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Bible Study: Exodus

God will make you highly regarded if you have a Destiny

Today, let us look at Chapter 11. This chapter has come to one of the most wonderful stages. Moses was highly regarded by the Egyptians, from the Egyptian King to his officials and his people. Everyone knew Moses was a wonderful and very powerful person. They knew Moses had God and God was very powerful. After going through numerous plagues, Egyptians had suffered so much through the hands of Moses. I am not sure if you sympathize with the Egyptians. But to me, I am not bothered whether the Egyptians suffered or not. What I am only concerned about is Moses was highly regarded in Egypt.

Can you imagine many years ago Moses was the Prince of Egypt in the palace ruled under the Pharoah? Moses could be a powerful person under the Pharoah but at that moment Moses was above the Pharoah and was highly regarded. I am going to surround our topic today with discussions about being highly regarded by people or being looked down on by people. It is a totally different status.

If you read the bible carefully, you will discover that God make our name great and God will make our nation into a big nation. Right! God can do all kinds of wonders. Do you know what happened? God wants us to be the blessings to the world. Unfortunately, the problem with Christians tends to be looked down on by people and that is not normal.

If we were to go back to the main topic of the whole book of Exodus, what would we see? We would see God's Army came out of Egypt. If Moses's desire was to establish his own family, do you think God would make Moses highly regarded in front of the Pharoah? No. Moses had a mission and carried a destiny. Moses's destiny was going to Egypt, confronting the Pharoah and bringing the Israelites out of Egypt. If you carry this destiny, God will make you highly regarded.

Our higher calling is to go to Egypt, lead His people out of Egypt and set them free

Our brother William's sharing carried a strong style of evangelicalism. I do not agree with his points, especially on his concerns about being saved or not saved, born again or not born again. He was also apprehensive about quiet time to connect with God. If you listen to my bible study, I hardly mentioned all these things. In fact, quiet time is something I never mentioned about. In the past, I also learned about quiet time but now I would say there is another higher calling. The higher calling is God calling us to go to Egypt, lead His people out of Egypt and set them free from bondage under the influence of the Pharoah. Are you with me? This is my destiny and my destiny is not quiet time. Of course, sometimes we need quiet time but this is not the most important part of it. I am talking about being born or not born again. So what? It is not the most important matter. Especially looking at Exodus, the most important matter is God's desire was to come out of Egypt and form the Great Army of God. The church is the Army of God. The church is supposed to set people free. I really hope you understand what is the most important. Looking at the Pharisees, they tend to make the important matter less important and the less important very important. Sins and no sins are only a concept. They are not the most important matter.

Win the battle in the Spiritual World

Look at Exodus and understand God's purpose of making Moses the most highly regarded among the Egyptians from the Pharoah, Pharoah's officials and by the people. Moses was the person God had chosen to lead His people out of Egypt. The most important topic should be **Moses formed a great Army for the Kingdom of Almighty God.**A typical evangelical's view discussed many things but never discussed the most crucial part of how God made Moses highly regarded.

Do you know what was God's approach to make Moses highly regarded? It was to punish Egyptians with the nine plagues and the number ten plague was killing all the firstborn sons in Egypt. Brother William was talking about what would happen if one of the Egyptians turned to God. That is not the point, I am going to discuss. I am only discussing Moses. Through what means was Moses highly regarded? Moses was highly regarded by simply creating many disasters to ruin Egypt. In the last chapter, all the Egyptian officials pleaded with the Pharoah to let all the Israelites go and out of Egypt, for the whole of Egypt was already ruined. If God was talking to the Egyptians very nicely, do you think Moses will be highly regarded? No.

Now, do you know why we are highly regarded in the spiritual world? Let me tell you we are highly regarded in the spiritual world. Why? Simply because we are fighting in the spiritual world and the devil was defeated by us uncountable times. Every time we defeated the devil, the devil would have a little higher regard for us with the increase of our victories in the spiritual world battles.

Once I was praying for a person who was suffering from a terminal disease. That person was in a horrible situation. God opened my eyes when I was praying for him. I saw a group of strange animals, black in color and they looked like monkeys but not monkeys. They were standing on two legs. About 6 or 7 of them were talking and I could hear them talking. They were saying that they were so unlucky to meet this man which was me. They warned each other to run away from me and fled this place immediately. In my vision, I saw the devils run away and I could not see them anymore. I said to myself that my name was so great in the spiritual world. God has made my name highly regarded. God has made me stand in victory for all the spiritual battles I am fighting.

