【Bible Study】Joshua 11: Left Nothing Undone

Bible Study: Joshua

Implementing God's Word Without Slacking Off

Let's look at Joshua 11. The main topic of this chapter is: "As the LORD commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the LORD commanded Moses." (Joshua 11:15 NIV) If a person is to do 80% of what God has commanded him, it'll be OK; if it's 90% of it, there might be some. But it is a bit difficult to do 99% of them. Leaving nothing undone is really difficult! because many of the things in us contradict what God has commanded.
The most important thing for us as preachers today is whether we can trust God completely. Why do we have so many worries and cannot trust God completely? It is because of the world's value system. I have come to realise that this worldly value system is very powerful! What is the world's value system? It is those who rely on cars, horses, muscles, strength, power, and people. Many of us still have these ideas in us.

This worldly system makes everything seem reasonable, which causes us great difficulty. If we are truly like Joshua, leaving nothing undone, you will find this extremely difficult! Listen to what is reasonable and don't listen to what is unreasonable; that's what people do. For example, in our church, some brothers and sisters said to me, "Teacher, we like what you said! " "I've heard this sermon and that Bible study," they often add, "but there are some things we don't agree with." But I believe I understand what it means. Of course, I am not saying that what I preach is the word of God, but people have a very interesting way of thinking.

Let's look at what Joshua did. There is nothing that Joshua leaves undone, whether it was reasonable or unreasonable, and this can be a little difficult. For example, when it comes to a church building, people I meet basically say, "You have to have people to build a church!" You have to have money to build a church! Those who say this are afraid that people will leave; they are afraid that people will not tithe, but what the church needs is nothing else but God! If we build a church with people and money, but without God, then what are we doing?

If you ask, "Why are there so many signs and wonders among you? Why is God clearly with you? It depends on what the logical system is in our minds. When I think back to the time when I started my church, it was far from what it is today. I had nothing except a heart that simply relied on God! But I made up my mind that even if I was the only one left in the church, I would still do what God said. I set my mind to seek God, understand the meaning of God's word, and do whatever God says.

Is it difficult to do so? In fact, we often encounter very tangled things, such as asking someone who is very poor to tithe. That's a real struggle! Now I have no mercy! Don't explain this and that to me. God says that the one who doesn't tithe is a thief.

If you don't tithe, then what are you doing here? At that time, I didn't dare to ask; if I did, people would leave. Later, I went to them and demanded that they do everything God had said, but what happened? God was really faithful! The poor people are not poor anymore; they have bought properties, and they are thriving. Was I harming him by asking him to tithe at that time? Or do I want to help him? Of course, it would help him!

Some time ago, a man left a message on our church's tithing page saying, "This is a fraud, a cult!" "It's a money-grubber!" He can say what he wants to say, but whether I really like that is another story. Our brothers and sisters need to know: If you want to tithe, I don't even necessarily have to accept it, let alone if you don't tithe. If you tithe, you have to understand what the meaning of tithing is. If you don't understand the meaning of tithing, please don't just arbitrarily tithe. You are insulting God by giving casually. Your tithing will become devoted things in God's eyes.

I will add a message: If you don't understand the meaning of tithing, please don't tithe. Some years ago, I boldly asked people to tithe, and now, if you don't deserve to, you don't have to tithe. What does that mean? It means that we really don't rely on money. When we first built the church, we were short on people and money, but I had the heart and mind to build a church with God's presence, and we would do whatever God said.

There are some preachers among us, and when you hear this, I have to spur you on: Are you really doing what God says you should do? To this day, I have met preachers who are so stingy! They always want to take advantage, and they take advantage of every opportunity they get. In my ministry, I don't bother you about tithing. But you, as a preacher, are always careful with your money, and you are always thinking about saving money. You can't build a church with this kind of mentality because you have a worldly logic system deep in you!

We really need to think about the fact that the God we serve is the God of the heavens and the earth, the God who created the universe. Many people keep a few kids, sometimes they work well, and sometimes they don't. That's bullshit! In the end, they make themselves quite miserable, and sometimes they have to come to me to cast out ghosts for them.

