【Sermon】By Faith From First To Last (2022-06-19)

1. Introduction

How to gain access to the power of Almighty God? We need faith.

We need God to deal with the spiritual world.

God's power can surpass the whole universe.

We need to find the inner nature of things. If you can repeat what you do, it means you have mastered its inner nature.

The inner nature of gaining access to God's power is through our faith.

2. How to Gain Access to God's Power?

Luke 8:43-48: the woman with the bleeding was healed because of her faith. Her faith drew power out of Jesus, even without Jesus' consent.

God designed it in this way: the power of God can automatically flow onto you the moment you have faith.

"Your faith healed you". This woman had the faith which can gain access to God's Power.

When you do healing, you need to build up people's faith.

Our God has this desire that all of us can be like Jesus Christ: if someone touches us, he or she can get healed.

3. Moving From Beginner's Level To Advanced Level

This woman's faith is only at the beginner's level.

The highest level of faith is to be like Jesus Christ and do what Jesus has done.

Once we are healed, we need to move from beginner level to advanced level.

We shall be the one who bring the healing to people, not the one to be healed.

We shall be the one who give out, not the one who always receives.

The one who is like Jesus Christ is much better than the bleeding woman.

To become like Jesus, we need to search for the meaning of life.

In this life, we are going to do what Jesus has done. Our life is going to be very colorful.

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