History is only recording the winner

I am encouraging everyone: if you want to be highly regarded by the devils, if you want to be highly regarded by the angels and by this world, you have to win the battles. In the Chinese proverb, if you win the battle, you will be the King. If you lose the battle, you will be the loser. "胜者王侯败者寇", This proverb is about people winning the battle in Chinese history. In the Han dynasty, there was this man called Liu Bang ("刘邦"), or in English, we would call him Bang Liu. His surname was Liu. Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu ("项羽") in the battle and became the emperor. If Liu lost the battle which did not happen but the history would be written in a totally different way.

History is recording those who won in the battles. Moses won the battle and was highly regarded. Moses won the battle by the mighty power of our Almighty God. Moses did not do much, he spoke to the Pharoah according to what God told him to speak. Moses did not carry a machine gun with him. Moses did not carry nuclear power. Moses only carried a rod with him. The rod he carried represented the power of Almighty God so when he stretched out the rod and declared with his lips, something happened. Everything that had happened in Egypt had made Moses's name the highest among the Egyptians. Even the Pharoah was afraid of Moses, he had to bow down before Moses and pleaded with him to get out of Egypt. Egypt was ruined because of Moses.

God so when he stretched out the rod and declared with his lips, something happened. Everything that had happened in Egypt had made Moses’s name the highest among the Egyptians. Even the Pharoah was afraid of Moses, he had to bow down before Moses and pleaded with him to get out of Egypt. Egypt was ruined because of Moses.

Our God is fighting for Moses. Our God is fighting for the people who carry destiny, those who walk with the plan God has in us. Whether we are saved or not saved, have sinned or not sinned, born again or not; this chapter is not talking about these things at all. This chapter is talking about how Moses was highly regarded because God sent a plague. God is fighting for Moses. God is fighting for the Israelites because God is the one who brought them out of Egypt. And Moses was chosen by God. If you are chosen by God, you will follow God's instruction. Or, you can choose to walk away. But if you choose to walk away, you are shortchanging yourself so much. If you follow the instruction of the Almighty God, and you carry out his major plan. Ever since that, it would have been history.

Do you want to be highly regarded in your workplace? You would have to be Moses. If you want to be like Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, God will fight for you and you will be highly regarded. Although it doesn't sound like a good thing, God still sent so many plagues on the Egyptians. So behave. Why are you blocking God's army from coming out of Egypt? If you want to block them and make his people stumble, God will know and He will send a plague.

The Church is the Army of God

Today's church promotes good families, good finances. They don't talk about the army of God. The church is the army of God. The church is the army of God who will fight in the spiritual battles. They will cast out demons, heal the sick, bring the kingdom of God to Earth. If the church works in line with God's plan, they will be highly regarded. So highly regarded, that the Egyptians will beg the Israelites to leave, or rather, drive them out of the country. What's more, they even gave all their gold, silver, and jewelry to the Israelites. They were so highly regarded.

Why are so many Christians poor? Why are they suffering from poverty? Because they have been robbed by the enemy. If you study the book of Judges, if you study the Old Testament, you will see the Israelites have become a nation. If everyone looks after their own family, the neighboring countries will invade and rob them. They could work so hard in the fields, but eventually, in the harvesting time, all the harvest will be taken away by the neighboring people. Why? No army. No army, no country. No army, no nation.

I think the Singaporean government is very smart. They have a national service system. Why? They do not want to rely on any superpower. Some countries rely on other nations to protect them. I don't think that will work at all. So, if you were to let the kingdom of God come upon us, we have to be the army of God. That is the main point. All these mighty powers are from the Almighty God.

That is why I encourage all of you to be warriors in the army of God. Either you are warriors, or you are just someone else, not even well trained, and probably even unable to fight a spiritual battle. You will be robbed by the devil before the blessing of the Almighty God comes upon you. The devil will rob it away. You can blame God, but God will also ask: Why did you allow the devil to rob your blessing away? Simply, you don't have the destiny. You care so much about your job, your family, your wife, your brothers, sisters, mother, and father, but you just don't care about the army of God. And that is why Israel, Judah, all of these countries perished. After two thousand years, they formed their own country again. They formed their nation again in 1948. How did Moses make the Israelites highly regarded? God killed the firstborn of all the Egyptians. Do you think that is so difficult to accept? God kills and that is true.