Dismantling the Value System That Belongs to the World

Here's the hard part: What is it that we carry in our hearts? Joshua was great because he was dedicated to following God, like Caleb. The quality of being dedicated is remarkable! To what extent? There is nothing that was left undone. So, among us, whether you are a Christian, a leader, a pastor, or you are listening on this website, I encourage you: Trust in God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and you will never lose out or be ashamed!

Why are there so many problems with preachers today? It's because of the things in their heads that are killing them! I led a sister to pray. She used to serve very actively in another church, but after she came to us, the worldly value system in her heart had not yet been cleaned up, and she was thinking about having a stable home. From a man's point of view, this is such a normal request. As a result, she often had pain in her ribs in the middle of the night, and when I took her to pray, her cries of pain were frightening! At that time, when you saw her so pitiful, did you want to tell her the truth? I couldn't care less! I was determined to deal with this worldly value system of hers.

In fact, living is a very simple thing; even if you sleep in the street, what's the big deal? There are bathhouses in China, so go take a bath and sleep on the street. Some people heard this and asked me, "Why don't you go sleep on the street?" In fact, if I really need to sleep on the street, I can really sleep; I do not care! There is a fatal thing about people: they always want something to lean on. Of course, we are not idle, and to get rid of all these things, it is about what we have in our minds.

I told this sister that even if she only had one breath left in her, she had to crawl out of the house.Why did she have to come out of the house? I had been praying with her for about ten hours and she was still not well, so I was worried. She was in pain in the body, and my heart hurt too. Maybe you say, "She's in pain, and you're asking her to come out of the house." "You are so cruel." The good thing is that this sister is also determined to deal with the system of this world. She staggered out, gritted her teeth, and climbed into the car and drove to a vacant lot outside. It was 32 degrees, and she was praying right there with me, and as she prayed, she made progress! What a blessing! Thank God!
Later, this sister got out of the car, walked around while praying, and loosened up a lot more. Then she went home and slept, and she was all better! I said in my heart, "The heart of man that depends on the world, house, and car is actually very fatal." There is a Chinese saying that says having a car and a house and both parents being dead are good conditions for marriage. But this is the world's system! This sister is all better now, thank God!

One day I was tired after a long day of work. I was just about to go to bed when the phone rang, and I saw that it was one of the sisters I had brought to Christ. I had to serve her well! I got up immediately and picked up the phone. She said, "Teacher, I have pain in my stomach and stomach cramps." I heard her voice, and she was grimacing with pain. I thought it must be the system of the world, and it's the spirit of the horse. We prayed for a couple of hours, and she was healed. She got up in the morning and informed me that she was all healed.

It's really hard to be completely independent of the world inside a person. If you want to be like me, to bring brothers and sisters into the Promised Land, to bring brothers and sisters to withdraw the promises of God, to be able to trample on the devils and the enemies, and to build a victorious church, you must have the heart and mind of Joshua. It is so hard to have such a heart! At that time, Joshua saw good horses and good chariots, so how could he not struggle in his heart?

After they finally won a battle and seized all the tanks and warships from the enemy, he had to burn them. You ask me if this can be understood. I can't understand it either, to take out such a good thing. People who trust in God, on the other hand, cannot rely on mental understanding and cannot comprehend more. For example, if I prayed, "Your pain is healed," a moment later the pain is grimacing.I can understand. I can't understand it in my head, but I know God can do it!

It is God Who Makes us Victorious

We need to know one thing: Is it the cart that gives us victory? or horses? Men? Warriors? No, but by God! I say this again, not to humiliate you, but to declare the determination in me. I have many co-workers, and many of them are afraid that the people below them will leave, and they want to prove their ability to me. But when they think like that, they are finished, because this is a worldly system.

I often say to them, "Don't be afraid that the people underneath you will leave. Even if I am left alone to build our church, I will still obey all of God's laws and regulations and trust in Him alone." When you hear this, you may think, "You are quite crazy!" What are you doing without us? Even without you, I will still keep and obey God's word. It is because I have kept and obeyed God's word that you are here, isn't it?

