【Bible Study】Exodus 06: Spiritual Authority Comes From God

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Bible Study: Exodus


Today we are going to study the book of Exodus, chapter six. If we are studying the Bible, we ought to figure out what the author is trying to tell us. We need to know why the author wrote so much. We are not going to dismantle the chapter; we are going to integrate the whole chapter. And I noticed that in a lot of Bible studies, the leader only looks at individual sentences, but they don’t know how to put them together and figure out what the author is trying to say. So in Exodus chapter 6, what do you think Moses is trying to talk about?

If we study the Bible, we have to ask ourselves a question. In this chapter, what does God say to Moses? And in the previous chapter, Moses was trying to write down that he was called by the Lord to be sent to Egypt and to bring the Israelites out. But the problem is this: He was sent to Egypt, and he was trying to bring the Israelites out, but the situation was actually getting worse. At this point, it was very challenging. So Moses turned to the Lord, and He spoke to him again. In this situation, people face a lot of problems. Number one: Moses has not established his leadership, even over many years in the desert. He was facing tremendous challenges from the Israelites, even though some were his close relatives. And now, Moses must put across the message: “I am the Lord, and you have to go there.”

“I am the Lord.”

Moses kept on repeating: “I speak with faltering lips, and I cannot speak well.” Do you know what happens? If you are a pastor, and you cannot speak well, you know what will happen? People will pick on you. And people will pick up the nitty-gritty stuff, saying: “Oh, he is not good at this, that, etc.” “How can you be a leader? I just don’t believe you are the one called by the Lord!” Even after Moses performed so many miracles, among the Israelites and among his close relatives, people still kept on questioning the authority of Moses. “Where did your power come from? We should have an election. Can we elect someone else?” And this was very common. That is why Moses wrote chapter six, and he kept on saying: “How can I speak to Pharaoh, how can I speak to the king? Even the Israelites don’t listen to me. How can the king listen to me?” But the Lord said, “I am the Lord.” If you listen to the NIV version, the message is “I am the Lord.” And he came from the Lord.

Do you know why I am saying this? This chapter is not talking about “the Lord is the Lord.” We can fix that key point, but Moses, from verse 13, is trying to write down where he came from. His family line, his closest competitor, was this person called Korah. He was mentioned in his family line. He is quite a close relative. I am trying to integrate the whole chapter, and I am trying to give you a reason why the power and authority of Moses came from the Lord. Why are we saying this? The first part of the chapter talks about the Lord. The Lord asked Moses to go and see the Pharaoh. In the second part, he wrote about his family line, where he came from, the people, etc. If we combine the two parts, what can we conclude? We can conclude that whatever Moses has was given by the Lord.

Setting people free is a fundamental part of the Church

Surrounding this main topic, let me go through the whole chapter. The first part of it was saying, “I am the Lord.” No matter what situation you are in, even if it gets worse; when you start the battle to overcome the weakness, trying to overcome the enemy, the difficulties, especially delivering people out of Egypt; if the people are under the curse, you must bring them out. If the people are under bondage, bring them out of their bondage. If the people are under the yoke of the Egyptians, you must bring them out. Do you know where your authority comes from? It comes from the Lord. You are the army of the Almighty God.

What does his army do? His army is doing: binding and loosening, which is a fundamental part of the job. But the problem is this. Many people are not doing the part of setting people free. But what do they say? “Oh, I don’t have the spiritual gift; I was not given the authority over the demons by the Lord.” Then what are you doing? You are trying to set up a church! “I am trying to set it up so I can have a stage. I can stand there and preach.” What are you preaching? You are preaching nice words, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, everyone is happy, and I am happy? Are you preaching a good family? But what about the people under bondage, under the yoke?

Look at the whole Bible. In fact, our Lord Jesus Christ is trying to set up the Church, wanting to set people free. Remember, setting people free is a fundamental part of the Church. But not many people do that. I am quite shocked. So look at the whole book of Exodus. It is talking about the army of God coming out of Egypt. And what does his army do? The army of God worships the Lord? Yes, it is true, but it is not the whole thing, just worshipping the Lord. How do you worship the Lord if you are under the yoke of the Egyptians? People have to be set free. Bring them out from under the yoke of the Egyptians.

