【Course】Course 101 - Lesson 2: We Need God

Life is a spiritual matter

Today, I am going to preach another topic to all of you. The topic is in a very simple term: We need God. Last Sunday, I was preaching a topic about how real the spiritual world is and there are a lot of things governed by the spiritual principle. You may have experienced some sort of spiritual issues in the last 20 or 30 years, you may had a dream or had suffered from a kind of disease; you may have gone through certain kind of accidents. You may have gone through some spiritual experiences; all these problems are governed by the spiritual principle. Our lives in this world are just a shadow of the spiritual reality. For instance, there is a spirit behind a traffic accident.

One day, I was casting out a demon. The demon was about to be defeated and started to speak. I asked the demon: "Have you done any other bad things?" Then the demon started to laugh. Do you know what the demon was telling me? The demon said to me: "The day I was just passing by, I saw your brother was driving a car, and I just opened my mouth and blew a breath to the car; the car was rolled over to the valley.” As a result, a serious traffic accident happened and the car was damaged. Fortunately, the couple got out of the car with only a minor injury.

The demon was laughing and told me all about it. And I said: "Oh, how horrible can that be?" And I asked further and realized the demon has been involved in many other cases related to the accident. In the spiritual world, I started to realize that spirits are involved with a lot of things. Whether it is God involved or the demon involved, it is a spiritual thing. Do you know what people say about natural disasters in the insurance agreement? People would call it an Act of God and insurance does not cover the Act of God.

With the highly developed technology, can technology solve the spiritual problem? Definitely no! The spiritual issue is still a problem in our life and we cannot solve it. For example, technology is so advanced today but can technology solve COVID-19 or natural disasters? No! A tsunami is powerful enough to destroy houses and buildings on the earth. What I am trying to say is that we are living in a spiritual world. With our carnal eyes, we see nothing and we cannot even find the spirit. Even though we want to fight against the devil, we cannot even know how to fight because we cannot see the spirit behind it. But the moment we open our spiritual eyes, we will start to see the spiritual being and a lot of exciting discoveries in the spiritual world.

If you are in spiritual warfare, the battle is one-sided between the human and the spirit, and we cannot even see it. How horrible can that be? We surely need God! Do you know that fighter jets were developed and have five generations? With the development of a sixth underway, the most important feature is the stealth fighter because they are not visible by radar and you cannot see them at all. In the spiritual world, the spiritual being is invisible and powerful. That's why today I am talking about the topic of we need God. If you observe people around you, you will find that some people are lucky and some people are unlucky, you don't know what to do with it. Some people just falls down and gets injured, it's very difficult to address the spiritual issues because we are not able to see the spirit. But with God, we can fight against the spiritual .

Seek God and experience God’s grace

The spiritual world is still governing our lives today. What we want to do is something we cannot do. For things we do not want to do, we would do it because we have no control over things ourselves. I have been dealing with people doing something which they never want to do, but they just commit a crime in the end. When I minister to people, I would tell them to understand the spiritual world. If you interview people like murderers, those people were so shocked because they just suddenly lost control of themselves and killed someone. After they woke up, they would say: "What happened? What did I do?" Something is controlling behind the scene and they lost control of themselves. That's why we need God! We have no control over how to do things and how to deal with the problems. We need the power of Almighty God.

Many years ago, I have concluded that I need God because I was in a kind of education in which people just denied spiritual being. When I was young, I have seen a lot of spiritual incidents like a fortune teller, and I was shocked because it was so accurate. I was consistently a top student from primary school to secondary school and from college to university. Do you know what happened? I needed a job when I came to the city, but I just could not get the job. I had submitted a lot of resumes and did not get any interviews at all.

I was so desperate during that time and I said: " I am a top student and I have total confidence in myself." But it was no use at all. After that, I walked into a church. When I was struggling, I started to think about which God I needed to trust, then I decided to walk into the church. During that period, I lost all the hope in myself and I started to seek God and evaluate this God in the church. After I walked into the church, I was singing with other people and attended training courses for new believers. I was wondering if there was a God when I tried to seek Him?

