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Bible Study: Genesis


Today, let's look at Genesis chapter 27. There are lots of controversial views surrounding Genesis chapter 27. Some people say "Jacob cheated, he cheated the father and his brother, and then he in return was cheated and cursed." I do not agree with this view. Do you know why? Very simple. Because in the next chapter, God appeared to Jacob and told him: "I will bless you." That means whatever Jacob had done got endorsement from God.

Then we are supposed to look at what happened. What had Jacob been thinking, what he had been doing, and why did he get blessings from the Lord? Do you want to get blessings? I'm sure you want to get blessings. Do you want to get cursed? I don't want to get cursed! Do you want to be Esau? "No, I want to be Jacob", but then why do you criticize Jacob? A lot of people criticize Jacob. Do you know what the problem is? If you criticize Jacob and you curse Jacob, you will be cursed. You curse Abraham and you will be cursed. So be very careful. A lot of pastors find fault in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Then they start to pick on all minor things.

Jacob knew of God's promise

But let me look at this from a totally different point of view. If you look at the Bible study about Genesis chapter 27, I think it is probably very rare to hear this kind of view from my perspective. I believe you have read chapter 27. The story is about how Jacob got the blessing from his father. This is very interesting. Jacob actually accomplished everything in the previous chapter. Jacob had already gotten the birthright. Because the older brother swore an oath in front of Jacob giving him the birthright of the firstborn. So you know Jacob was the firstborn, whether Esau was joking, or whether he had a piece of lawyer paper, or was signed or not signed was just verbally: "Jacob. You have the firstborn right." And that's it.

Are you with me? Now the subsequent, orderly thing will happen naturally. Do you know what happened? Jacob, just like what I shared in the past. Let me give you the calculation. Jacob had come to the age of 75. How do I know? I will give you the breakdown. He came to the age of 75, do you know what happened? The father had Jacob and Esau at the age of 60. It means Isaac was at the age of 135. Can you imagine? And Isaac lived until 180 years old. That means he got another 45 years to live. Can you imagine Isaac had another 45 years to live until 180? And Isaac went blind, his eyes could not see anymore. Can you imagine Jacob at the age of 75, had no interest in getting a girlfriend or getting married? He had no interest in anything other than the blessing from the Lord.

Jacob wanted the covenant with God

Over the past 75 years, he heard about this from Isaac, and his mother Rebekah. "You know, this family, it is so different. God is choosing us. God chose us and God wants to bless us." Rebekah was telling Jacob: "How did I get married to this family" So the origin story of Rebekah:

"The servant from Abraham came to my hometown and it happened that I was at the well and the servant prayed. And what happened was I was at the well and did exactly as he prayed. God made an interesting arrangement. The servant of Abraham asked me to come to this place to get married to your father. I did not wait for another day. I came to this place. Do you know why I came from so far away? I could not see my father anymore. I came all the way here to get married to your father Isaac; I want to get the blessing. I want to have the covenant that God gave to Abraham and Isaac. Your father is so different; your father is the one who offered himself to God. Your father is so interesting."

You know the past story, Abimelek, and all other sorts of things. All the stories about Abraham, Isaac, and how Isaac was born. You know the mother of Isaac, Rebekah, telling Jacob and Esau all about this. But Esau had no interest in this, but Jacob's mind is set on this. I want to have it. He got the chance to get his brother to swear off the birthright in front of him and give him the birthright. In exchange, Esau got a bowl of red bean soup. Very cheap. Can you imagine that you could have asked for money, but what was this birthright, how much was it worth? How much was the covenant worth? Do you know what the firstborn right is worth? “Ohhh yeah, no big deal.” Jacob was thinking very hard to get the firstborn right. It was not about the firstborn right, it was about the covenant with God. He wanted to get the covenant with God.

God helped Jacob by making his father blind

After 75 years, the day finally came. Do you know what kind of day has come? Jacob had to go through barrier after barrier, and this seemed to be an impossible task. Yes, he got the brother to swear an oath and give him the birthright. But what about the father? Can the father give him the blessing? If the father's eyes did not go blind, Jacob will never get the blessing. But remember, Isaac was a spiritual man. He was not a carnal man who liked to eat. And somehow, Isaac went blind. He could not see anymore. His eyes could not see anymore. My interpretation is because Jacob was so hungry for the covenant from God, Jacob was so hungry for his birthright. He had already gotten the birthright, no lawyer letters were needed. He just needed the brother to swear an oath.

