【How to Learn】Active Learning 4: Character of Active Learning

1. Character is learned

What kind of person you are doesn’t matter, who you want to be is what’s important. Everything comes from learning, so character also comes from learning. Do you understand this? When you were born, you didn’t know anything, but over time, you learned it.

Character is built up through two things. One is called innate, and we can't change that. You can't control what you were born with, you just have to accept it. But what we can control is what happens in the future. It doesn’t matter where you start, whether you cried or not when you were a baby, how your family was, it doesn't matter. Why? Because we can’t control what we were born with. This isn’t hard to understand, newborn babies don’t know any words. Everything we know is from learning.

Why is the learning method so important? Because if your method is wrong, then you can’t learn something correctly. It’s not that you can’t learn it, it’s because your method is wrong. Why am I saying this? Because I want to give you guys some faith. If things don't work out, it is not your fault, it is that we don't know how to learn. Today I will teach you how to learn.

Active learning is a characteristic, when you learn this characteristic, then you become powerful. If you don’t know how to learn, then begin learning how to learn. I want to tell you guys something, I always say, “If you didn’t meet me, then your future would be very difficult.” Let's talk about the brothers and sisters among ourselves, they used to have bad habits, but they changed in the end. Isn’t it very good to meet someone who can change our destiny and our fate? I wanna say that your guy's life is better than mine, when I came to this earth, my life wasn’t very good. But I know how to make your life good.

In my early days of seeking a religion, I wanted to find someone who could change my destiny. Later, I found something, I found the church. Inside the church, they said they could change anything. Then I found God, who could change everything. This God can make blind people see and make the paralyzed walk. Then I started reading Genesis, even though the order of birth could be changed, what else couldn’t be changed? So in our bones, we need to know that there is a God who could change everything. God has a wonderful plan for all of us.

Character is based on faith, so let’s learn about faith and character. Faith can release God’s power. From today on, don't blame someone else, don’t blame other people. Now let's use faith and learning to understand God’s plan for us. Then we will be able to live out God’s glory. Without God, there can be nothing. You have to build everything on God. So when we meet trouble, we need to believe in God, not ourselves. How many of us didn't receive grace from God?

There was a sister, who cried every time she saw me a few years ago. Now she has become strong, she even drove a Mercedes to see me. She was very poor before, this is a miracle. It was hard to run an online shop at first. But now she has a very successful business. Everything is learned. Sometimes when you are in pain and you don’t want to do anything, then your old character comes out. This feeling is very real. Although this feeling is very real, it’s not very important, what’s important is knowing what kind of person you want to be. I will rely on my God, he is the source of our power. This is not about success, but rather, about how a person can gain blessings from learning and wisdom.

2. There will be troubles

When you are trying to learn proactively, there will be some troubles, there will be voices telling you it's very difficult. Why? Because this is all from a devil, the devil's job is to ruin you. What are you gonna do then? You need to have faith, understood? Although the stress is like a mountain, you can have faith to go against it. Why can people often not do things proactively? Because they want everything to come in an instant, this will cause them to not learn anything.

It’s like the story of Yu Gong, he said he could dig up the mountain, and other people laughed at him, but he said that his sons would move the mountain after him. He had faith. Because of his faith, God was moved. Today if you do it bit by bit, you will move God. God thought, "Wow there is a person like this on earth who thinks he can move the mountains! If I don't help him, who will I help?" So God sent two angels to move those mountains. Why didn’t God say, ‘You idiot.’ If you move your house to the other side, then everything is resolved! But that is not faith. There will be troubles, and there will be something like a big mountain in front of you, but God can move this mountain for you if you have faith.

This is character. I want to tell you, that in the past when I was building the church, there were churches everywhere in Singapore. In the past, it was very difficult to build a church. Singapore is a small place. There is one church every square kilometer. People came to attend Sunday service, but halfway there, they went to another church and didn't come to my place.

Have you ever organized something before? If nobody comes, it is very painful. But I had character, and I had a lot of faith. So the church that was built up in the end is a result of my character. An old pastor once told me, “No matter what somebody is trying to create, it is a direct result of the person building it. What kind of person you are is what kind of church it will be.” We don’t lack character or faith, but I still kept trying year after year. Even during such desolate scenes, let me tell you, everyone received healing, and lots of people received grace.

