【Bible Study】Joshua 13: There Are Still Very Large Areas of Land to be Taken Over

Bible Study: Joshua

There is no End to the Withdrawal of God's Promises

I named my Bible study on the book of Joshua, "Take Over the Promised Lands," and gave chapter 13 the theme that "There Are Still Very Large Areas of Land to be Taken Over." Today we need to know that Christians will not be able to experience all of God's promises in their lifetime because there are so many. Knowing God is endless, and it's endless to receive all of God's promises.

The verse says:

When Joshua had grown old, the LORD said to him, "You are now very old, and there are still very large areas of land to be taken over. (Joshua13:1)

Why didn't God wait until all the land had been struck down and then say to Joshua that you had received all the Promised Land? The truth is that God's promises are never exhausted within us. This chapter is all about the places that have not been reached. When we look at church planting today, there are so many unreached places!

One sister's son had depression. Her son found our website by accident, listened to it, and introduced it to his mother; then they had to come to me. He didn't know that it was easy to pray for healing online for these mental illnesses and depression. They think they have to see this person to get their problems solved, but they don't. How many people have been healed among us? Every one of my co-workers below me has released someone with a mental illness.

As I look around, I see many areas where we need to lead God's people to the promises! I was very anxious inside but could not do it alone, so I thought of a way. I tried my best to train disciple after disciple, but it was still not enough. I want to say to this child's mother: What you need most is not to chase a pastor but to stand up and become a leader, someone who can win the battle and gain the Promised Land, someone who can lead others into the Promised Land.

I am very lamented with the number of pastors who tell them that they can only see a psychiatrist and take anti-depressants for this condition. I'm sure they saw in the Bible that God is not such a God, so they listened desperately on the internet. Some time ago, they finally found us online and then had to come to me.

They don't know that I have a rule. You have to grow! It's easy to fix your problems, but if you're really willing to grow and become a leader, I can't wait for you to come to me for training. I can't wait for all the brothers and sisters among us to desire the Promised Land; even for those who are dedicated followers of God like Joshua, there are still a lot of unreached lands. Joshua fought all his life and continued to lead armies, conquer cities, and continually draw on God's promises, even when he was ancient! We have to fight all our lives!

Believing in Faith to Have Gained the Unreached Land

At this time, Joshua was old, and God was going to take him back, but there were still a lot of lands to be taken. So how was it solved? He divided up the lands that were taken and the lands that were not taken. Christians must have the vision to believe that they have gained when they have not.

Why did Joshua lead the Israelites to wander in the wilderness for forty years? In fact, Joshua was wronged because the ten spies reported the evil letter and led Joshua down. Although the ten spies died, Joshua and Caleb did not enter the Promised Land, and they wandered in the wilderness. Joshua knew in faith that he would receive the Promised Land, and in the end he did, but there were still many that were not taken, and at this time he also divided them.

Joshua said to the Israelites, "Though these lands are not yet yours, I give them to you today! So the most important thing for Christians is to believe by faith that they have received it, even though they have not yet. Even if you are a dedicated follower of God like Joshua, you must know that there are still many not-yet-taken lands.

Think about how many desperate Christians there are all over the world. This child's mother said something that surprised me. She said, "If I still can’t find you guys, I'm going to go worship idols!" Although her words were nonsense, they showed a group of people who struggle with despair!

In Jesus' day, Jesus looked out and said, "Behold! The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." We tell God, "I am the one you want to send!" We then ask God to send us to the Promised Land to bring God's people into the Kingdom of God. It is in this generation that we will see the wonderful works of God.

I am amazed at how much absurdity there is in the Christian faith today. In fact, I am not a perfect person; I have an impulsive temper, and I have many problems in my body, but I have a heart and mind that I want to be used by God. There was an American prophet named Rexona who said that God would raise up God's people in today's generation and that these people of God would correct many of the fallacies of the Christian faith like never before.