God had done a wonderful thing in my life. It was so amazing and I could not believe it at that time. Even today, you may not believe it. Finally, I got a job! Three months later, my boss held an event and gathered all the staff in the department. During the gathering, my boss walked over to me and said: "Do you know that you got this job by miracle?" And I said: "I know, I cannot speak English well, I am not competent in the technical field and I don't have enough working experience." Then the boss told me about his story, he became a believer a year ago, and he was in a bad situation and was suicidal. My boss and his wife had encountered a lot of bad things and they both wanted to commit suicide. At that time, someone brought them into the church and they were saved by the Lord. Before that, my boss and his two friends went to the graveyard at the midnight around 2:00 AM, they were shouting at the graves: "Is there any devil? Is there any ghost? Can you show it to me?" And they found nothing at all. But after they came back from the graveyard, a lot of bad things happened. Anything they did was not going well, they lost money and encountered a lot of problems that had never been seen before in the job.

A few years later, my boss and his wife could not take it anymore. That was why someone brought them into the church and they started to experience the grace of God. Have they seen the devil? No! But they had experienced the work of the devil because they challenged the spiritual world. They could not see but they can experience the power of the spirit. After they were brought out from that kind of situation by the Lord Jesus Christ, he started to have a good habit, and he would pray to God everyday he came into the office in the morning. During that time, he needed a person to help him to address all the technical issues.

My boss had a stack of resumes on his table. In the morning when he came into the office, he would put his hand on a stack of resumes, then he started to pray to God: "Oh God, I need a person who can help me to address all the technical issues." And God spoke to him. My boss heard a voice from the Lord and the voice was my name. That was the reason why I got the job. My boss picked up my resume which was written in broken English. And he said: "Oh no! God, are you sure? Is this the right person?" The next morning, he walked into the office and prayed to the Lord again. And the same thing happened, he heard the same voice from the Lord and it was my name again. And the third day, he prayed to the Lord and he heard my name again.

After three months, we had a gathering and my boss was telling me: "Hey, this job was given to you by God." I was so thankful to God. During that time, I just started to seek God and I had not done anything for God. Why God did this to me? God did not have to bother me because I had not given anything to Him yet. But God gave me a job, God is a God who performs miracles. From the first day, I accepted Jesus Christ, I started to experience many wonderful things in my life. Not only that, God did a lot of healings and I have experienced it with my own eyes. I have seen a lot of miracles performed by God and I am sure all of you have experienced that. There are a lot of miracles in the church which I have founded. Why? Because I believe in that.

God is the one of power

I believe in the God of miracles, the God who cares for us. The logic is this. Why he bothered me, why he did all these things for me, because God is the God of love. God is the God of hope. He is the God of power. He is the God who cares for me, and he has the power to care for me.** Do you know what logic system I have? I am a very logical-thinking person. I don't want to share something that sometimes language cannot express, I can put it into a good expression. I have this analytical result: I need to search for God. I need to search for a God who not only has spiritual power but who also cares for me. He loves me. That is exactly what I hear from many Christians. They were telling me that God is the God of love. Oh, so wonderful. God is the God of hope. So then, if you are in a desperate situation let me tell you. Come get closer to this God. God is not only the God of power, but he also cares for us, he is the God of love.

You know, my mom and my father loved me so much, but they did not have the power to love me. When I needed a job badly, I needed to survive, but my mom and my dad could not help me, because it was beyond their control. That is why I needed God. After I tasted the sweetness of God, I said, "God, I need you. I need you in all my life." Now you know why I minister to people in this kind of style. Because my life was given by God. During this time, I almost wanted to commit suicide. I wanted to jump down from the building. The moment I jumped down before I got to know God, I would not have this day at all. But I am so fortunate. Before I did such a silly thing, I want to search for a God. If I could find him, I would serve him with all my heart. If I could not find him, I would jump down from the building, w That was my logic. So I need God. The God who has power in the spiritual world, who can change my fate. I need a God who can love me. That's great.