What is our destiny?

If you want to set up a business and say: “Oh Lord, help me set up this business!” I am not so sure. I have never seen God helping someone set up a business in the whole Bible. I once met a pastor, and a senior pastor fired this pastor. Somehow, he was kicked out of the Church. And after he was kicked out, some people near me, we were sitting at one table, said: “This is not your destiny; your destiny is not being a pastor or serving the Lord. Rather, it is to be a designer, a businessman, to make money!”

Is that the destiny God called us? No. Every one of us: You may not be Moses, but you are called by the Lord to set people free. You are called by the Lord to do what he wants you to do: bring his people out. Bring the people out from under the yoke of the Egyptians and the word. That’s what the Lord Jesus did. What is your destiny? What do you live for? What do you want to achieve in this life? To me, it is very clear: to set people free.

In the early days of this Church, I had a zeal for the Lord, and I started to set up this Church. I did not know how to set up a church, nor did I know what churches did. I attended a local church, and every Sunday I went, I listened to the sermon, but somehow, there was a big gap between the Church I attended and what the Bible said. I was very good at studying; I was a top student all the way. So I read the Bible: what is this? And I realized that what churches do is not what Jesus does. And I realized that the Church was not like the ones in the Bible.

There was a huge gap when I grasped the teaching from the Lord. I set up the church with one goal, even though we made many mistakes on the way. There was one thing I was certain was setting people free was my number one job. The church in the early days was not as strong, and the doctrine was not established yet. The first impression that caught my attention was when I was reading the bible about what Jesus Christ did was set people free. That is wonderful, and I want to be someone like Jesus Christ. I want to do what our Lord Jesus did. As a Christian, you can tell anyone, “I want to be like Jesus Christ,” no matter where you are, and regardless of their denominations, no one will challenge you. Later, I realized that if you want to hold on to the power and the authority from the Lord, you need to do exactly what the Lord asks you to do.

God's mission for His army is fighting a battle to set people free

Do you know what the Lord wanted Moses to do? The Lord wanted Moses to bring His people out of Egypt. Our Almighty God wanted the Army of God to bring His people out of Egypt. The Lord did not send Moses to the top university and ensure he studied well. The Lord did not send Moses to somewhere to clinch a big business. The Lord did not send Moses to form a social club to get together with a couple of drinks. The Lord did not ask Moses to enjoy life daily. What do you think Moses's hobby was? He had only one hobby, and that was serving the Lord. Moses had many problems in his life. Moses was not good in his speeches, and in verse 12, he mentioned that he spoke with faltering lips. Moses had a flaw in his speaking, but it would not stop him from accomplishing the mission given by the Lord, setting people free. Like Moses, our shortcomings will not prevent us from executing God's mission of setting people free.

"But Moses said to the Lord, "If the Israelites will not listen to me, why would Pharaoh listen to me since I speak with faltering lips?" Exodus 6:12 NIV

The church is the Army of God

I had faced numerous problems when I started to set up the church. My situation was worsened day by day, and eventually, I lost my high salaried job. I had lost my happy job and was in a dilemma. I was very sure at that time was setting people free. Today our church is continuing to set people free. For people who contracted cancer, we set them free. For people who are diagnosed with depression, we set them free. Regardless of any sickness, mental illness, or physical illness, we set them free from the bondage of the Devil, and we have been doing this for many years. Though all these years were very challenging for us.
Finally, we have a very systematic doctrine established. When we study the book of Exodus, we can clearly see the Lord's power and his given authority. Do you want the power and authority given by the Lord? The Lord's instruction is clear for us to obey Him and do exactly what He tells us to do "Go to Egypt. Bring my people out, bring my people out of Egypt from the yoke of the Egyptians." That is very clear. Then the question is, I do not know how? If you do not know how? The Lord will teach you. You might say I don't have the weapon. I don't have money. I don't even have a good team of people.

