【Bible Study】Genesis 00: Introduction

The Origin of the Doctrine of Destiny

Dear brothers and sisters, today we will be starting our new version of bible study in the book of Genesis. When I was looking back at the previous version of Bible study, I felt like it was not really good, and now I think I have a better understanding of Genesis. That’s why I am going to have a new version of the Bible study in the book of Genesis. There are iPhones 1, iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, and so on, and now there is the iPhone 13. 

The book of Genesis we are discussing today is also constantly being upgraded and renewed, and this is the most important characteristic of the Doctrine of Destiny—constantly upgrading and renewing the understanding of God's word. Everything needs to be moving forward, but over the last 2000 years, churches have almost entered a state of stasis, probably unchanged for decades. However, the Doctrine of Destiny will change and be renewed every 3 to 6 months. Did you realize that we change very often? Are you still using the iPhone 4? It is ugly and can’t be used anymore because it is old. Learning the word of God is the same thing. We need to renew our understanding of the word of God.

The Doctrine of Destiny is going to change the mindset of these generational churches. In earlier times, churches were in conflict because some people said they wanted to have guitars and drums in the church, but the older generation said that there had to be a pipe organ. They actually live in the old wineskin. We need to know that God is the God who does new things, which is the new wineskin. We need to constantly replace the old one with the new one.

The Doctrine of Destiny did many versions of bible study on the book of Genesis, and today, I will talk about the 2022 version of Genesis. No matter how many years pass, we will continue to have newer versions. The Doctrine of Destiny derives its origins from the book of Genesis because Genesis revealed The Doctrine of Destiny in the beginning. How did I get the revealation? During the bible study, I was perplexed by the first sentence in the book of Genesis.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1 NIV)

As the creator of the Doctrine of Destiny, I will tell you that this is closely related to the Book of Genesis. God created Genesis, and I created the Doctrine of Destiny. Today, **I have to tell you that the Doctrine of Destiny theology is more biblical theology, and not only the theology, but the theological system too. And this all comes from reading the Book of Genesis.

In the past few years, you would see me very focused in church while listening to the sermon, but inside, I have a lot of disagreements with the ideas that the pastor was sharing because they are clearly not what the bible says. However, I have character, so I was studying day by day. In the pastor’s eye, I was a good member of the church. When I have disagreements, I dare not discuss them with the pastor, otherwise, it is like I am going to fight with the pastor.

Thank God that I didn’t do the same thing when I was building the church. When I was doing the Bible study, if a person came and asked me, how do you know the Book of Genesis talked about the right things? How do I answer? The only thing I could answer is "I don’t know. You and I are not there. Why do we discuss this thing?"

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. (Genesis 1:1-2 NIV)

Later, I kneel down and pray to God, "God! I don’t understand, and I don’t know how to share this!" I have researched all the documents on the internet, but I feel that it is not right, and I also don’t have my own right way of doing it. Then, after I had prayed for two weeks, a voice came in. It is God! My Bible study on the Book of Genesis differs from others because this came from praying.

I don’t have a job at that time, so I have a lot of time and I serve God full time. There is not much ministering like today. Therefore, when I have time, I will pray for two or three hours.

Actually, I have read Chapter 1 of Genesis about a hundred or two hundred times now. because I don’t understand what is it talking about, so I went to ask God. Then God answered, "The topic of chapter 1 of Genesis is you were made in my image. I said, "yes, I know." Then God said, "you need to do things that I do." God created the world, so I needed to go back and create a world with God? And use the dust from the ground to make men? God breathed into the dusty man, and the man became a living being, but I breathed, the dusty man is still a dusty man.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. (Genesis 1:1-2 NIV)

Then God said, "Not like that." In fact, this phrase is closely related to people who live. People often lived and lived and found darkness and emptiness, so we need God’s spirit in us and proclaim. When I heard God’s revelation, I was very happy.

