prepare yourself, prepare. Noah prepared himself for this day for 120 years, building the Ark. 120 years building the Ark. How do I know? Because they had another 120 years. Probably I'm wrong but never mind, but they built for years, that's for sure. They built the Ark for years. So you and I will build up the glorious church for years. We go to all kind of hardship. We go to all kinds of, you know, sweat and tears. And we have a lot of challenges we face. But this day comes, all our heart, you know, all our hardship, all our effort will be worth it. Will be worth it. So that would be the day. There will be a day!

I look forward to the day. God, the son of Almighty God, our Lord Jesus Christ comes with a host of angels. And then like lightning, strikes the sky, signs from the West to the east, from east to the West, you know. And then the day the salvation comes. But the problem is that we get prepared. Prepare ourselves. Prepare ourselves to build the Ark. They are at the church, it is the body of Christ.

A lot of people are building. Yes, they are doing something. They are doing something. But never they will be according to the word of God. The Ark, the drawing was given by God. Do you know the drawing was given by God. The Temple of David and Solomon, the drawing was given by God. The most beautiful Tabernacle, the drawing was given by God. If we build the church according to the Word of God, we live our day, day by day, by Faith of God, by faith to the mighty God. We know God is in control. We don't have to worry.

Every living creature will die eventually. In Genesis Chapter 5, everybody died. Only Enoch went back to God. Now in Genesis Chapter 7, on this land, everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died. Only Noah, the animal and people in the Ark, were saved. Let me share with you my point of view on the Era of Noah. Right now, we live in a marvelous new age and it may be hard for people to think how marvelous of the age that we are living now could be, as Jesus Christ is coming back. The entire world, everything will be destroyed, but those things that can last for internal will remain. In other words, only the eternal thing will remain. We'll go into the church. The church is the built up according to the power of Almighty God, according to the Word of God. That is exactly the reason that we work so tirelessly and put in a huge effort to build a church like this. And I hope God will Remember Me. And God will be with us. God’s spirit, the spirit of Almighty God will show his glory in the church, the body of Christ. I hope, by now, may your faith in God somehow has increased; somehow lifted up because of my sharing. I have shared this kind of faith as I know God is in control. That's exactly why we live in peace every day. We have no worry. Whether we are facing this kind of challenge or that kind of challenge, we don't have to worry much. In the end, the day of Jesus Christ coming back will look like the days of Noah. For those people who are prepared, even when the disasters have not yet happened, people have gone into the art already. When the flood has come, it's too late. It is too late! I want to share with you a story. One day someone called me up. This person wanted to talk to me. I said yes, of course. She joined us years ago and she left. She left. She joined us again. OK, I allowed her to be a member of our church again and she left again. This is the time he wanted to come back again and probably one day will leave again. He is a businessman. He does business. He wanted to talk to me. I can allow him to come back. You know, as a businessman when they want to come back to the church, he must have been encountering some hardship. You and I are exactly the same kind of people as businessmen: if not because of hardship that we have gone through, we never even bothered to think about God. We always look at our own business, look at our jobs, look at our promotion, look at the profits, look at everything that we see the value in. I ask him whether you have gone through any hardship. The answer is yes, and a lot of stories that he can tell. I asked him if you have not gone through all this kind of hardship, will you come back. He said probably not. What is the most valuable thin for you? I told him that you are a businessman. I think your destiny is to make money. We all know businessmen: life is occupied with “buy and sell”. Right exactly as you know as Noah’s time: people buy and sell, or get married, get divorced, etc. What people care are are these nitty-gritty things such as making money, selling and buying, drinking and eating. Yeah, it's just like a normal life, right? I see you as a businessman, what your aim. Your life purpose is to make money. The profit is the key, right? If serving the Lord conflicts with making money, then which one do you choose? And this is the reality you will have to face. Because serving Lord will consume so much of your time and you have no time. You have time for your business, but you have no time for God. What happened if this conflict occurred? Which one do you choose? In the past you left. Why? Because of this conflict. You make your own choice. You choose to do your business. But in the end, your choice proves yourself wrong. Right now, it is time for you to think again what happened if same situation arrives. It is a choice which one you value more. I put God to the highest in my life. But you put your business in the highest of your life and you come back for what? This is not the ship you are supposed to board. This is not the plane you are supposed to board, because we are totally flying to different place. Of course, this kind of conversation sounds very sarcastic right? But it is true. For people who live in this world, we either prepare for eternal life or this life. Even the flood did not come, and the day will come. Are you with me? No, in the end. In the end, what do we get? We get nothing. If it is not because of hope for the eternal life, we will lose the meaning of living and will loss the meaning of lie. This is something in my mind. Why we put in so much effort in building the church of Christ? We are hoping for the glory of Almighty God. We are hoping for the Eternal Life that God had prepared for us. God has a salvation and only the elect people will come into their salvation, right? God select, but whether we get elected or not, that really is your business and your choice. Don't wait until the flood come. Don't wait until the Jesus Christ bring Angel and come to destroy this world and you are a part of this destruction. How much good will you get from during the destruction? How much? How much we should celebrate if we are in the Ark. So from today onwards, let's work together to build the church. The church is the ark. The church is the ark. When we are here, not to transform the world; we are not to transform the government; not to transform the education; not to transform certain organization. We are here to build the Ark, build a body of Christ and that is my core value. The only thing has a value in my life. I will stop my sharing here. Fear not; remember God is in control. God is in control. Should we rest? We will rest in the Lord. We have no more worry, and no more fear. We only have one purpose, the only aim, the destiny, will live for Christ. Our life belong to Jesus Christ, Amen!

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