【Bible Study】Exodus 02: Live for Destiny

Bible Study: Exodus

Sovereignty of God

Good morning everyone. We studied Exodus Chapter 2 today, and I am very sure you will have some confusion from Exodus Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. "Does God care about those babies who died after their births?" How can this happen?" If you look at it this way, you will have a lot of things to criticize God, not even today but from the start of humanity. There are a lot of struggles and violence, and there are a lot of people killed for innocent reasons. How can God let this happen? That's why people concluded God is dead.

If you look at it this way, we are totally from the point of view of the human being, and it will bring the sorrow story on our own. I do not look at it that way; that's why I never ask this kind of question. Two thousand years ago, Apostle Paul faced a similar question during the New Testament. And Paul's answer was very straightforward: everything belongs to God, and we are in no position to ask God: "How come you are doing this?" We are small and insignificant, like ants on the ground and looking up: "Why are you doing this?" We don't bother because we are in no position to challenge God at all; everything belongs to God.

Apostle Paul's response to this kind of question is like this. Does not a potter have the right to take some clay to do this and that? Yes, of course, he has. It's just like you are in your own house, and you can do whatever you want to do; no one will be able to challenge you. For example, I can take my cabinets out and throw them away like garbage. That is my right, and no one should be able to challenge that. Do you think you can question God's right? No, but we should look at the Bible from this perspective: "Oh yeah, there are people like Moses, God saved him and among so many kids died, and survived only a few. If we look at it this way, we will know what kind of people we want to be.

Meaning of Life and Destiny

Fortunately, you were born, and you are still alive today. But does your life bring any meaning or anything that pleased God? Is there anything that makes you survive up to today? We should ask this question: what kind of people does God prefer, and who does God bless? That is a critical point of view. If we find out the truth of reading the Bible: "Oh God like this kind of people and I want to be this kind of people." Do you know why? When Moses was still a baby, the baby was born and looked very lovely. God helped Moses, and the way God enabled him was full of mystery, a kind of story showing how he survived. Because Moses has the destiny, God planned to let him lead the Israelites out of Egypt, precisely why Moses was born.

You and I were born and came to this world. Do we have any destiny, or do we look like other people, living and passing away? Just live, give birth and bring up the children and die. Are we that kind of people or not? I don't want to be this kind of person because I want to be a person who fulfills why I came to this world. When I was young, I kept asking this kind of question: "What's the point of living?" And to be honest, if you want to live well, you have to understand what life is all about. So often work and struggle with our projects and day-to-day routine, and we face different kinds of challenges. We are just trying to survive and make a living, then we forget why.

Stories of Moses

In Exodus Chapter 2, we look at this Moses when he was born and until the day he grew up in the palace. Moses lived in the Egypt King's family and did not have to worry about the food, and Moses could get the best education ever. Moses was so clever, and he learned all and grew up until 40 years old. Moses did not forget why he came to this world, and he knows his own story of how God saved his life. Otherwise, he would be like any other kids who came to this world and passed away. So, you and I somehow are surviving today, and we are still alive. Do we question ourselves: "What is the purpose of my life? "What is my destiny? What is the plan of God in me? If you don't think about this, you will get problem.

Do you know why? God knows what kind of people you are, what type of character, what type of personality, what kind of mentality, and what kind of thinking and logic in your mind. Do you care about eternal life? Moses had a good living condition, probably above many other people, but he did not forget: why God saved him from when he was born. If you read Exodus Chapter 2, there is a story about Pharaoh's daughter; she took Moses home and treated him as her own. That is fantastic and so full of coincidences as it was just about the time. Because Moses's parents wanted to throw him away into the riverbank, and in the river, Pharaoh's daughter somehow got the baby. We can see there were a lot of coincidences adding up altogether and made Moses alive with a good living condition.

Life, environment and fate

But the problem is this: if you and I live in that kind of environment, what will we be thinking? Do you question God? What is my purpose in living? Is my sense of living to fill my stomach with food? Having meals daily, is that what you want? No, many people had remarkable stories to tell when they were young.

One day, my co-worker was reading the book about Mr. Wang, and probably you may not know this person who had written a book 100 years ago. Mr. Wang developed a book and became very famous. There is a very famous person; I am sure you know him, a renowned Japanese entrepreneur, Inamori Kazuo, do you know him? If you do not know him, you should probably search it up. He is a very famous guy in Japan and founded two companies. KDDI is the second-largest telecom company, Telecommunication Company in Japan. He is very famous today, but he learned a lot from Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang Yang Ming.

My co-worker read this book written by Mr. Wang, which has influenced this Japanese entrepreneur, Inamori Kazuo. Inamori Kazuo is the guy who became a teacher of many entrepreneurs includes Huawei's founder, Ren Zheng Fei. Ren Zheng Fei engaged him as a teacher; Inamori Kazuo was influenced by Mr. Wang, born 100 years ago. You will be thinking why I am introducing you to these famous people, but my point is not because they are famous. The point is, I am talking about fate, and everyone has their future. We say "Ming" (命) in Chinese, "Ming" means fate.

My colleague reading Mr. Wang's book had found something exciting about him. When Mr. Wang was five years old, he did not speak at all, not a single word, never uttered a single word, so the whole family started to worry. They thought maybe he was deaf, or he was mute.

One day, a fortune-teller monk passed through the village and saw little five-year-old Mr. Wang and foretold the family about his future of becoming a very famous person. He would be an influential person as well as someone very unusual. At the age of 10, Mr. Wang beat many competitors in the national examination, which today we call a university enrollment examination. When he was only 12 or 13 years old, he became the top national scholar to serve the emperor.