One day, one brother came to me. His pupils dilated and he couldn't focus his eyes because his girlfriend stole all his money on the day before their wedding and disappeared. In fact, his girlfriend has a boyfriend. Then this brother came to find me to solve the problem. He is a man who needs a woman, so he went onto the internet and met a new girlfriend. When they met, the girl asked him, "How much does he earn a month?" and this brother said, "I earn about 1000 Singapore dollars." People who live in Singapore will know that this salary is similar to how much a cleaner is earning, so when this girl heard this, she just walked away.

Then, I thought it was my choice! So I brought this brother with me to pray in tongues and to pray in understanding. During the prayer, I kept telling him things to build his faith. Not long, this brother’s eye can be focused again, and his faith has built-up. He could talk to me like a normal person.

From this ministering, I learned a lesson: If we proclaim prayer in faith, we will become a spirit man, so the imbuement of the Holy Spirit becomes a very important thing for the Doctrine of Destiny. It also made me realize how important it is to understand God's word, so from this day on, when I read the word of God, I will follow it step by step. Thank you, God! I could persevere until now because I have the character of Jacob. His character is never giving up, and I am this kind of person. That is why Jesus Christ said,

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.
(Matthew 7:24 NIV)

I am a smart person because I follow the word of God, and I hope everyone can become smart too. I'm actually obsessed with being smart, which is why I kneel over there for two hours praying for God to give me a revelation. Later on, I found out that it is really good to do that because people will become smart.

In fact, when I first came to God, the first book I read from the Bible was Genesis. I will tell you that I am not a critic because I see many people like to do their own thing, and since the day of my faith, I have not dared to criticize anyone, especially some of the great men of the Bible. However, I always see people go onto the stage and start criticizing Abraham, and inside of me, I was scolding. I know that is not what God said because in the Bible, God clearly said, "I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob." These people are the people who please God. There is a very important concept in the Doctrine of Destiny: emulation. Everyone who hears God’s word should put it into practice and emulate Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

After you finish listening to my sharing today, you can go back to the Bible, and you will find that the Doctrine of Destiny is more biblical. I really want to emulate the great men in the Bible, so I started to study the Bible. I began to like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph to the point where I said to God, "God, would it be possible for me to meet Abraham in my dream?" As a result, I still not seen Abraham until today.

If I ever go to heaven, the first people I will see will be Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. They are all very powerful men. If you look at this generation, you will see there are a lot of historians, philosophers, and many critics that are fault-finding experts, and these people have become negative references to my faith.

Because of this generation, I have created a new and more biblical theological system, which is the Doctrine of Destiny, a church that puts the word of God into practice. In the old testament, we emulated Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Joseph. In the new testament, we emulate Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul. All of these are the keys to faith, so beginning in 2013, we began to develop a theological system that is consistent with what we have today, and what we are sharing is that God is the God of the living, not the dead. These logical systems are related to people's lives.

Some time ago, I updated a new version of 101. The 101-course has talked about the basic framework of the Doctrine of Destiny clearly. If you learned the basic framework of the Doctrine of Destiny very well and plus Genesis 50, then you have the licence to live. Today, we are going to get rid of the historian, the philosopher, and the fault-finder. We are going to be living experts, to learn how to live. If a person doesn't know how to live, then it is a tragedy. There are thousands of different ways of living, but none of which looks like the right way. Some people always think that being rich can make them live well, but I don't think so. I think that the way that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob live is good.

This is the origin of the Doctrine of Destiny. After many practices, it formed this whole concept. In the new testament, God's will is the church. Building the church is building the body of Jesus Christ. It is the temple of God and is where the spirit of God lives. If you have God’s spirit, your prayer will work, and you will understand the word of God and live out the image of God. We need to restore the image of God, which requires us to change many fundamental concepts within us.

The Reading Method of the Doctrine of Destiny

The method that the Doctrine of Destiny uses to read the Bible is important. If you follow a philosopher, you will read the Bible like a philosopher.  If you follow a historian, you will read the Bible like a historian. And the Doctrine of Destiny’s way of reading the Bible is after reading the word of God, you need to put it into practice and know what is God’s will. Also, to know what God wants us to do and how to do it. It is very important. If someone classifies the Doctrine of Destiny as charismatic, he will think it is wrong because we cast out demons. Also, our pursuit of the Word of God goes far beyond traditional evangelicalism.