So I started to experience the sweetness of God. Then I moved along with this God. I started to say, God, My life was given by you, my life belongs to you, I commit my life to your hands. The meaning of surviving in this world is to serve you, my God. This is the gospel I preach. You can refer to Romans 15:13.

May the God of all joy and peace fill you with hope as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 (NIV)

That is very simple, we need God. You are human. I have done a lot of miracles by the power of the almighty God. I have many people who came to me without hope, suffering from terminal diseases, suffering from this, that, bad luck, etc. And I started to minister to people. That is why in my preaching, in my spiritual lessons, you hear a lot of stories. And this is the gospel preached by the apostle Paul. It is very biblical. And I founded the MingDing doctrine. The English word is destiny. I would say this is the doctrine of Destiny, but I prefer the MingDing doctrine. I needed this new doctrine so the original doctrine of the apostle Paul would come to life again. Today, the gospel is the power of the Almighty God, the power of the Holy Spirit. But somehow, many churches lost the power of the Holy Spirit. They are preaching a powerless gospel.So we need to restore the gospel of the apostle Paul. We need to restore the doctrine of our Jesus Christ, we need to restore the power of the Almighty God. It is not just theory, it is more practical. It is a lot more practical. I found a treasure. When I got to know God, I said it was amazing.

God is our treasure

I know a lot of people who experienced the power of the Almighty God. But their behaviour or their mind did not change, like how I have changed. My logic is very simple. I am a well-trained engineer, so I can analyze an engineer's simple logic. So for example, if you find a place with a piece of gold, and you find another piece, you get a shovel and you dig the ground, there is more, and this is a gold mine. This is a treasure. It is just like Alibaba, who found a treasure in a cave. So I found God, my treasure, and it is so valuable, so I devoted myself to this God. Unlike many people, who find a gold mine, take a piece and walk away! Do you know what I would do? I would invest in machinery and start to dig in this place. But first of all, you need to buy the piece of land.

If you are prepared to dig more, I would say you are a clever guy. Ever since I started to experience this God, do you know what I have done? I read the Bible tirelessly. Both the Chinese Bible and the English Bible. At that time I started to attend an English-speaking service. So I read the English Bible, and there was a lot of new vocabulary. On every page, I checked the dictionary again and again. And every page there would be 20 or more new words to me.

Day and night. I came back home about 8-9 PM. Sometimes I brought work back home. After having a shower and dinner, I started to read Bible from 10:00 to about midnight. And sometimes, at midnight I started to prepare for what was the technical document. I was devoting many nights to reading the Bible tirelessly, because this was a treasure! You know what? When I became a Christian, I started to realize that the Bible is the word of God, and carried a lot of power. I gave people the hope of Almighty God and set people free. I set people free from the bondage of the devil.

God's power can deliver us from spiritual bondage

And this is the true gospel. Do you know dementia? When people get old and they start to lose their minds, they lose their control. My mom got dementia one day, and I said, My God, what is this? My mom is okay, this is the spirit in her. My mom is okay. So I cast out the spirit, and my mom was healed. Our God is amazing, and that is why I need God. So after thirty years, I tell you, the only conclusion I can give to you is that we need God. There are so many things that can be addressed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I cast demons, I cast devils. Dementia is a devil, and I spoke to him and he told me many things. The devil is so annoyed. Do you understand the spiritual world? If you understand the spiritual world, many things will have solutions by the power of the Holy Spirit, and God will give hope.

After my mom was healed, I was preaching this many times, and one couple, are conventional believers. They do read Bible, but they have no power of the Holy Spirit, and somehow their father got dementia. And you know getting dementia, they messed up the whole house, you know, pass motion anywhere in their house. The house was just a big mess. The father was suffering from dementia, and the whole family was suffering from the father's dementia as well. So they came to me, and I told them it was a spirit, but they didn't believe it. I feel sorry about that.