Do you know what my colleague said to me? She told me if you have a five-year-old kid who does not want to speak, that must be signifying something.

When I was young, my mother and my father told me I was a rude kid, and I replied to them, "Was I?" When I was five years old, I can still remember vividly during that time, many things had happened around me, and I did not speak. But, incredibly, I can even remember something had happened to me when I was three years old, and I did not speak. My mum and my grandmother were distraught, thinking, "What had happened to this kid? Why was he not speaking?" They came with an idea, clapped their hands behind me, and tested if I was deaf. Fortunately, I turned around and saw them clapping their hands.

My childhood was exciting. I came from an impoverished family; my parents did not have a good education, but I studied very well. Somehow, I had figured out when we were born, we could not control anything, and we had not learned any knowledge. We could not even control whether we could survive or could not survive. In fact, at that stage of our lives, we lived by the power of our Almighty God. God was our provider who fed us.

God’s Salvation plan in your choice

Moses could not control anything since he was a baby, but God saved him. Later, as he grew older, he managed to escape when he killed an Egyptian, and God saved him again.

If you look at the situation, if the king of Egypt wanted to pursue Moses's life was an easy task as he did not run very far away, only a few 100 kilometers away, somewhere close to Egypt. For a king of Egypt, killing Moses was like killing an ant, but God saved him. Moses survived till he turned 80 years old, and God called him to fight for his nation to fulfill his destiny.

Doctrine of Destiny: Love God, walk with Him and Know Your Destiny

Many people will say, "Oh, I am not Moses, not Yang Ming Wang or neither Inamori Kazuo!" But, even though you are not one of them, you can learn! God not only had saved Moses when he was born. God also had protected Moses all his life. If we say fate is in our hands, No! Fate is in our choices; do we want to choose to please God? Do we want to decide to seek eternal life? Do we want to live only by filling our stomachs with food? That is all your choice. You and I can choose to learn the words of God in the Bible and follow the footsteps of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Samuel.

You will understand your fate is in your choice if you are still alive today. Do you think God is not helping you? Indeed, there are questions about why so many people passed away. We must clearly understand that God does not bother whether a newborn baby died, a young child who passed away at the age of 10, or an older adult who passed away at the age of 80. God only cares about those who have the destiny, those who love HIM, walk with HIM, and know their destiny.

That is why we have the Ming Ding Doctrine. "Ming Ding" means fate; it means destiny. Why do we name it that way? It is because of a straightforward reason. If we don't have a destiny, we are not living for God. We may not even have meaning in the eyes of God.

We read Exodus Chapter 2, which recorded stories of Moses; how he was born; how he lived in the palace, and how he wanted to save the Israelites from the king of Egypt. He had a destiny, and he never forgot. Then, he ran away and somehow got married, and was married into his wife's family. He lived in that place as a foreigner.

I know many people because I ministered to a lot of people. Somehow, I can see what is really in their heart, and I have tried very hard to teach people the Word of God, love God, follow God, seek eternal glory, and seek eternal life. A lot of people don't even bother. They only care about their sickness, jobs, stomachs, and sleep; that is all they live. I know what kind of person they are, what fate they will have.

English-speaking people will have to learn the word: "Ming" (命), which means "life." What kind of life do you want to have? Do you want to have a life full of excitement? Do you want to have a life like Moses, who brought the Israelites out of Egypt?

To carry that kind of destiny and know that God is pleased by what we seek? Your day-to-day choice may create a huge impact. Yes, many people passed away, and we are still around. Yes, many people have many sorrows, and we still are alive and can move. But is that what God wants us to do? To "move about, just alive, birth in, birth out, jogging, walk, cooking"? Is this what we want? Is this what kind of faith God wants us to have?

The choice is yours, the option is mine, but God is still in control. If God is in control, what kind of life will you have? What kind of fate?

Fate and Life, Eternal Life

So, in my summary, we learn from the Moses story.

We will know that what is in your mind will have a massive impact on you and me. About fate and life; Think about that. Many people came to this world, and their only thought was to make money. But they create enormous sorrows in life because that is not what God planned for us. God intended for all of us to think about life, to seek eternal life and to have a destiny. Know what we are living. Understand why we were born and know we will not draw into the everyday nitty-gritty. That is what Exodus Chapter 2 was teaching us: how to live.

I did not know much when I was born, and I could not control anything. My mom fed me meals. But when I was grown up, I started to seek: "What is eternal life all about?". I knew that it was to live, live, live and pass away; it has no meaning at all. What I hate, what I love, what I struggle, it will all be meaningless in the coffin.

One day I will pass away. But before I pass away, I have to ask myself: what is the meaning of all this struggle? Sometimes it is called a power struggle. As a high-ranking official, you must struggle for power. Sometimes it is a struggle about wealth, about money. But all these things suddenly have no meaning.

If you read all the historical stories, you will know that when one dynasty goes, another takes over. And one kingdom goes, and another domain takes over. When one generation is gone, another generation takes over. What is the point? What do you see? I see meaningless.

When I say meaningless, I don't mean to go deep into a mountain, shave my hair, and become a monk until you pass away. I am reading the Bible, and I know what pleases God, and I want to be that person. To seek eternal life until I see him, to see God face to face. That is why I look down upon a lot of things. That is why I have joy because I know how to live a good life. And thank God for giving me a Bible so I know how to live a good life.

Ponder the word of God, and ponder the question: What is the point of coming to this world?

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