And God gave Jacob a chance. God gave Jacob a chance and made his father blind. You see our God is amazing. Do you know how amazing He is? Yes, I will make your father blind so that he can bless you. You need to read the Bible carefully. "My son, how can you come so quickly?" "Oh the Lord your God blessed me." “Are you Esau?” “Oh yes, I am.” But the son had a voice like Jacob. Are you sure?

Read it carefully. The dialogue is simple, you can easily discover that it was not Esau. However, God already made him blind and confused him. How can that be possible? Almost impossible, but God, for the sake of Jacob, made it possible. Are you with me? I do not think Isaac was a carnal man; Isaac is a spiritual man. But God, for the sake of Jacob, made his father blind. Our God is amazing. For the sake of the blessing, if you are hungry for the blessing, God the Lord dares to do anything, even to make Isaac blind. I am sure that after Jacob was blessed, Isaac (the Bible never mentioned that anymore) lived another 45 years, then Isaac recovered. God made Isaac blind just for the sake of Jacob. That is my speculation.

God is the mastermind of all this. Isaac had become blind, his eyes could not see anymore, so he couldn't recognize Jacob. This is the work of God, so God is the mastermind of this, all because Jacob was so hungry for the spiritual blessing. Who cheated whom is not a problem. Is that arguable? I do not think Jacob cheated anything because Jacob never got a single penny from his father. All the money Isaac accumulated was given to his son Esau. Jacob's eyes were not on the money. He did not get any of this, but Esau did. So who was the cheater? ** Esau already signed the document in the spiritual world giving up the firstborn right. And then Jacob had become a firstborn; it just went through the motion and the procedure.** After going through this motion, it was just the paperwork that was no longer an issue.

Nothing is impossible for a man of God

Now we must figure out the character of Jacob. Let me tell you that character counts. Jacob was an amazing person who was born to be the younger son and wanted to turn it around to become the firstborn. We could not comprehend a person like Jacob who was able to turn the impossible into possible and possible to reality. If you want to please God, you need to inherit Jacob’s character. Do you have this character?

For these years, I have been preaching to brothers and sisters to possess this character. If only you and I have the character of making the impossible possible and possible to reality. We will please God. Do you know that I have the character of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph? I desire to be like them. I have a very strong desire for God as I want to ** gain access to all the promises of God. I am willing to lay down everything for God.**

When someone who suffered from cancer came to me, it was not a big deal because I have the character of Jacob. Nothing is impossible for a man of God as our God is the God who performs miracles. Our God makes the impossible possible and nothing is impossible with the character of Jacob.

Once I was visiting a city and someone brought an elderly lady with a swollen leg. Her swollen leg was like a solid block of wood when you touched it. Her foot was also very swollen. In my heart, I was saying, “ Oh my God, could you bring someone easier? What was I going to do with a swollen leg like this?” I turned to God and said “To you nothing is impossible.”

My coworker and I each held the leg and foot. I covered the foot with my shirt and put the foot in my arm. Followed by massaging the leg and I started to pray. While I was praying, in my mind I told myself that nothing was impossible to our God. The color of the leg was dark and looked horrible. I was praying “Shalala” and commanding to loosen the leg in the name of Jesus. Do you know what happened after an hour? That dark and swollen leg became normal and she was healed. At that time, I said, “Praise the Lord! God, you are amazing.” The healing was not because of her, but because of me. I possessed the character of Jacob and God imparted His mighty power through my faith in the spiritual world.

There was a 90-year-old lady who came to Singapore to visit my co-worker as she was the grandmother of my co-worker. I went to the airport to pick her up, she was sitting in a wheelchair and her leg was swollen. Her normal shoe size was 37 or 38 but she was wearing a size of 43 or 45. As you can imagine how big the shoes were and how swollen her leg was.

I assisted her to get into the car which was a normal size family car, she was having difficulties as her leg was unable to bend. She had been sitting in a wheelchair for the past 10 years and her leg had a metal piece in it. Do you know what happened? To me, nothing was impossible as I had the character of Jacob. I would make this happen. I spent a lot of time with her to build up our shepherding relationship and it was a lengthy process. If you had that kind of trust and connection, you would be able to minister effectively. If you don’t have trust or connection, it would not work. After building up our relationship and starting ministering to her, her leg became a normal leg again.

During the process of ministering to her, her daughter and granddaughter stated that it would be impossible due to the metal piece in her leg and supposed to be painful. I was adamant that she would be healed and had nothing to do if she had the metal piece or not in her leg. The firstborn could be the last born and the second-born could be the firstborn. Could the metal piece stop the work of God? I strongly disbelieved that a piece of metal would hinder God’s healing. I continued to pray and her pain disappeared. The pain that she suffered all these years with the metal piece in her bone and causing numbness.

