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【Bible Study】1 Samuel 09: Spiritual Experience In Life

IntroductionDear brothers and sisters, grace and peace to you from our God, our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. I praise God for this wonderful time to study the word of God with all of you. Today, let's look at the First Samuel Chapter 9. I assume that you have read it a couple of times before l...

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【Bible Study】Genesis 29: The Faith Enduring 14 Years

Pastor Samuel Sharing Brother William Sharing IntroductionGood morning, everyone. Today let us look at Genesis chapter 29. This chapter describes the scene just like any ordinary person would have gone through. It evolved with an ordinary person who traveled to another place, married, and gave bi...

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【Bible Study】Genesis 16: God Is the God Who Sees Us

Pastor Samuel Sharing Brother William Sharing IntroductionToday we are studying the book of Genesis chapter 16. There are a lot of different views on this chapter, especially when people are talking about the conflict between the Jews and Arabs. Because people tend to correlate this conflict with ...

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