The Israelites fought without chariots or horses. They did not win with chariots, horses, or warriors; it was God who gave them victory. All battles are spiritual!Victory in the Spirit will bring victory in our battles in the world. If you don't win in spirit, you can't win in the world. Some people want to learn Bible study with me, but it's no use! They want to learn pastoral, but it's useless! Because it's the character in my bones that works. You can't do it if you don't have the character I have.

Do you really dare to compete with each other? Can you really win the battle like Joshua and chop up all these horses and burn the carts? Isn't it good to leave the horses to work? Wouldn't it be good for the cart to carry the goods? Can you understand? I don't understand. All I know is that God says to chop the hoof tendons of these horses and burn these vehicles, so let's do what God says.

If God told me to do it, I would do it. Why? Because it's nonsense, you believe in God, and you say you don't listen to God's words? If we want to believe, we should believe in the foundation! Why does God often talk to me but not to you? That's because God talks to me and I listen; do you listen when God talks to you? God said to cut the hoof tendons of the horses, but you think the horses are good; God said to burn the vehicles, but you think the vehicles are good for your own use, so you disobey God. When people disobey God's words, there will be a tragedy.

Did God not tell us that pastors need to fear the leaders of the congregation? If you are tempted to leave those people behind, you will surely be governed by evil spirits. Pastors who are among us and want to listen to me: you do not need to learn Bible study from me, nor do you need to learn pastoral care from me. What you need to learn is to have the heart and mind of Joshua to be dedicated to obeying the commands of God, and it is not too late to learn after you have such a heart and mind.

Keep and Obey All the Words of God

If God doesn't let us do it, we don't do it. In this war, God said to burn all that was in the city of Jericho and not to keep any of it, so we didn't keep it, and we gave the gold and silver to God, and it was done. When we came to the city of Ai, God said, "Divide these." And the people took the treasures and divided them among themselves. At that time, God said to cut off the hoof tendons of the horses. When the time came, God said not to cut the hoof sinews of the horses, so let's not cut them. **We do what God tells us to do, which is known as keeping God's commands. **

I am thankful that God does not talk to some of us. If God talks to you and you don't keep obeying God's word, isn't that a curse? Wouldn't that be the same as King Saul? If you're like King Saul, you're a psychopath, and that's a bad thing. The demon came, and that made Saul miserable!

Not only did God tell Joshua to cut the hoof tendons of the horses and burn all the vehicles, but not one living organism, no matter whether they are kids or elders, is left. I don't understand this either. Isn't this a slaughter? Isn't it said in the Scriptures that there is a curse on the slaughter of a city? This is so inhuman. According to human reasoning, how pitiful these people are! Let's say the mother is holding her little child there and crying, and bam! They are killed. But that's how the Bible is written, so that's how Joshua did it.

How many things can we understand? Some time ago, I talked about how "my ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you" because God asked Job many questions and Job was able to answer very few of them. **If we rely on our understanding of things, there is no way to move forward. "We will only trust in God, and we will do what God says we should do."

Another problem is that people will wonder, "Did I hear you wrong?" Look how miserable this mother and son are crying; should I keep them? Did I mishear them? There is a lot of confusion like this. If you are a good person, I guess you are unable to do what God has commanded you to do; you will not be like Joshua and leave nothing undone. There are many possibilities that you do not do what God says! It's hard to want to serve God and be a good person at the same time!

One of the characteristics of our church is that the expectations are high, and some people can't meet them. If you can't meet them, it's embarrassing! Because Jesus Christ wanted disciples, Jesus never wanted believers. If it's all a bunch of old-fashioned believers, is that what God wants? No. We have been promoting the Doctrine of MingDing, and some people say, "What about family life?" Actually, I don't know, but that's what God wants, so that's what we ask of people. In fact, we have come a long way, and our family life is quite good because we have God! ** God has made us victorious! We listen well to what God says, and we no longer rely on chariots, horses, or human power!** 

Willing to Give Ourselves Completely
Another thing that is hard is to do this not for one day or two days, but for years and years. Joshua led the Israelites to do this for many years. To do so is to leave everything behind and follow God as we do. By doing this, we brothers and sisters will be blessed in every way: in work, life, and business! Why? Because there is God's presence in this place, and there is a group of brothers and sisters who willingly and completely put themselves on the line.

