1 Corinthians

【Bible Study】2 Samuel 9: David Was a Grateful Man

Hello everyone, let us discuss about 2 Samuel chapter 9. Although the content of Chapter 9 is short, the questions raised here are still very acute. In fact, whether it was 1 Samuel or 2 Samuel, in the entire Book of Samuel, was about various important characters. The first character was Eli, who f...

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【Bible Study】2 Samuel 5 : The strength of David

IntroductionThis chapter topic is talking about “The strength of David” which was telling us about all the experiences that David had accumulated gradually in the past had begun to grow stronger at this time. The growing strength comes from God and God’s presence could be testified in David’s expe...

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【Bible Study】2 Samuel 1: Faithful David

Hello everyone Today let us look at 2 Samuel. We have completed 1 Samuel on our previous bible study so we are continuing to 2 Samuel. In 1 Samuel, it was mentioning about God was looking for a faithful priest. Until today, the word “faithful” is an important component of what God desire of us. I w...

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