Bible Study By Book – OT

01 - Genesis Bible Study List By Chapter

Genesis is the first book of the whole bible. It is the foundation of all other books in bible. The first 11 chapters are the foundation of the Genesis. The first 3 chapters are the foundation of the first 11 chapters. And the first chapter is the foundation of the first 3 chapters The study of book...

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【Course】Course 101 - From Seeking to Believer

This course is designed for new believers. It aims to establish a set of spiritual value systems, according to what is revealed in Bible. This course addresses this topic by starting with the first lesson – "The Reality of the Spiritual World". Then followed by  "the Salvation and Grace from G...

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【Ministry】English Transcription: Preparatory Task

The task of English Transcription Ministry is to convert our English audio to text by listening and typing. The purpose of this ministry is to train our members to do shepherding in English, accumulate English contents and increase our influence in the Englishspeaking people. Our English Transcripti...

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