Don’t be scared of trouble if you have faith. If you have character, you can test your faith in troubles. No matter where you are, without character, nothing can happen. The scariest thing is to not have any faith or character.

3. Faith is the root of character

Why do you have character? Because you have faith inside. Why do you not have character, because you have no faith. What doesn’t require faith to do? If you don’t believe you can do something, do you think you can do it? If you have a negative attitude, that isn’t faith. If you have a positive attitude, then it is faith.

I served somebody who had 3 broken bones in their foot. We prayed for 10 minutes, but nothing happened. Then we prayed for 20 minutes and 30 minutes went by, and still nothing happened. Do you want to persevere? I won't give up. After about an hour and a half, his feet were not swollen anymore, and he could walk again. I have had many similar service experiences like this.

The things I did were all done by faith. Faith is the root of character. Don’t be scared of trouble. Lots of the people who worked with me said, "Why is there so much work?" Then it is a problem. If you don't resolve, of course, you have a lot of work to do. I am not scared of lots of work, I am scared of having no work. If you don’t know how to do something, then learn how to do it. Will you succeed? Of course!

I can’t wait for our brothers and sisters to have character and faith. When you face some problems while you are proactively learning, don’t become scared, just use your faith, and improve bit by bit. When the first group of coworkers came to work with me, it was very interesting. They told me that they had quit their jobs and came to work at the church. Then I asked, “Without a paycheck, how long can you guys last?” They said that they can last about half a year. Then they went on this path of blessings with me. If you have faith, you will prosper.

I was so scared that their parents would be worried. Before this happened, I used to work alone every day, so when they came to work with me, I was so happy and I could not help but cry.

Faith is the root of character, if you have faith, you have character, and if you have character, then you will become a very powerful person. Over time, we began to prosper. Eventually, we changed the name of the church to Mingding Church. Do you know that Genesis is a reflection of faith? Genesis talks about faith.

4. Faith can bring God’s power

Faith can bring upon God’s power, but on this earth, there aren’t many people who have faith. If you can become someone with faith, then you are powerful. How can faith bring upon God’s power? It’s very simple. God is trying to search for people with faith.

Observe your past life, if you didn’t have faith, today you would be corrupted. If you don’t have faith, you won’t enjoy your life. Why? Because often people build their faith in themselves. But they are not even that good. So whatever they do, they will lose their faith. So today I want to tell you, you must build your faith in God.

You may ask how. Let me tell you. When you are going to do something, you do it little by little. Then you can make some progress. None of us can achieve a turnaround in just a quarter of an hour. You may encounter difficulties. But if you persist, even with a faint glimmer of faith, you will succeed in the end.

5. Active learning is the practice of faith

What is the relationship between active learning and faith? When trying to solve a problem, there will be things that you don’t know. But you need to solve problems little by little. When learning things in your job, you will face troubles, but what can bring you over is faith.

You need to have a positive attitude towards your future. Faith is shown when you learn proactively. I served a person who just come out of school. His aunt used his name to borrow lots of money and he got blacklisted. He had to work very hard, and he was also studying accounting. He couldn’t understand the books of accounting, but I helped him learn. It is by faith that he was saved, and now he is a manager. Whatever circumstance we are in can not affect our active learning.

6. God will fulfill what you ask for

If you believe something with faith, God will fulfill it. Faith is practiced on earth. How are you gonna use your faith in the sky? Have a heart that loves God, not the world. Keep learning and growing. If you are poor, whom are you going to bless? I want to tell you why I can say these things. Jesus’s parable says that he gave somebody some money and they earned double the amount. Why did he have to use money, why couldn’t he use something else for his parable? Because turning 10 coins into 20 is a test of faith. Because he believed, so God fulfilled it for him.

If you believe, God will fulfill it for you. Those of us with only a little faith, who study the scriptures with me every week, are now all beginning to prosper. After a person uses their faith, they will love God even more and follow his words. Active learning is faith, if you proactively learn God’s word, you will have more faith and you will improve. Don’t try to do everything immediately. Everything takes time and effort. Every time you use your faith, you will gain God’s happiness.

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