I enjoy listening to my own sermons. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Being Christians, we always go to church to listen to sermons.

What is a sermon? Is it a talk, a speech, an address, or a lesson? When I was a lay believer, it seems that I did not need to bother with the definition of the word "sermon". But when I founded a church and had to go onto the stage to give sermons every Sunday, that is something I have to figure out. Although I heard a lot of sermons over the years of being a lay Christian, I am not sure what it means. I asked Lord Jesus Christ in my prayer. Thanks to the Lord Jesus, I finally understood what a sermon is. Bible is a scripture, and a scripture highly summarizes the laws and principles of the subject matter. The sermon is supposed to talk about how to put the words of God into practice and share the findings of how to walk the words of God. This is part of Mingding Doctrine. All our sermons present how to live our life according to the Words of God. So there are a lot of stories in my sermons, both positive and negative ones. I spend a significant amount of time preparing my sermons. On average, I spend about 20 hours just for one sermon. I hardly give a sermon in an improvisational manner. Normally I write detailed scripts so that I can ponder on them and refine them again and again. I enjoy listening to my sermons. I hope you enjoy them as well.

English is a second language for me. I have written more than seventy bible study books (from Genesis to Revelation) in Chinese and accumulated a lot of bible study materials. This time I plan to do them again in English. It is always my heart's desire to share what we have been given by God, and bless the English-speaking fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. That is why this website comes about. Do feedback to us if there are grammatical errors and inappropriate places, we would appreciate and improve along the way.

(by Rev Samuel)

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