Then the Lord said to Moses, "Now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh: Because of my mighty hand he will let them go; because of my mighty hand he will drive them out of his country." Exodus 6:1 NIV

The Lord said to Moses not to worry about the Pharoah. With His mighty hand, Pharoah would let the Israelites go. The Lord would drive them out of Egypt with His mighty hand. Do you listen to that? Do you understand what had happened? Our Lord is a mighty Lord, and with His mighty hand, the Devil will let the people of Almighty God go.

Listen carefully; because of the Lord's mighty hand, the King of Egyptian drove God's people out of Egypt and freed them from slavery. What is this implying to you? Many of us are driven out by the Devil to the Kingdom of God. Are you with me? The Lord's mighty hand, our Lord, is so powerful, and gradually I realized that our church members are the people who are driven out by the world, by the King of the world, by the King of Egyptians, all because of the Lord's mighty hand.

If you are the servant of the Almighty God, you do not need to be a persuasive spokesperson or have a big muscular body. You are not required to know or have advanced technology. You do not need to have any power and wisdom. There is only one thing you need, the Lord's mighty power, His authority will come upon us, and He works with us. We will work with Him, and He is the Lord.

Many people do not understand the bible even after reading the New Testament and the Old Testament. When I watched the YouTube clip, I saw arguments from people on bible verses. They were debating whether Jesus was the Messiah or Apostle Paul was or not a Pharisee. Their argumentation was targeting anything they could pick on the bible. They pick on a lot of nitty-gritty details, but they ignore one crucial factor. If you are chosen by the Lord, what do you do? Set people free. Many people were set free by the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people were set free by Apostle Paul. Do we need to argue? We do not need to argue Lord's power and His authority came from Him. It was so obvious no one could challenge him when Moses lifted the staff given by Almighty God to represent the power and the authority.

We could run an election, and we elected someone that did not mean that the Lord agreed to choose that person. That elected person could be the guy living down the road or who did not know what to do. That person might be fighting very hard to get the position, but that person's goal was not setting people free from under the yoke of the Egyptians. The doctrine of destiny is to set people free. So what is the purpose of the church? Why are we here? The church is not setting up a stage for me to preach sermons that have no power of setting people free.

Considering myself as good at leading worship, my only shortcoming is that I cannot sing well. One day, while I was singing and leading the worship, someone walked into the church. She limped her way into the church, and immediately I asked her what had happened to her leg? She explained her leg injury happened on her way to the church from her home. I looked at her leg; oh no! The joint was swollen, and the color on the skin looked black. We stopped our worship, and I asked her to put her injured leg on the chair. I laid my hand on her injured leg, and we started to pray for her.

Honestly, I do not see other churches are doing what we are doing. I am the inventor of stopping our worship, and setting the people free is our priority. Do you know why? I know our Lord's heart; His desire is setting people free. Are you with me? So many people can challenge me. Are you sure you are called by the Lord? Are you sure you are not someone who volunteers to set up the church? Do you understand what I am doing, brothers & sisters? Worship is not as important as setting people free. Remember when Moses was called to Egypt, he was not called by the Lord to sing worship songs. He was not called to Egypt to form a worship team. I kept reminding myself that the Lord wanted a church to set people free.

The Fundamental job of a church is binding and loosing; Binding the Devil and loosing the people. I fully understood that setting people free was the calling of the Lord, so we stopped the worship and stopped singing. I laid my hand on the injured leg for a couple of minutes, and You know what happened? The injured leg was back to normal and healed. That was the best worship to the Lord.

God's power and authority will be upon you when you do as He commands

We are called to do what we are called. To follow what Jesus Christ said and set people free from the bondage of the world. Many people asked me this question; Are you sure you are called by the Lord? "See what I did!" If you want to have the power given by the Lord, you need to do what the Lord wants you to do. If you do whatever you like and not what the Lord wants you to do. I am not sure if you will get any power or authority from the Lord. When I faced the music in the corporate world, I still served the Lord wholeheartedly. I was still setting people free even though I was facing many tremendous challenges. I know what I lived and was called by the Lord what he wanted me to do. That is exactly why we study the bible in this approach.