If the worldly system in you is not cleaned up, there is no way you can be a blessing to many people, and there is no way you can lead people into the promises of God because you cannot be like Joshua, who did not leave anything undone. I feel that God is full of grace and mercy. I understand why those two sisters were in pain and grimacing, I understand God's intention. God is dealing with the worldly system in them.

I would like to enumerate the worldly systems of all our brothers and sisters. Have you ever thought that you have to have money to live and that you have to work to have money? How can we live without money? This sounds so reasonable, but it is all man's reasoning. **To live, one must have God! **

When your son got well from depression, we thought he should have a job, and after he got a job, he didn't trust God. In fact, it would be better for him to be unemployed so that he can return to God, but we didn't want to do that.We asked God to prepare a job for him, and when he got a job, he put God's business last. It is common for people to have a worldly system, and many people just can't understand it. Some people have money and have bought hundreds of clothes and hundreds of pairs of shoes and think about how to match them every day. They fall in love with the world.

This world system is not easily dismantled.It is normal, but it is a worldly system. It's really hard to break the world's system!

If you read the Bible carefully, you will find that many times we don't understand. For example, Abraham spent all day pitching his tent, tearing it down and leaving, then building another tent, tearing it down, and moving on. Isn't that a toss-up? Why not find a place to build a city that is much better? In fact, let me tell you, God told Abraham to do this so that he would be a foreigner in the world. just like we rent a house, live there, leave the place, and go back to God.

Abraham lived this way, but Lot and his wife did not think so. They felt that it was not good to run around and live without a stable place. When these two discussed it, they left Abraham and ran to the plains of the Jordan River. They still thought it was good to live in a brick house with a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom so they could have a full meal, a good bath, and a good night's sleep, which sounded reasonable! Later, Lot was unhappy; fire fell from the sky and burned his house to the ground, and he lost his family instantly, but Abraham was still living a good life and moving on.

The Israelites carried off for themselves all the plunder and livestock of these cities, but all the people they put to the sword until they completely destroyed them, not sparing anyone that breathed. As the LORD commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the LORD commanded Moses. (Joshua 11:14-15 NIV)

Seeking God Wholeheartedly and Implementing His Word

In this chapter, why was Joshua able to do what he did? because no one came to reconcile. If there had been a Rahab among these people, God would not only have saved her but also been gracious to her. God does not lack stubborn or rebellious people, but He does lack those who seek Him. Those who seek Him have no shortage.

Even in the land of Canaan, no matter which clan and tribe, if they say in their hearts, "I must seek; I must imitate Rahab; I must learn from the Gibeonites," then God will save them from death. But no one was looking; no one came to reconcile; and if there had been, wouldn't they all have remained? Remember one thing: those who are stubborn and rebellious will die, and it is by God's grace that they live till now.

If we want to follow the words of Joshua, we must be like Joshua and listen to God's words. If a man will repent, why should God deal with him? If a man does not repent, what is the point of keeping him? Therefore, to build a church that is clean, holy, and united,

If there are pastors among us or pastors who listen to my online sharing, let me give you a piece of advice here: building churches should be like Joshua, trusting in your God with all your heart, and trusting in our Jesus Christ, who alone makes us victorious! We do not rely on chariots or horses but trust in God alone. It is this heart that has led us to this day, and it is this heart that let us see God's doing

God is sitting on His throne, looking for treasure everywhere in heaven and on earth, looking for people who can trust Him with all their hearts, and if He finds them, He will sell everything to rescue and redeem us. Jesus will come to redeem us, so never bring garbage into the church during the building of churches. The church is the body of Jesus Christ, not a place to gather numbers. What is the use of keeping an eye on how many people are here? Nothing. Therefore, we are determined to build churches that are holy, united, glorious, true, and victorious in warfare.