Having the character of Jacob is the key to miracles

I have this character and I want to impart this character to you. You should take on this character. Nothing is impossible even if you were born second as long as you have a strong desire to have a covenant with God, you will become the firstborn. You will become the son of Almighty God. I have a dream of becoming a person like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and my name will be connected to the name of God. I want my name to be connected to God. How much is that worth? It is unquantifiable with money as it is so priceless and you cannot put a price on it. You might say 1 million? More than that! 10 million? More than that! A billion? More than that! 10 billion? More than that! Not even a trillion, it is worth more than anything in my mind.

To me, the most valuable thing in my life is what I am sharing with you. I am so hungry to be like Jacob. I believe that in the court of Heaven, all the angels are clapping their hands for me. There is another Jacob, another person who makes the impossible possible and the possible a reality. Are you prepared to be this kind of person? I am sure you are hungry to be the firstborn otherwise you would not be listening to my sharing.

Yesterday, a cancer patient whose cancer cells had spread told me that after praying with us for probably 2-3 weeks, his energy level resumed. His energy level in the past was very low after chemotherapy. He was always tired and lost a lot of weight. He had a lot of carnal thinking in his mind. After my ministering, and imparting God’s faith as well as the word of God, he was getting better. He was saying the spiritual world was true even though he had been Christians for 20 to 30 years. He just came to know that ** the spiritual world was real. It has been real ever since Abraham, Noah, Adam, and Eve’s time. We must know that as spiritual men, we can please God and we will have everything. We will have everything not only in this life but in eternal life.**

That 90-year-old lady stood up, walked, and no longer needed her wheelchair after sitting in the wheelchair for 10 years. Her daughter and granddaughter, who are both my co-workers including her, are blessed because of me. All get blessed through me and that is my dream. I want to become a blessing for many otherwise to me life has no meaning at all. Our character counts and what kind of character do you have? That is the problem. When you face a problem, you start to panic and think everything is over for you. You think you are going to die from it. When we face a small problem, what is the big deal?

Many years ago, I started to write books and I knew I was not good at writing books. I commenced my writing and finished my first lousy book. The first book was not good but I said to myself that never mind, my writing would bless many people in the future. Currently, I have written 70 or 80 books. Can you imagine how many people can write 70 or 80 books? I have done it and I believe the angels in heaven are clapping their hands because there is more than one Jacob. There are 2 Jacobs, 3 Jacobs, 5 Jacobs, 100 Jacobs, or even 1000 Jacobs making the impossible possible, the possible to reality. When I was ministering, many people told me that they were born to be stubborn. I did not agree that they were born like that. They were born to be like Jacob and have faith in God. That faith in God to make the impossible possible and the possible into reality. That is me and I am holding on to my faith in God. That character counts.

What you desire defines your character

Do you know what happened? God, for the sake of Jacob, made Isacc blind. God, for the sake of Jacob, made his father Isacc, who could not even recognize that was Jacob. He thought that was the firstborn Esau. Because of that and all the consequences after his mother, Rebekah overheard: “ Your father wants to give blessings to your brother. Quickly get this for me. I know what to do.” They made up a show and Jacob was so worried. If you have no character, do you know what will happen? “Ohh no, no, no no no, no! That is impossible. I don't want to get cursed.” “ Are you Esau?” “No, I am Jacob!” The conversation finished. Do you want to be that kind of person? The father said: “Are you, Esau?” “No. I'm Jacob”. Game over!

Do you want to be that kind of person? Actually, as a spiritual person, for the goal we are trying to pursue, we are no longer living under moral standards! My language lacks grace, sometimes they call it down to earth which is a good comment. But sometimes it's just a layman's term. But the good news is that my faith, my doctrine I’m im[arting is not low at all. Although my language can be quite down to earth, without elegant or wonderful descriptions, I make it understandable. Never mind! I'm Jacob! Nothing is impossible now.

Do you face any problems? If you do, let me tell you. To God, that is an easy bit. If you have no job, God will create a job for you. If you're no ability, God will impart the ability to you, but you need to have that kind of character and keep pursuing it. 75 years old, and finally got what he desired. He wanted a blessing. The father just said a few words of blessing! Why did he want that?

