【Bible Study】Hebrews 09: True Sanctification, True Salvation

Christians should use their brain

Whether a person understands something is related to their understanding. If we cannot understand then we have no way to have a clear understanding. I am someone who racks my brain to think deeply about something. Our brain is a wonderful creation from God. Can you imagine without a brain? We will be in trouble if we have a brain like a fish. Most importantly we do not want to have a lazy brain. A lazy brain is inactive and does not ponder things deeply.

The reason why I give ample time for everyone to ponder before we commence our Bible study. I do not want to be the only one to be racking my brain and the rest of you are not using your brains to think. I would like to encourage everyone to activate their brain and think together with me. If you utilize your brain, it will prevent you from suffering from dementia. Listen, everyone, use your brain, think with affliction and God’s grace will be upon you when the time comes. This chapter is called True Sanctification and True Salvation. Why? The previous chapter was called The True Tabernacle and the True Covenant.

A model is an entity

Last week, I was passing by a showroom, before you buy a house, you have to look at the display model. God’s salvation is exactly the same, God initially give us a model. What is a model? It is building the earth based on the image of heaven. What is God building? Building a Tabernacle, a Sanctuary and a Holy place that the appearance resembles heaven. The sacrifice has to be similar to the sacrifice in heaven.

You have to understand one thing, appearance can be demonstrated many times. For example, we are making a movie and blowing up a building. What is the explosion? It is to blow up the model. Once, I watched a movie about two sports cars that were racing and it was filmed so real. Later, I discovered that the two sports cars are not real but looked surreal. Looking at an actor who was killed by a gun in the movie and the next movie he was filming again. Why? I hope no one thought he was really dead, the actor was only acting in the movie.

The path to sanctification must have sacrifices, followed by a sanctuary, the Most Holy place, the high priest comes and Jesus sacrifices himself. The fake building can collapse after being crashed, but if the building is real, you must compensate the owner. We have to understand what is the concept of this image and the model.

Lord Jesus opened the way for us to enter the path of Holiness

**Jesus entered the sanctuary and the most holy place. Jesus died only once and rose again; it was real and not acting. Fake and real are not the same. Our Lord Jesus truly came to the World and die for us on the cross. There are people who asked me why Jesus does not come every year. If Jesus is going to come every year, nail on the cross and rise from the dead. I am going to ask you if you are the director of a movie, every year your movie crashed a building, and every year the actor died. Do you think it is meaningful?

Jesus had opened a very interesting path; the sacrifice was a cow or sheep in the old testament. Today Jesus wants us to sacrifice ourselves. Jesus said, “ Look, what I do and follow suit.” Do you want to acquire Jesus’s power? Absolutely, even in my dream. When the bleeding woman touched Jesus and was healed. When Jesus said and the problem was resolved, I want to be like Jesus. One day, I believe, I will be looking more and more like Jesus as Jesus opened the path of complete sacrifice to enter the path of Holiness.

The model was as follows; the first layer is indicated by the holy spirit showing that the way into the Most Holy Place had not yet been disclosed as long as the first Tabernacle was still functioning. At this stage, there was no way of entering the Most Holy Place. The High Priest Aaron could only enter the inner room once a year and no one could enter but what if Aaron died in there? What if the body decomposed and stank? Probably have to tie his body with a bell, and if he died had to pull him out with the rope.

Jesus had opened this path, which is a path of devotion that we have to emulate. Please do not forget, everyone, what Jesus Christ did, we are also following suit. Jesus was crucified on the cross, we have to crucify our flesh, and our desires in order to be completely sanctified. The lampstand represents the Holy Spirit. There are tables and the bread represents the body of Jesus Christ. Jesus’s blood covers us from our heads to our toes.

At the Most Holy Place, there was the gold-covered ark of the covenant represents keeping the covenant, faithfulness and honesty. This ark contained the gold jar of manna, which is our food, our grace and it is edible. There was also the staff that had budded representing authority and the ten commandments which were written. The author mentioned these things were unable to be detailed one by one and why could not be detailed enough? The reason is that it was just a model. Today what we are talking is the true path of sanctification and true salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ.

The old testament is the norm of the laws and the new testament is salvation

Jesus offered himself as the price of saving us so where are the words of salvation? At the end of the verse, it mentioned salvation but not sins. That is very interesting and now we talk about the faith of Jesus Christ in the new testament. The author of the book of Hebrews was conveying that the old testament is a model and what is the new testament. The new testament is at a higher level.

One day, I came across a Christian who was a leader in his church and he asked me what was the difference between the new testament and the old testament. Now, I would like to throw this question to brothers and sisters. If my answer is not the same as your answer, please go back and ponder what I have said. My answer is the standards of the old testament were low and the standards of the new testament were high.

The old testament is based on the fleshy ordinance and norm and the new testament is based on the spiritual norm which is of a higher standard. Why is the new testament called spiritual norms? People had already committed sins in their minds even though they have not committed the crime with their actions. This standard has been raised to the point that people find it hard to accept. When the mind thinks that is a sin and at this moment there will be accusations. For example, you have committed a sin and at this moment you need to be saved.
Why are you thinking what you should not be thinking? It is because you need to be set free from this bondage. I found out later that some people and ghosts were not separated. The ghost puts a lot of strange thoughts in their mind and they think it is their thoughts as they have become one with the ghost. I would like to clarify that there are some people thinking that the standard of the new testament is lower than the old testament. They thought that the new testament is a cheap grace but it is not.