No one else can compare with us in reading the Bible. I'm just being honest, not criticizing anyone. Many churches were afraid of the Eastern lightning and believers of Almighty God mingled in their churches because believers of Almighty God liked to go to other churches to steal their church members, and these churches read the Bible less often than the Eastern lightning and believers of Almighty God.

If someone asks us if we are worried, we say no because the Eastern lightning does not read the Bible as well as we do and does not explain it as well as we do. We also don’t go to other churches to steal their church members. When a person comes and is healed, we want them to go back to their original church. In fact, there are people who come to steal our people, but it is fine because we have plenty of spiritual food.

The Doctrine of destiny has plenty of spiritual food because of this Bible reading method we used. The most important thing is to go back to the text of the Bible. We have put a lot of effort into everyday Bible reading. Therefore, I encourage brothers and sisters to do not eat secondhand. Today I’ll set a goal for everyone. That is to read the Book of Genesis ten times. Also, another goal is to **analyze and to understand what God is telling us in this passage; what God wants us to do; and how God wants us to do it. This is the method of the Doctrine of Destiny for reading the Bible.

If you hear the word of God and do not put it into practice, you are like a fool who builds his house on the sand. I really want everyone to become smart. If you want to become smart, then let’s read the Bible together. Our goal is to put the word of God into practice, which is to understand what he wants us to do and how he wants us to do it, and to leave our own meaning behind. I find out that the older you get, the more self-righteous you get.

So, Jesus Christ said that we need to become children. We need to learn a lesson from children. I was teaching a person who is about 50 years old to code, and he always asked me why he needed to learn to code. However, teenagers learn coding very quickly among us, but his mother is still asking why. So, we need to become children.

The children learn how to code faster than their parents do. I need to tell the teenagers among us that we do not only grow in age. Today, we need to become children, not your skin. If you become humble and soft, you will learn things very fast, so I have a little requirement for you: after you read 10 times through the Book of Genesis, analyze, understand, and pray if you are unclear. I don't want you to eat second-hand all day.

You can refer to what I do, but do not blindly copy it. It is useless. I train the clergy among us by letting them share the Book of Genesis multiple times. I will tell you that when ministering, Chapter 1 of Genesis is very useful.

Even though some people have many problems, when they are among us, I will tell them that you have the image of God, and God has a good plan for you. These all come from Chapter 1 of Genesis.

Today, we need to begin like children when reading, analyzing, and understanding the Bible and get rid of our own preconceived thoughts. Then, take notes. And understand the main concept of chapter by chapter by following the word of God. **the Book of Genesis is the foundation and the framework of the whole faith, and all the foundational concepts and frameworks are in Genesis, so it's very important to read Genesis.**Brothers and sisters should follow the way that the Doctrine of Destiny is used when reading Genesis. Don't read it as a history story-God created the world, but I'm not there. The question is not whether God wants you to be there or not. We need to know the meaning.

We have seen a lot of absurdity in the theology of Christianity. Today, the Doctrine of Destiny will **use the Book of Genesis to adjust the absurdity, and then, you will have the licence to live. ** God will give you the license, and then you can follow in the footsteps of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

the Book of Genesis is the Foundation and the Framework of the Whole Bible

When I first started to read the Bible, I thought it would be hard to understand, like the Tao Te Ching. However, the Book of Genesis is like storytelling and is good stor, and it is the foundation of the whole Bible.

A few weeks ago, a sister bought a Tao Te Ching, and I took it and turned the page to phrase 1 of the first chapter. I really cared about the first sentence of the first chapter, but I can’t understand it. Thank God that he didn’t write "the way that can be explained is not the Unchanging Way." I will tell you that the first chapter of any book or anything is very important.

I have an idea. That is we should go back to the Book of Genesis if there is anything that has the opposite concept to Genesis because Genesis is systematical, and it builds the framework of the system. Like what I always said, Genesis is the foundation and the framework of the Bible. Next week, I will continue to talk about Genesis. and you will know what I am talking about.

