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【Sermon】Man Who Pleases God (2): Zerubbabel

1. IntroductionWe are in a season to build the glorious church of God. There are only two types of people: Man who pleases GodMan who drops God off for other things Today's character: Zerubbabel Zerubbabel rebuilt the temple of God after returning to Judah. God will lift up the people that please ...

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【Bible Study】Exodus 14: Why Are You Crying Out?

Pastor Samuel Sharing Brother William Sharing Don't forget the mighty hand of GodGood morning, everyone. Let’s look at Exodus Chapter 14 today. This chapter is one of the amazing chapters in the Exodus. Do you know what happened in this chapter? God killed more people. All the Egyptian army went i...

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【Bible Study】Genesis 17: Nothing is Impossible for God

Pastor Samuel Sharing Brother William Sharing IntroductionGood morning, everyone Today we are looking at Genesis Chapter 17 which is an amazing chapter. This chapter is very different from the previous ones. In the previous chapter, God spoke to Abraham through a vague vision. In this chapter, God...

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