What is offering in the new testament? It is to sacrifice yourself as a living sacrifice and this is a very high standard. If you have doubts and do not believe in it, please look it up in the Book of Romans. Though the new testament is of a high standard, it is also about victory and worthwhile.

When I was sharing with brothers and sisters, I was contemplative, why people cannot understand? After struggling through the verge of death and at the moment we can see it clearly but when we are back to life, we are again unable to see through it.

In the Bible, it mentioned about the gold jar of manna, if you have faith and believe in God’s power, do you still worried about eating, drinking and working? If we have God, do we still need to live with fear, uncertainty and a worrisome life?

We have the High Priest, Jesus Christ entering the Most Holy Place and fulfilling his promise to us. Our God is loving and keeping his covenant. Our God will not break His oath and He will save us. Our God is not only saving us for eternal life but also His promised inheritance that gives us enough grace while we are still living. The Lord’s prayer said“ Give us this day our daily bread” This is why we should not worry about eating and drinking.

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26 NIV

The above verse from Matthew chapter 6 verse 26, we must not misinterpret it. It was not telling us not to sow, reap or store away in barns, it was telling us to be like the birds of the air, do not worry about the food as we are very precious in God’s eyes. This is also a part of God’s salvation as we live by the words that come out of God’s mouth and including food. Lord Jesus spoke very logically when you give yourself up completely, there will be no problem in your eating and drinking.

Authority is the budded staff

Moses and Aaron were challenged by a group of people who were unsatisfied that they were having the authority. Every tribe was given a staff and see which one would bud. The only staff that budded was Aaron’s staff and his authority was determined.

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20 NIV

Do you want the authority? I want authority and to emulate Jesus. I have to know God in full understanding in my mind to be like God. I am certain that Jesus wants me to give up my life and I do not want to procrastinate till tomorrow. There is no hope in the world. The Lord wants me to see Him today and not wait till tomorrow. If I have the opportunity to live in this world and to be united with the Lord would be an immense honour.

See through life and death and give yourself completely

A few days ago, I met a sister who wanted to jump down from a building stating that she had lived enough. I commented to her that we should jump down the building together. I asked her, do you think this is the way God is taking us back? Of course not, this is declaring that you lost and not victory. If Lord Jesus is taking us back, we should be seeing through death and offering ourselves. If you want to jump now from the building and why cannot you give yourself to the Lord? It is not the person who wants to commit suicide who sees through life and death but gives himself completely to God who sees through life and death.

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus Christ. We have to take the authority which was given by Jesus Christ, to fight a victorious battle and set free the captive souls. If I am going to be victorious, I am not giving up. How wonderful when we have the authority from God on earth and even the son of heaven’s authority all because our God also gives authority to the King of the earth too.

To receive Jesus Christ’s authority, we have to offer ourselves completely. Some people are unwilling to give themselves up completely, they do not want the authority in heaven and earth. They are so calculative to God when they are giving tithes, they counted every single cent. Please do not become someone who has no willing heart to give to God, my advice to you is that please do not follow the path of faith.

God’s will is for everyone to know Him in understanding

There is another covenant and what does this covenant version represent? The new testament is wanting us to carve God’s words in our hearts. It is not the words carved on the stone and it is we know God completely in our understanding.

Today, God has engraved His words in our hearts to allow us to understand Him. Let’s rejoice in God and let’s not be foolish people. We must know God’s will is not for us to know Him spiritually, not only use our lips to pray to Him but completely understand Him in our hearts.

Right now, we have to make a decision with our understanding, to believe there is God between heaven and earth. The holy spirit is in me, God’s power is in me so that I can live in the image of God. These words are not written on a piece of paper or on a stone but on the hearts of you and mine to enable us to truly know Him. The Holy Spirit wants to engrave His Word on our hearts so that we can know God with our hearts in understanding! God will reward us with the Spirit of Revelation so that we can know Him and illuminate the eyes of our hearts to know what His calling holds.

What is more precious than Jesus Christ whose power of resurrection from the dead is manifested in us. We have to know deeply what a precious grace to receive God , to offer ourselves not money but to give our lives to God. This is the way of victory, the way of sanctification, the way to emulate Jesus Christ.

Emulate Jesus Christ and become a blessing to many

Throughout my life, I have had a dream to be the same as Jesus and look more and more like Him. I would like to share the hope of eternal life and share the grace. God’s calling us and want us to use the love from our hearts to come to Him and not pretend with an unwilling heart. Be true to God, offer yourself completely and not offer yourself with action without a willing heart. Jesus’s blood has cleansed our sins and smeared our transgressions. Emulate Jesus Christ and become a blessing to many. To be like Jesus and we will be living in great grace in this World.

I know there are many petty people among us who fight for their core interests. These are not God’s words and today I would like to encourage brothers and sisters to begin to see through all things, to be a magnanimous person. A magnanimous person is like Jesus to give himself completely, a tithe, not a tenth or two-tenths but to give himself completely and that is the way to victory. The devil cannot do anything to us as there is nothing for him to hold against us, we can trample on the devil. Declaring our victory to the devil.

Recently, I am deeply touched by the evil spirit of Leviathan, which is hidden deeply and hardly unveils. Lately, our spirituality has raised to a higher level, the evil spirit of Leviathan has not been able to hide, and many brothers and sisters have been set free. Brothers and sisters, loss of face and fear are nothing. From today onwards, let go of losing face, let go of fear and let go of all the lies released by the devil. Begin to deal with the dark power that governs this dark world, let us be completely victorious, let us manifest the glory of God by the power of the Lord and do wonderful things. May God bless everyone.

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