That is why I founded a doctrine that is different from the conventional doctrine, yet it is a lot more biblical. And then one day I was having a meal with a group of Christians and one of them sat next to me. He was telling me that the doctor told him his eyes would go blind within a year. You know, a man who will go blind within a year. You know, I looked at his face, and I could see that he was hopeless. And when I saw that, the mercy of God started to work in me. I started to feel pity for this guy. I said, "Brother, don't worry. I'll tell you, every time I prayed for people with problems in their eyes, all of them were healed." Let me tell you honestly, he was the first eye problem I was dealing with, especially going blind. But I turned to him and said, "My God is working." Never mind, he is the first case. And all the eye-related issues were healed through my hand. So I turned to him and said, "Don't worry." I said that I have 100% healing. And he said, "Yeah, are you sure?" Yes. Yes. I am full of confidence in our God. Our God is working. I said, "Put your hand on your eyes and repeat what I say." After one minute I said, "Take down your hand, and tell me what you see." He said, "It is all the same. I cannot see everything." He could only see a blurry image because within a year he was going to go blind. "Put your hand on your eyes, and repeat with I say. In the name of Jesus, cast out the spirits of blindness from your eyes." He would repeat with me, and the next time I said, put down your hands, it is still the same. Every time I delivered healing, it would be like this. The same. But yet, the sickness will be cut out finally. And after five times, one minute per time, he started to see a clear picture. He was able to see a clear picture. Three months later he sent me a message: "My doctor told me my eyes were healed." You know what? He could see a picture clearly for three months and still needs a doctor to tell him that his eyes were OK. What a funny thing? How slow is our belief?

We prayed for many people. The people who have leg problems and cannot walk. We prayed for them and their legs go to back to normal, and that they could walk. Do you know what she was telling me? I was shocked by this kind of thinking and behaviour. "I need to go back to the hospital to check whether it is okay." You can walk already, do you need to check? Do you need a doctor to tell you that you can walk now? Did you not know that you could walk?

God still works!

God works! Come on! God performs miracles! God doesn't comply with the physical law. God works in the spiritual realm and complies with the spiritual law. So you and I need to be spiritual persons. To be spiritual is a great treasure. Whether it is dementia, whether it is diabetes, whether it is going blind, and whether it is lame, our God is a God to make the lame to walk, make the blind see, and the paralyzed can stand. Our God is the God of miracles. If you take away all miracles in the Bible, there are only left the cover page and the bottom page in the Bible. Our God is the God giving hopes. Bring all your problems to this God, you will gain access to the promise. You don't need to do anything to him because this is grace. You just need to believe. And now if you know that it's a treasure, will you love him with all your strength? **Do you want to love him with all your energy, with all your soul and with all your mind? Do you want to still rely on your own calibre? Or do you want to know God, knowing the spiritual truth? **Know God, know God's plan, know what kind of people will please God, what kind of people will bring blessing from God, and what kind of people can gain access to the promise of Almighty God. Know why I came to this world, know why I'm living this life, what my destiny is, where I am going. If I tell you the stories, the miracles performed through my hands by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will feel so amazed.

One day I was fetching some guy taking a train to visit me. So I was driving to fetch him. I was sitting in the driving seat and I saw he carry one box of fruit from far away, coming to see me. I came out of the car to meet him, but I couldn't stay for a long time because it was not allowed to park in that area. I am about to get in the car. He had been holding my hand and his tear kept droping down. you know what happened? A year ago before that, this guy nearly went blind. He could not read. He could not see. He could only see the outline of items. So I ministered to him. Now he can see everything, and his eyesight has been restored. Then he wanted to see me. When we met each other, we cried and hugged each other. I cried because what a God I'm serving, what a God, what an amazing God I'm serving. The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised. So I decided to follow Jesus. I decided to follow Jesus! This is the most wonderful thing in my life. I will enter a variety of colourful life with so many new discoveries and not not just this life, but eternal life. It is a wonderful decision and I will share with you in the next lesson how to gain access to this grace and the promise of God.