When I heard that, I got excited and said, "God, I am!" Many people say you're being too presumptuous. Because that's the unreached land! I can't wait to get it! That is what God wants to do in this generation. I don't know if I can take it up, but I believe that God can make me take it up if I want to.

When I see many Christians struggling in the darkness, and there is really no one to take care of them, I feel very strongly that even if there were a thousand or ten thousand churches like ours in this world, we would not be able to serve them all. Therefore, I am determined to tell God in my heart, "God, there are still lands to be taken today; raise us up!" Fortunately, we are an online church, and wherever there is an internet connection and a cell phone, we can grow in our service, and we will spread this gospel to the ends of the earth through the internet.

I am a very pretentious person. I once read in the Bible that we should be fruitful and numerous, fill the whole earth, manifest the glory of God in the whole earth, and rule the earth. I then said that this is referring to us, and our generation is such a generation. Where there is an internet, there is a base for our ministry! I am so helpless, there is so much to serve that even if we spend all our time serving, we can't serve it all!

We serve non-stop, we train our leaders constantly, and sometimes we are so tired that I feel very sorry for them. They break my heart when we train and train, and I get very upset inside. Why? I trained hard, but their mindsets were wrong, so I had to keep my anger down again, which was hard, but I had to be patient with myself and train little by little.

Although there are still many lands to be taken, in my faith, I will be like Joshua and Paul, and I will fight the wonderful battles for God all my life. We may not be worthy in many places today, but thank God that He has chosen us. Some people say, "Who are you to say that God has chosen you? I believe that God has chosen us, and I have a heart and mind that are dedicated to following God. I really like people like Joshua and Caleb, who are such wonderful people.

God Will Let us Obtain the Family

Recently, I have been doing training, and my co-workers asked me, "Do you like photography?" I said, "No, I only have one hobby, and that is serving God." Once again, I want to inspire our brothers and sisters to stand where you are standing now, look around, and take a closer look at their unreached land. Your family is your unreached land, and today we have many unreached lands, so let us all begin to rise up, and may our God do a wonderful work among us.

A few days ago, one of our sisters almost broke down because her grandfather died, and her uncle was very interesting. When her grandfather was alive, he was unfaithful and didn’t care about anything. After the grandfather died, he held the funeral and grabbed the cremation urn. One day, her uncle suddenly wanted to jump off the building to commit suicide. Our sisters are very powerful, and the people I trained are very powerful. She went up and pulled him back from the window, and then began to drive out the demons. The end result was very effective, if a little rough, but in such a situation, you have to rough it.

She then shared the whole wonderful process with me, and I said, "Thank God, that's your unreached land. Although we haven't gotten it yet, we started to believe in our faith that God would definitely let us acquire it, and God needs us to obtain our family. Because we are the greatest in faith in our family, we will be the greatest in our family, and we will be the salvation of our family and a blessing to our family! As a result, this sister really blessed her uncle and went to serve them again the next day.

Change your vision and see the Promised Land

In faith, you have already obtained the unreached land; that is, when you have not yet obtained it, you divide the land and enclose it, and it is yours; in faith, you obtain the land.

In the days of Joshua, there were many places in the land of Canaan that had not yet been acquired, but they were divided first, and after they were divided, they went to fight, and when they finished fighting, they were given. God is revealing the truth to us. In your faith and mine, is it possible to divide the Internet? We are beginning to build God's glorious church on the Internet so that God's people will receive great grace through us. Not only are we to be a blessing to them, but they are to be a blessing to many more. We will be on the Internet, and in the Spirit, we will raise up a multitude and gain the whole earth.

I often see strange people who have received a lot of grace among us, but because their perception is not clear, they want to go to the local physical church! What kind of mentality is that? We need to figure out the question; for example, isn't a Taobao store a store? Do we have to go to a brick-and-mortar store? How difficult it is for people to go to a physical store nowadays. After experiencing the convenience of online shopping, WeChat payment, etc. in China, we come back to Singapore and want to buy something, but we can't search online, so we have to run from one industrial park to another and from one physical store to another, which is very troublesome.