God’s Sovereignty

So when Moses faced the challenge among the Israel people, who met a lot of challenges,he could be quite demoralized. The Israel people did not listen to him. They didn't know where he came from. May the Lord look upon you and judge you - this is what they say to Moses. You had made us a stench to Pharaoh and his officers and had put a sword in their hand to kill us. Challenging, but the Lord said: I am the Lord. I will use my mighty hand to set people free, and even the king of Egyptian will drive you out. Today, he will not let you go, but he will drive you out one day.

Family Line but God’s chosen and His accomplished plan

Yes, your name can appear in the family line of this Levi. Among the family line of Levi, what would you do? You appear in the family line of Levi, but if you were Korah, you want to lead people back to Egypt. If You want to bring the people back to Egypt. You are going exactly in the opposite direction. You are going against the Lord. Do you know how Korah die? Korah died in front of all the Israel people? Korah was very popular. Probably if Moses ran an election, Korah would surely be elected. But that was not chosen by the Lord.

You will see what the Lord said to Moses if you read the Bible: I'm the Lord. Tell Pharaoh, king of Egypt, everything I tell you. (Exodus 6:29NIV)
What the Lord says surely will be accomplished, and later on, from Chapter 6 onwards, you will see exactly what the Lord said. Things will be developed further.

Power of God demonstrated

So let me read a paragraph from the New Testament:
John the Baptist was put into prison, and this John started to wonder why Jesus Christ did not come to his rescue? So John told the people he saw the Holy Spirit come upon Jesus Christ in the Jordan River, and Jesus did not come to the rescue. And John becomes quite disappointed. Do you know what happened? He sent his disciple to Jesus Christ, asking: Are you the one? Are you the Messiah? Jesus replied: Go back to tell John. Tell him what you see: the lame walk, the blind can see. The lame walk, the blind can see, the leprosy was cleansed, and the death comes back to life. That is the power; that's the authority from the Almighty God. From the mighty God, if you are the one to do the will of God. I'm very sure God will give you this power, God.

So I read first Corinthians - Yeah, many people challenging apostle Paul, right? And because of all these kinds of challenges, Apostle Paul faces a significant challenge from the people who have ever followed Jesus Christ. So, for example, Peter and people question the authority of the Apostle Paul because he had never even followed Jesus Christ when Jesus was on Earth. And he wrote the first Corinthians Chapter 2, verse four: my message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the spirit power so that your faith might not rest on man's wisdom, but on God's power, and there are other verses, talking about the spiritual power.

1 Cor.2:4 NIV: My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, 5 so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.

Power of the Almighty God

Our God is not stingy. God is looking high and low for people like Apostle Paul. People looking high and low for the people like Moses can be used by the mighty God if you want to be a person like Moses and like Apostle Paul. I'm very sure God will give the same power. I know that the verses say the blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hears, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor. And it was written in Mathews 11 verse five.

God’s heart’s desire - to be like Jesus Christ

So if we move forward, our church moves forward until the day we see God's heart's desire is satisfied. Are you prepared to do what the Lord wants you to do? If you are prepared, your life will be very exciting. Your life will see the mighty hand of God. Your life will see a lot of time, works of the mighty hand of our Almighty God, demonstrated through you. I'm still searching for the day. I'm still looking forward to the day. Our church members - every one of us, look like Jesus Christ. I'm looking forward to the day every one of us - Has this hunger to satisfy the heart desire of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are setting people free from all kinds of bondage. Even you have stuttering lips- You cannot speak well. You speak with little confidence; you cannot do things well, never mind as long as you have this heart desire. You hold on to the destiny that God called you to do. I am sure our Almighty God's hand will replace all those weaknesses. By the mighty hand of Almighty God, do you want that in your life? Then you do exactly what Jesus did and says - bind and loose? The lip service is not so much helpful. But by the power of the Holy Spirit - setting people free is a lot more visible and more convincing. Thank you for your time, trying to bear with my broken English. I will end here. May the Lord bless you.

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