A lot of people would ask their father for money but I give you a blessing. Can you imagine if you are my son or my daughter? “Father, can you give me $1000? I want to buy a phone?” “ No! I give you a blessing instead.” “ No, I don't want blessings. I want a phone.” Or “ I need $ 20,000 as a deposit to buy a new car.” “ No I don't have $20,000 but I have a blessing. Do you want that? “ No! I don't want a blessing, I want the money.” Can you imagine what kind of person Jacob was? He didn't want money, nor the wealth accumulated by his father Isacc. He wanted the blessings. Amazing person! How much were the blessings worth? Can you quantify it? 2000? 20,000? 100,000 or 2 million? As a spiritual person, he saw a completely different picture. They see the whole thing through the eternal world. They are not looking at this life, they are looking for an eternal world.

I need to shake up your faith, you don't look at it from the present moment, only 60 or 70 years. You probably cannot even live until 75. But Jacob lived until 75, and still had not got the blessings yet. And at the age of 75, he still dreamt of gaining the firstborn right and the blessings.

When I was talking to a lot of Christians, their mind was totally different from Jacob's. If you tell them you want to give them a blessing, they will say no. They want to get a girlfriend or boyfriend instead of receiving a blessing. Some of them want to have a good family, and some of them want to have a good job.

Let me tell you, these kinds of people are Esau. The character comes with what you desire. What is inside you? What is in your mind? What do you dream about? If you have a dream, God will give it to you. ** If you dream about eternal things, spiritual things, dream of impossible things, God would be pleased and God will create a good opportunity and is willing to sacrifice anyone.**

Value system of Esau manifested itself in modern Christianity

Jacob got the blessings and it says,

“Ah, the smell of my son is like the smell of a field that the LORD has blessed. May God give you heaven’s dew and earth’s richness— an abundance of grain and new wine. May nations serve you and peoples bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers, and may the sons of your mother bow down to you. May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed.” (Genesis 27:27-29)

Many Christians are so worried about being cursed by someone. If you are Jacob, you cannot be cursed! Are you with me? They got blessings! ** There is only one kind of blessing. The rest is a curse.** The path is a spiritual path, it was pioneered by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And this is the path we are going to choose!

An abundance of grain and new wine, many nations will serve you and people will bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers, and may the sons of your mother bow down to you. May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed. Wonderful!

Let me ask you, how much is it worth? How much is it worth? Much more than your job, much more than your family, much more than the food you eat every day. It is much, much more than anything! Many years ago when I read this, I thought how wonderful it was. When asked, many Christians aren’t bothered with these sentences at all.

I noticed that God spoke to Abraham! “Those who curse you, I will curse them; those who bless you. I will bless them!” How wonderful it is! I have asked many Christians if they want this. No, they don’t.

“I have many problems at work.”. I said “do you want to be blessed?” “Yes! I do! But…” There is always a great BUT. “ I need a job; I need a boyfriend or girlfriend or a family. I need to give birth to a son. I need to pray for this and pray for that.” There are many other things, such as a house and cash in the account. How much is that worth? There is only one kind of blessing!

That's why when Esau came back and cried for a blessing. “Ohh father, Ohh father, I also want a blessing. Do you only have one blessing?” There was only one path that Esau had chosen in the past 75 years. What he had done in the past 75 years had proven himself not worthy of getting the blessing. Because he never desired that. He did not pay a little price, but a heavy one instead. He was not serious about God. He was only interested in what he did.

You will live by the sword and you will serve your brother. But when you grow restless, you will throw his yoke from off your neck.” (Genesis 27:40)

Be Jacob

You live, you will live by the sword and you will serve your brother. Can you imagine if you live by your own strength, by your muscle, by your skill? Then you are cursed? Yes, Esau took all the wealth accumulated by his father. Eventually, he had 400 strong men, more than his grandfather Abraham. No use at all. Yes, you can be wealthy, but wealth is not equal to blessing, people like Jacob just had one staff in his hand walking all the way to see his uncle, Laban. Only one staff in his hand, but because of a blessing, he became a wealthy person. The wealth is not the one that counts, blessing is the one counts.

**Blessing only for the person who has the character. ** There is only one blessing. Do you still worry about people cursing you? If you do, let me tell you that you cannot be cursed if you are Jacob. If you are Esau, even if you are not cursed you will be cursed. No one curses you, but God will. ** If you are Jacob, no one can curse you because if someone curses you, God will curse them. You'll be blessed. ** This is the one I am trying to tell you, you watch the people around you. If they are like Jacob, it is almost impossible to not get blessings from God. Are you encouraged to become Jacob? If you do, then I have achieved my goal, the objective of my sharing. Thank you very much. May all of you be Jacob after today!

May the Lord bless you!

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