Now I need to tell you we need God. We need God. You and I need God. We need God. Jesus Christ is the God who loves us. He died on the cross to take our sins away. He suffered for all our curses, and God's love is so visible through Christ. Are you prepared to follow Jesus Christ? If you are prepared to follow Jesus Christ, I tell you their life will be so colourful, and there are a lot more promises of God waiting for you to gain entrance. And this is the gospel I preach, and God's power will be manifested in our life. Do you need Jesus Christ? If you need you to Christ, pray to him, you can say, "Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord my God. I want to devote my life to you. I want to see You face to face. "

God has a great plan for you and me

Many years ago, when I was a young kid, my mom kept on telling me one story many times. My mom said, "my son, you are unusual. You are a special kid. You are so different and you are so special." why? My mom told me before she gave birth to you, she had a dream. In the dream, a big, huge and black colored snake, which is called python. The huge python dropped down from heaven and its mouth opens so wide want to swallow her in the dream. "I was waking up and I saw it was about to swallow me up. I woke up, and it was the day you were born." Oh my God! I'm so special. And when I recalled what my mom told me, I bear in my mind, "Yes, I am so special because the day I was born, I was almost swallowed by the devil and God protected me." From the day I was born until I became a believer, I am predestinated to serve the lord. When I was young, my mom believed in the fortune teller. One fortune teller came to my house, and there were five kids in the house. And the fortune teller pointed at me saying, 'this kid is blessed and he is a blessing. He is going to be an extraordinary person." I was so amazed to hear about that and today I know the reason. It is not because I study well, not because I did well in school and did well for the job. No. It is because I served the Almighty God. It is because God has a great plan for me, and God has a great plan for me, and I believe that. Everyone is special and God has a special plan for everyone of us and we all need this God, this amazing God. From the day I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior, I told our Lord Jesus Christ, "Lord, I want to follow you. I won't turn back. This is me, having the character of Jacob, the character of Abraham, the character of Isaac. *8I was born with the destiny, and I was the chosen one. You are a chosen one either. Follow Jesus Christ! No turning back! **This is the life which will be colourful. It's going to be exciting. We are going to see the spiritual victory all over the place.

Just a couple days ago, one more amazing thing happened. The grandfather of my coworker, whom I met before, talked very well in the age of 89, right. This grandfather suffered from dementia just couple days ago and he started to make noise and wanted to hurt people. I heard the granddaughter talking nonsense which didn't make any sense. Your grandfather behaves like this. I said to my coworker, "If you need me, I will be there to pray for him. " You know what happened? The next day the grandfather got up and he came back to normal. He told everyone that last night he had a dream and in the dream he wanted to beat someone, which was actually not the dream and he was possessed by the evil spirit. OK, you know what came in my mind is that the demon knew I was going to deal with him. I would deal with him. They just flee away. Probably you would doubt. This guy was so confident and thought the grandfather came back to normal just because of him . OK, fine. I'm not going to argue with you but you can try. My name is made by God, which has become a great name in the spiritual realm. And every time we are confronted with the devil and demons, they surely flee. It just happened again. I want to say, "God, you are so amazing and you make my name great and you are the God who make my descendant as a great nation and this is what you have promised to Abraham and to Issac and to Jacob. In this time, in the 21st century you have promised to me either. " God will make my name Great in the spiritual world. So every time the devil and demons hear my name, they are going to tremble. I was confronted with evil spirits so many times and they were telling me a lot of interesting stories. I'm not going to share with you this time now. What I want to tell you is that God is a treasure.You and I need God. Believing god is the greatest and the most wonderful thing in our life.

Amen! May the Lord bless you.

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