Some people think no; they have to go to a physical store. This is not having a vision of the future or seeing the vast Promised Land on the Internet. There are so many people who have received our grace through the Internet, not to mention that you yourself can be a leader to lead people into the Promised Land. The Internet is the most wonderful invention of this generation.

I want to bring you to a new level. At that time, Joshua was given the land of Canaan, and today we are given the promises of Jesus Christ. The promises of God are in Jesus Christ, no matter how many there are. Only we consider Jesus Christ to be the supreme treasure and are willing to spend our lives in pursuit of it.

I want to thoroughly correct that. Whether we are the right person or not, **we need to know in faith that this is God's heart and that God is looking for the right vessels in heaven and on earth, and that God will use them greatly for His glory. ** Joshua was old and still had a lot of unreached land! Today, we are not old; we have more unreached areas. May God raise us up in this generation to be a blessing to the whole earth in all parts of the world. May God raise up more leaders to follow in our footsteps, and together we will be the ones to receive the Promised Land in this last generation!

Here we also talk about the two-and-a-half tribes who, although they have already gained the Promised Land in the east of the Jordan, will also follow the other tribes into the west of the Jordan to gain the unreached land together. While speaking of this, there is a very interesting statement later on.

But to the tribe of Levi he gave no inheritance, since the food offerings presented to the LORD, the God of Israel, are their inheritance, as he promised them. (Joshua13:14)

When they finished dividing, there was no tribe of Levi. How would you feel if you were from the tribe of Levi? The LORD promised them that God was their inheritance. Since God was their inheritance, would they be poor as hell? After we read the book of Joshua, we will find out that the tribe of Levi got it! But at this time, the tribe of Levi had not gained, and did they still have faith in God in them?

Although God is our inheritance, we cannot see or touch it, so we will have doubts in our hearts and be puzzled about what to do with my children and my descendants. Every brother and sister who serves God often have the misconception in their hearts that we who serve God will lose all our money. We need to know that if God is our property, we will surely gain more! Anyone who does not receive will also be paid by faith. God did not forget them either. Each tribe gave a piece of land to the Levites, and the Levites received 11 shares; each tribe gave a tenth, and the Levites received the most.

Wish to be Raised Up to Shepherd God's Flock

Do we who serve God need to compare ourselves in terms of salary and industry? No, we don't! For God will remember us, and God will not forget us. How will God treat us badly when we serve Him? Serving God is a good and great thing! How abundant is the grace we receive when we serve God? We don't need to envy people who make a lot of money in real estate, sales, or IT; what we need to envy most are God's priests and Levites.

The tribe of Levi received the most among all the tribes of Israel, and the priests received even more. If we are faithful priests of God and keep the word of God, God will achieve for you whatever you declare with your mouth. Why do so many people receive grace from me? Because what I proclaim, God accomplishes. Because I was faithful before God, he let all my words not fall short.

I understand those brothers and sisters who have problems and want to come to me and be healed as soon as they pray, but they don't have to come to me; they can do the same on the Internet, because God never lets what I declare out of my mouth fail. When my mom had Alzheimer's, I believed in my faith that she would be healed. Many people wonder if she will be healed here since the hospital can't. The hospital couldn't cure her, but there are many people here who are healed.

Later, my mother had a tumor on her leg as big as a bowl, and it was healed through prayer. If she had gone to the hospital, she would have had to go through all kinds of checks and surgeries, and she would have suffered a lot more. Even if the tumor is cut off, what if it grows again? Do you want to cut it again? It sounds horrible. A person who has faith, no matter how strong the enemies are or if we have it or not, has it in their faith.