The Distinction between God's People and the World

But God makes a distinction between Egyptians and Israelites:

Then you will know that the Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel. (Exodus 11:7 NIV)

If you belong to Egypt, stopping God's people from worshipping God and getting out of Egypt, you will see God's treatment. God's treatment is so severe. His treatment is to send a plague, destroy the economy, and strike all your people, your animals, your flocks, and now, kill your firstborn, until you give in, until you know that Moses should be highly regarded. Was Moses involved in this fighting? No. Were the Israelites involved? No. God fought for them.

But this time around, God killed the firstborn. if you are sympathizing with the Egyptians, you don't have to get out of Egypt, you can continue being a slave. You can remain there as a slave. This is part of the plan of the Almighty God. Not just this, but God would bring His people out of Egypt to worship God and form a great army. Then, they would invade Canaan. They would kill the people over there and wipe them out, and occupy their land.

Is this the God we serve? Do you have any concerns? Is this the God of love? I am sure you have a lot of things you are confused about. God makes a clear distinction between who is not His people, and who is God's people. So who do you want to be? Do you want to be God's people? Then go with God. If you want to be an Egyptian, you will suffer from all this. So don't blame God. God's plan is to let the Israelites form the army of the Almighty God. Do we need to bother whether the Egyptians or the Pharaoh can handle this? Not really. Even the Bible never bothered with this.

Egypt represents the world. The Israelites represent the church, the people of God. God will make a clear distinction. There is a totally different kind of lifestyle, a totally different kind of value system, a different kind of worldview, a different kind of destiny. God will make his people highly regarded in the world.

I see that today's church is not highly regarded, they don't even fight a spiritual battle. They probably are suppressed by the devil. That is why a lot of problems come. They are slaves, not willing to come out of Egypt. Or maybe they are willing, but when God starts to train them, they start murmuring. God wants to bring them into the promised land. It's not like Egypt. In Egypt, God did 100 percent of the work. But all the Israelites watched God. They were supposed to know that God is superior, he is the Mighty God. If they didn't even do a single thing, God could still bring them up out of Egypt. God made Moses highly regarded, and yet Moses simply did nothing. Actually, they just followed instructions and that's all.

What's more, God will fight for His people, if you try to fight, try to get involved in the battle and you fight against the enemy of God. There are two kingdoms, two different value systems. They are enemies to each other. If you belong to the Kingdom of the World, you are then an enemy of Almighty God. If you belong to the Kingdom of God, you are then protected by Almighty God. Where do you want to belong to?

Doing Good Deeds Cannot Make the Church Highly Regarded

I know a lot of Christians like to do good deeds. They want to be good people. But they just don't want to be part of the Army of Almighty God. They sympathize with people, but the people they sympathize with are the enemies of God. If you sympathize with the enemies of God, How do you fight the battle? That's very difficult. Let me tell you: that's very difficult. Their value systems are not aligned with the Bible at all!

The purpose of God is that God wants to bring his army out of Egypt. Are you playing a role to stop that, block that? Or are you playing a role who wants to go with God, to get out from Egypt, and to be part of the army? That's down to your choice.

Today, the doctrine is so polluted. A lot of people are confused by that kind of doctrine. Why? It does not work at all. People cannot see the mighty power of Almighty God. They are also not highly regarded by the devils. The devils actually laugh at them.

Let me tell you a good story: One day I was casting out the demon and the demon was the dragon spirit. It was quite stubborn and refused to leave. The dragon was already defeated and was about to be driven out. Then it started to speak to me. It begged:

"Don't drive me out! I don't know where to go."

I said: "Oh, there is a nightclub nearby. You can go there."

The dragon then replied: "I don't want to go to the nightclub."

"Then where do you want to go?"

"Oh, I want to go to a church!"

I almost laughed out: "You want to go to a church? Oh, that's interesting, man! Do you also want to worship God?"

The dragon said: "No, no! I just want to go to a church!"

Then I named a few churches and I told the devil to go. The devil said: "No, I don't want to go there! It's so shameful to go there. They are already defeated. They don't have power!"