Everyone in it they put to the sword. They totally destroyed them, not sparing anyone that breathed, and he burned Hazor itself. (Joshua 11:11 NIV)

What is said here is that no one was left. What do you do with a man who resists God in the church? What do you do with someone from the Pharisaical Church? I have a feeling in my heart that many pastors care too much about numbers, but they end up keeping someone who corrupts the church.

God told us to shepherd God's flock, but you are shepherding a wolf cub, and then you lose a sheep today and a sheep tomorrow, and you don't know that it is a wolf in sheepskin, so what are you doing? Therefore, brothers and sisters, you should know that God often tests us in the church to see if we keep what He says and follow it. The Bible says:

"Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish. When it was full, the fishermen pulled it up on the shore. Then they sat down and collected the good fish in baskets, but threw the bad away. This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 13:47-50 NIV)

Can you understand that? Some priests do not do so. They pull the net up and collect the good and the bad. Are these garbage collectors? Wouldn't that be a problem? The church is the body of Jesus Christ. If you collect all the garbage and devils into the body of Jesus Christ, can God not get even with you? Don't you deserve to be cursed?

Brothers and sisters, you may feel a little heavy when you hear me say this, but it would be good if someone could be blessed by my words. Because the church has to lead many brothers and sisters, to shepherd God's flock and bring them to the land of milk and honey, It takes a long way to rigorously implement every word God says, to build a systematic faith, and to know very clearly what the will of God really is.

I once ministered to a couple who were both church leaders. Once, I went to their church and saw this sister limping with a crutch. I wondered, "Both of them are leaders in the church and often do healing and deliverance, but this sister's problem was not taken care of." This sister told me, "My leg hurts so much at night that I can't sleep, it's unbearable." I told her, "Well, when you can't sleep at night and it hurts like hell, call me and I will lead you in prayer; here is my phone number."

Then one night she called me, and I took her to pray for two hours, and from 1:00 to 3:00 in the latter part of the night, the pain disappeared. I saw them the next day, and I said to my husband, "Brother, did I take your wife to pray yesterday? Did it affect your sleep?" He said to me, "No, it's fine; it's good that you are serving like this, but you should seek the kind of effect that you can get healed with a snap." Honestly, I wanted to slap him at that time!

There was another person who was also a church leader and said to me, "Casting out demons?" We've done this before, but it doesn't work! "After casting, they came back again and again, and then we just gave up." What kind of brain is that? I said, "Do you want to know what I do?" "Like Joshua, if the devils return, they will come once, and I will cast them out once; I don't believe I can beat you!"

Are we seeking to be healed with a snap? Or are we looking to keep obeying God's word for years without failing in any way? Brothers and sisters, you should know that God is shaping us, building up our perseverance and trust in Him, because He will bring us to the Promised Land.


Because I have cast out many demons, demons are scared to death when they see me, because I have this kind of dedication in me to follow God and leave nothing undone in my heart, and I will not rest until I reach the promised land. The demons said to me, "You can't cast out all the demons, can you?" That's an interesting statement. I said, "I'm telling you; I'm going to beat you. Do you believe me?" The ghost quickly wilted. The ghost said, "You cast me away, I will come back again." I said, "I will still cast you out." "If you come back, I will cast you out again." The demon must surrender before me.

This is the will of the heart to follow the Lord; we no longer rely on chariots, we no longer rely on horses, we no longer rely on muscles, we no longer rely on men, we no longer rely on weapons, we no longer rely on any method, but we rely on the will of the heart to trust God alone. Then I tell you, if you study the Bible, God's revelation will come; if you lead in prayer, God's grace will be manifested; if you lead in healing and deliverance, God will clearly be with you, and you will be able to trample down the devils and enemies. Just like Joshua, he will bring many people into the Promised Land, and then there will be peace. How prosperous it is to win the battle and bring peace!

May God bless you!

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