【Bible Study】Matthew 02: Our Powerful Jesus Christ Displayed in Human Weakness


Let's look at Matthew Chapter 2. The main point of this chapter is Our Powerful Jesus Christ Displayed in Human Weakness. Jesus came to the world in the flesh, which is a humble start. After his crucifixion and resurrection, we witnessed how powerful and amazing Jesus is, but we also need to know that he is also a person live in weakness of flesh.

You may have many puzzles about this chapter. Who are those magi? If you read the bible, you will find they are just the astrologers, the stargazers. How come they can be related to Jesus Christ. They are all witches, aren't they?

Moreover, after Jesus was born, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in dream and asked him to take the child and his mother to escape to Egypt, which also make people puzzled. "Escape to Egypt? I am Jesus, the son of god. Do I have to escape to Egypt. I have superpower in me. Herod, come on! Bring it on! I am not afraid of you!" But actually, this is not the fact. Many people may feel confused, "isn't the one who is in us greater than the one who is in the world?"

If we read the bible in this way, we will be in a lot of trouble, because all these things can not find any answers. What we can confirm is that after Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection, holy spirt came. Let us focus on the power of the gospel from Jesus Christ and follow him to live an amazing, powerful and a humble life as well.

Knowing God's Ways

We can read through Jesus' life in many ways, in the way of faith, or in the way of telling the knowledge of good and evil. Different ways brings about different effects making people fall or rise. Now I would like to share with you what it is about our amazing and humble Jesus Christ.

Let's read Apostle Paul‘s letter:

And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross! (Philippians 2:8)

This is beyond our imagination. For example, we may feel confused that Jesus had to escape to Egypt. We need to figure out the truth of living. We have lots of limitations and weakness because we live in flesh, but it will be amazing if we can see the work of God on us.

In Genesis, Joseph was sold to Egypt, which is beyond our imagination. If you were Joseph, you would keep asking why. But God was with him, and whatever he did, God made it prosper. So in our life, we not only experience lots of amazing things, but also encounter many trails and problems.

In Book Luck, it is also mention that Jesus Christ is destined to cause the falling and rising of many people. Will you fall or rise? Many people may not understand why people who do not keep God in mind live a good life but those who love and fear God suffer numerous setbacks.

The truth is no matter whether people love God or not, they all need to pay the price for it. God had meant to make Jesus Christ a stumblingstone and some will rise and some will fall because of him.

Clear up the doubts

What is God's intention? He is to select and bring those who belong to him to the Kingdom of God. Jesus has human weakness and those who are strong soldiers in God also have weakness. I am also a person who is unimpressive and my speaking amounts to nothing. But to be honest, though I be rude in speech, yet not in knowledge.

God wants to be with us, but it doesn't mean that we will be like a superman who possess magical ability and play martial arts tremendously. A person with God's presence will encounter lots of problems as well.

To be a real person

Don't be a fake person. Be a real person. Some people ask me, "you pray for the sick and they get healed, but how come you get sick?" I am still a sinner and have lots of flaws and weakness, so God will definitely discipline me. There are many myths about Christianity. For example, people like to focus on the Paul's thorn in the flesh to prove God is not the healing God. It is so weird! I really cannot understand. Evan though there is a thorn in Paul's body, but it cannot deny the truth that he healed lots of the sick! Jesus was mocked, scourged and crucified, but all these sufferings can not deny the miracles he had performed. So though there are lots of challenges in our life,
and we need to live a humble life, but this won't contradict with the power of God working on us.

Jesus' power and weakness are not contradictory. As human beings, we have weakness, limitations and god's power as well, which is so amazing. It is very normal that we have lots of flaws and weakness. No weakness, no victory. We can overcome the flesh and the world because we have faith in God. Jesus, the son of God living in the flesh got the victory over sin in this way, let alone us human beings.

Break the spirit of religion and keep moving forward.

It is the spirit of religion if people only pursue miracles without humility. We need to lead a down-to-earth life, living with the godly power and living in a humble way.

When we shepherd, do not act like a remote, demanding and predominant person. Just be a real person, because we build a good relationship with the members we shepherd based on the power of god, not by ourselves. No matter how old are you, you will find rejoice when you grow.

Jesus also grew in this way.

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
(Luck 2:52)

Don't be afraid of your weakness and God will guide you through your faith. Amazing things will definitely happen. And don't take pride in yourself because we all have weakness. A Christian's life will witness the godly amazing power and growth from our weakness. How wonderful it is!

I keep moving forward to the full measure of Christ like a child. Why do people like raising children. What a joy to see children grow day by day. Some parents often feel upset and bothered when they think their kids are very noisy. Why? Because they don't know that growth is the key. They don't know how to raise and shepherd their children and let them grow mentally, and instead they treat their kids in a rigid and religiously, which won't make any difference.

We all have weakness, but God will help us. Apostle Paul is like us, so he said,

"That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong." (2 Corinthians 12:10)

It will take pain when we overcome our weakness. But don't worry, God will make us grow and strong.


Brothers and sisters, we need to keep growing in Jesus Christ. We may experience amazing power, and we may get growth in our weakness. Don‘t be confused. This is the new and living way which Jesus , the son of God living in the flesh made open for us. Through his salvation, we can restore the image of God. May God bless all of you!

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