In the New Testament, The reason for building the glorious church of God is that people can restore the image of God. This whole concept needs to be adjusted constantly. The goal of the creation of man is to manage the birds in the sky, the animals on the ground, and the fish in the sea. This goal has never changed.

What did we manage today? I want to bring everyone into God's will. May God work with me to bring people to God so that they can restore the image of God and become wise managers. Therefore, The grace of salvation cannot be established without Genesis, where " salvation" is the restore the image of God which Jesus did for us on the Cross. It is not that you remain what you are after salvation.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ didn't make a bunch of lazy, stupid, greedy, selfish people. We need to know that salvation is not a group of lazy, evil, greedy, stupid people waiting to die and go to heaven, which is not the image of God. In fact, the Doctrine of Destiny has reorganized the idea of faith and salvation. If there is something opposite to the idea of the Book of Genesis, it shall prevail because God's will was revealed before the creation of the world. The Book of Genesis talked about many stories, and I am glad that Genesis is not like the Tao Te Ching.

Emulate is the Key

People all want to live well. In the Bible, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph all lived to be the model of man. people need to know that imitation is really important. A few weeks ago, one of our colleagues bought some books, and the author, Kazuo Inamori, is a monk, but his books seem to be more advanced than many Christians think. He has a lot of things that are close to God’s will.

Now go back to the Book of Genesis. Fortunately, there are not a mass of rules but many stories to teach us to follow Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We need to know the purpose of living. I always talk about an important concept: if your goal is not clear, the strategy is not clear, and the method is wrong, it is the key to a bad life. we need to be clear about the goal, the strategy, and the method, and we should emulate Abraham’s goal, strategy, and method. Then, after we have lived and lived, we will find out that God is with us.

Don’t criticize Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph because they are smart and excellent. Fortunately, they are not perfect people; otherwise, there will be more things that we can’t achieve and learn. Today, we need to know that inheritance and imitation are very important concepts in the reading of the Bible. We must emulate their goals, their purpose in life, and their methods. Do not touch the people who please God.

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:3 NIV)

**Do not criticize Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. People who curse them are cursed, while those who bless them are blessed. ** I was blessed because I emulated and inherited from them. They are not perfect, but they please God, and because they are perfect, I can have the choice to improve. Some people criticize Abraham for not consulting his wife when he offered Isaac. Why do people think this way? because she wants her husband to consult her on everything. Fortunately, Abraham didn’t consult with his wife; otherwise, he would have ended up disobeying the will of God.

No Blessing Outside of Destiny

Destiny is about the purpose of God. We need to solve this question first. If we can solve why we live, then we have the wrong goal. There is no blessing outside of destiny. If we have the wrong goal, then there is no way to talk about the strategies and methods. Some people care about their relationship with the boss. If you live under a curse, everything is useless, even if I tell you the method, because the method is inseparable from the goal. Imitating Abraham and reading the Bible is useless if people don’t know that they will die and life is full of emptiness.

People have to solve the problem of the goal of living so that emulation will work. The Doctrine of Destiny encourages everyone to read the Bible. Reading the Bible will not miss your job. Even if you miss your job, there will be no major effect. **Life is a spiritual thing, and it is closely related to the spirit world. God created demons long before the world was created. ** We must understand that our God is both the God who blesses and the God who curses people. 

One of our sisters knew God for many years and had internal hemorrhoids. We need to know that if people don’t God, we cannot live, but many people don’t understand this. The Book of Genesis is the foundation of the entire faith. Also, the Book of Ecclesiastes is very important too. If you don’t believe it, you will have a very hard life.

The Doctrine of Destiny comes from the Book of Genesis. I hope everyone could become smart. everyone who put the word of God into practice will become thrive. Even if you run away with a stick, you will come back with a large group of men, because our God is a rich God, and is a God that lets us manage. Today, I talked about the Book of Genesis. If everyone is going to high school, or university, or is studying for a doctorate, as long as you follow this method, you will do very well.

Thank you, brothers and sisters. May the lord bless you!

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