【Bible Study】Hebrews 11 Part 2: Assurance of Faith and Assured Hope

This world is very spiritual

In the previous lesson, I emphasised that faith has assurance. If you are a person of faith, you will find that signs and wonders will follow you. This is a confirmation that the world we are living in is very spiritual. No one has seen God with our naked eyes but if you have faith, you will see signs and wonders following you and you can clearly see that God is with you.

A person with God's presence in this world is not worthy of this world. In this world, who are the ones that are worthy to live in this world? Those who belong to the World go hand in hand with the logic of the World. They said they are atheists when you are talking to them about Jesus Christ, but they believed in fortune-telling. Many customs in this world are very weird.

If we believe in God, with faith and see God’s miracles and I draw a conclusion, you will find this world is very spiritual. Many Christians are not very interested in the spiritual world but are more interested in elections and praying for general elections. I would like to ask everyone what exactly Christians believe in.

I remember vividly that once someone told me not to touch politics and I made it clear that I would not because the Kingdom of God is not on this earth. Everyone needs to know one thing, I did not read in the Bible that God wants to transform the world. If you can find it in the bible, I will not argue with you. What I have read is that God wants to destroy the world, not transform the world.

The Kingdom of God is not on this earth

Today, I would like to ask a core question what exactly was Jesus Christ doing? Lord Jesus Christ had set an example for us he was not interested or involved in politics. When Jesus was arrested, he said;

“Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?” Matthew 26:53 NIV

Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.” John 18:36 NIV

Many people want to elect Lord Jesus as a political party, but our Lord Jesus does not accept this. According to the human logic system, if Lord Jesus would accept it. They are thinking it would be reasonable for people to lead Israel to build a huge empire and defeat the Roman Empire which is acceptable in human logic.

Today, if we read the bible carefully, especially the book of Hebrews chapter 11, we do not see anyone involved in politics. Though Joseph became the prime minister, his hope is not in this world. We must clearly understand, what is the foundation of the faith of Jesus Christ. What do we believe in?

We need to know for sure that what we believe in is a better homeland, and we admit that we are temporary residents in this world. We do not care about what the world is going to be. Brothers and sisters, we must begin to understand that it was pointless for Christians to participate in some politics. We must start to practice our faith, that is, how to be with God and be an unworthy person in the world.

Our Faith is the key

Let us continue from the previous chapter, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph were chosen by God. All the mentioned characters, their core benefits were not in this world and their hopes were not in this world. Perhaps we might argue we are not selected by God, and can we enter the Kingdom of God? Will we be chosen by God?

A good example is given in the bible, the prostitute Rahab in the city of Jericho. Rahab was one of the destroyed people by God, but she knew what God was all about. She knew that God was the one who asked Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt. She also knew how God called Abraham. Rahab paid very close attention to that everything evolved from God, she believed that God would save her, and God would not destroy those whom He deemed as righteous.

When Rahab chose to have faith in God, just like those who are among us who do not bother if God has chosen them but follow the faith in themselves. As a result of Rahab’s faith, Joshua was inspired by God to send two spies to Jericho. The two spies sent by Joshua were hidden by Rahab to escape the search from the King of Jericho. Rahab’s family was saved because of Rahab’s faith. Rahab was attentive to things related to God and her key was her faith, believing God would save her.

Today, we do not ask whether we are chosen but believe that we are chosen. I am searching for that hometown God gives me a wonderful hometown and I hold on to the hope that God has prepared good things for me. When we have faith, the evidence will be manifested through our faith, and we will be saved just like Rahab.

See through life and death, have the hope of eternal life

Why do we have to be afraid when we have God to save us? If we do not have eternal life, it is meaningless. If we have an eternal hope that sees through life and death, there is nothing in this world that can hold us down. If you are fear of your boss or fearful of many other things in this world, it is all because you have not seen through life and death.

If your deep interest is things in this world, you have no eternal hope in you and you are absolutely a person that the world deserves to have. Everything in this world is your core interest. Those people who have seen through everything in this world, are certainly people who do not belong to this world and are unworthy people in this world.

Among us are there any of us not seeing through everything in this world? I encourage you to see through earlier as if you cannot see through, you will be living in hell and if you see through, you have no fear of death. Mark my word, if you are not afraid of death, not afraid of your wife, not afraid of your husband and not afraid of anything, you will be a powerful person in the spiritual world, you will live freely with no bondage.

If you do not believe in eternal life, you will be putting all your hopes in this life. You are looking forward to eating and drinking whatever you want. It is tragic as once you are dead, no matter what you eat is no longer yummy and drinks are no longer spicy. Today we must imitate Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob these are amazing people!

When God told Abraham that his descendants were going to Egypt to be slaves for four hundred years. Why did Abraham not have a heated argument with God after hearing this? Instead, Abraham offered his son Isaac on the altar and Isaac willingly offered himself knowing what a great sacrifice to God. Isaac knew if offering to God is his destiny, Ming Ding and there was a better hometown than this world.


Some people said to me that after listening to your bible study, there is a loud accusing voice in me. I will give you three words “You deserve it” Who allows you to have the accusation voice? In fact, you should be pierced by God’s words, and I hope you can wake up. That was not a voice of accusation, but God is rebuking you. Do not take hope from this world anymore. If you take the hope of the World as your hope then you cannot acquire the hope of eternal hope.

No matter how long you have been with us, I will ask you a challenging question, are you willing to give yourself completely? To Completely destroy your value system belonging to the world, and fully live out the glory of God in the world! Jesus Christ opened a way for us to complete devotion. I have seen many Christians today are extremely selfish. Do you think they love God? They are loving themselves!

Brothers and sisters, please examine your heart deeply to see if deep in your heart, do you love God. Do you see through everything in this world? Is God our priority before our finances, work, children, and family? Are we putting God before anything in this world? Do you choose to live and die for God? If you cannot do it, please talk to God. If you think living a good life is to be having a job and thinking that your children's education is very important then you should go for it and may God have mercy on you.

I hope that everyone can wake up that is why I am speaking sternly and harshly, can you start telling yourself, Look carefully! These people have received good evidence through faith, but they have not yet received the promise, because God has prepared better things for us, if they do not share with us, they are not completed. May God bless everyone!

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