You see, if you don't have power, you are not highly regarded even by the devil!

Then I suggested another church. Some people may say: "Wow, how can you do this? How can you send the devil to another church?" No. I didn't send the devil there. Actually, the devil is already in the church.

The devil then said: "No! That church is peasant!" The devil looked down upon the church.

I named a long list of churches and the devil kept saying "I don't want that one! I don't want to go there." I then asked: "Then where do you want to stay?" It said: "I just want to be in your church!" Why? "Even though I was defeated in your church, when I go back to the world of the devils, actually, I feel proud of it. I have ever fought in the Church of Destiny!" I said: "Wow, so interesting, man!"

That was an interesting talk. The devil and I had a dialog. From then onwards, I began to know one thing: The church is not fighting the spiritual battle, is not winning the spiritual battle. The church is not even setting up the Army of God. Nobody is setting up the church as the Army of God!

In the church, you can promote family life; you can promote balance between the church and the family. You can promote all these sorts of things other than God. But you know what? The devil will look down upon you. The devil will even blame you!

I started to understand. The devil revealed a lot of other things as well. Of course, I may not need to trust what the devil said, because it is a liar. But in between, when we try to get closer to study a little bit from what we know, I think, it is true: some churches are highly regarded while some are not; some churches are looked down upon by the devil while some are not. That's for sure.

So when I studied this, I started to realize the reason why the incidence of terminal diseases such as cancer among the pastors is higher than the norm. If you look at the church as a whole, sometimes the incidence of such diseases is also above the norm. That's interesting, right? Why does this happen? Because the church is defeated.

Build the Church On the Rock and Win the Spiritual Battle

From then onwards, I became so determined that I should promote this doctrine of destiny, of forming the church, of establishing the church on the rock. The rock is the truth of God and God will give the key of heaven to us so that we can gain access to the heavenly resources!

What are the heavenly resources for? For "whatever we bind on the earth will be bound in heaven; whatever we loose on the earth will be loosed in heaven"! It has become very clear that this is the fundamental job of the church!

The doctrine of destiny is so different from those focusing on traditional evangelical doctrines. It is also so different from those so-called charismatics. Why? The reason is simple: we follow the instructions from Jesus Christ to establish the church on the rock, and the gate of Hades shall not prevail. We will trample down the Hades under our feet. And we can gain access to all the promises of Almighty God!

This church has God's presence. Every time the devil hears our name, it will shiver and tremble. Our name will be lifted up high. God will make our name great. God will make our church a strong church. The binding and loosing is the fundamental job of the church!

How wonderful! Life becomes so wonderful, so colorful! Every time we win the battle and we win the war against the devil, the people of God will be loosed up. The people of God will come up from the bondage and start to form a mighty Army of God.

We are not fighting the battle of this world. We are fighting the battle in the spiritual world. We don't bother whoever is elected as the president. We don't bother all these. We bother fighting the spiritual battle against the devil, against the world, against the world values. That is the plan of Almighty God!

Yes, in this stage, God did almost everything. But subsequently, we got to be involved. The more we are involved, the more we are pleasing God, and the more people will be set free. More and more people will be brought out from Egypt, from the world, and get into the Kingdom of Almighty God!

Pay A Heavy Price for Our Destiny Willingly

That's why we call this "paying a heavy price". If you want to be part of the Army of God, of course, you got to pay a price. You probably need to sacrifice something, right?

Even in the world, if you are a part of the army, of course, you cannot go back home to have every meal. You cannot cook for your wife or for your children. You just cannot. It's the same thing if you belong to the Army of God! You got to pay a price for it. But yet let me tell you: it's worth paying the price. It's worth paying the price.

Be Part of the Army of Almighty God

Are you looking forward to it? Are you keen to be part of this? Are you willing to be part of the Army of Almighty God? And are you willing to be a warrior fighting against the devil and set people free? If you are, you will be highly regarded, even by the Egyptian King the Pharaoh.

Thank God. thank God! I hope every one of us are looking forward to such a wonderful journey with Almighty God, all the way going into the promised land. The promise of Almighty God, no matter how many there are, all the promises of God in Jesus Christ will come true upon us. Amen!

I will end my sharing here. Thank you for bearing with me. Thank you.

Praise the Lord!

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