If we are those who serve God, we need to be an example for our brothers and sisters. Even if we have nothing in our hands, like the tribe of Levi, but we know that God is our inheritance, we will go forward in faith, and we will receive twice as much. I wrote a Bible study book called "You shall be called the priests of the LORD" to know that the priests of the living God get a double portion.

Wouldn't it be the best training if we had such a heart and mind and were willing to be raised up to serve well? We train people all hands-on, just like learning to drive, you can drive on the road after you finish learning.

This is God preparing us for the Promised Land that is yet to be obtained. Don't be afraid if you are a Levite, because God has prepared an extremely rich inheritance, as God intended. Our God does not like the poor, because God is a God of abundance. If we are God's children and God's faithful priests, we will surely receive double the inheritance. Not only that, but we will rise up and lead the people of God into the Promised Land!

Desire to rise up and be a leader. Serve with the fear of God. Let us raise up many to shepherd God's flock with the hearts of mother and father. Not many people should become teachers to avoid more severe judgments, and this kind of thinking is very selfish! This is not building up the faith of people or serving God; this is releasing fear! Words spoken with fear are demonic words and are not God's words at all!

Let us begin to say boldly: I just long to be Caleb, I long to be Joshua, I long to be a Levite, I long to be a priest of the living God! Do not fear the severer judgment, for there is more reward!

Determined to be the Glory Vessel of God

There is so much garbage in Christianity today! One time I took my co-workers to a place to minister, and it just so happened that they were keeping communion and the whole group was crying bitterly. I wondered, "Why were they so sad? Were they keeping communion to commemorate the death of Jesus?" No! It was to commemorate Jesus' resurrection from the dead three days after his death. You could say they were crying because they were moved by the resurrection of Jesus, but as we watched, they didn't seem like they were moved.

I am different from other people; I have something different in my personality. For example, when I read the Bible, I see the good side of it. For example:

From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.

 Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. "Never, Lord!" he said. "This shall never happen to you!"

 Jesus turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns." (Matthew 16:21-23)

But what I saw was that Jesus would rise again three days after his death, and that was a good thing! I said to God, "God, I will follow the same path as Jesus, determined to crucify all my evil and selfish desires, and I will desire to be a blessing to many people. This is the kind of heart and mind we need to have to rise from the dead and put on everything, even if it costs us our lives!

Can we change our vision a little? The most important thing when observing Holy Communion is to repent of our sins. The most concentrated manifestation of sin in us today is the worldly concept. The worldly concept is that what the ears hear may be false and what the eyes see are true.

The concept of God is what no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has conceived, but in our faith, we have received, and in our faith, we have seen.

God is raising up a group of people who are after His heart in this generation, in all parts of the world! We are such people; we are the glory vessels of God! We began to come to God and say, "God, please send us. The harvest is ripe, and I am the worker you will send. I will enter the midst of the harvest field, and we will receive the promises for you and become the people of the Promised Land!

Look around today—how many people are waiting in the darkness for us to release them from the dominion of the devil! What is the most important thing missing in Christianity nowadays? We are not just using our mouths.

We are the mighty warriors of God, who will release the power of God so that the captives are released and the oppressed can be set free! We need to have this kind of heart and mind in our hearts. If it is your own child who has depression, can you say to God, "God, I am the one who releases the depressed; please use me! I am willing to be like this group of people and minister to many people and stop living in despair."

Then we say in faith, "God, I am the one you will choose; I am the Joshua of this generation; I am the faithful priest of this generation; and I will follow your heart! What could be better than that?

In this chapter, it is true that the Levites had not yet received their inheritance, Joshua was old and dying, and there were still lands to be taken. We will fight! Some people say, "But you may die through fighting." No, we are not afraid, even if we will die—and we won't die! God will give us the Promised Land!

This is our faith! Our faith can move the dark power of the devil, our faith drives the mighty arm of God, and our faith leads us all the way to the promises of God. We will see the captives set free and the oppressed set free! This is the heart of God, and this is the intent of His gospel!

May God bless you!

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