【Course】Course 101 - Lesson 0: From Seeking to Believer


This course is to tear down the worldly value system we originally received. We are to build a new spiritual value system based on biblical revelation. The purpose of this course is to establish several of the most important foundations of faith: spiritual world, salvation, grace, faith, victory, blessing, curse, warfare, spiritual height, Church, and destiny.

Background of the first edition of the 101 course

Hello everyone! It's a great pleasure to meet you all online again.

There are ten lessons in the "101 Course". Our Course 101 has blessed many people over the past few years! "101 Courses" was a review of the courseware used by other Churches many years ago, and we put a lot of effort into this matter, but I was not satisfied with these courses then. Why are you dissatisfied with these courses? Because many things are scattered, completely unsystematic, and the levels are not clear enough, I feel that the things taught in the entire courseware are messy.

If you come to our Church, you will find that we have a unique characteristic: Many things are original, it is not copied. Although I don't even like to copy my stuff, I like to follow the apostle Paul, so our Church is very original. Even what is popular in the market, we often take it as false teaching. If you are a pursuing Christian, you will find that many people criticize Abraham, criticize Isaac, criticize Jacob, and judge people who are pleasing to God. I don't have the guts. I think they are all people who are pleasing to God, and I have to imitate them well.

So our Church doesn't follow what others say, so what should we do? We go according to God's original intention. For example, David, in the eyes of people, what David did is terrible, and people are not very good, and his moral values ​​are not strong. But God was pleased with David, so we have to start imitating David. Some people will ask, do you want to follow David's example in killing Uriah and then marrying Uriah's wife Bathsheba? It's not like that, I'm trying to imitate what God liked David to do. Although Saul neither steals nor robs, neither prostitutes nor gambles, and is well-behaved and upright, God does not like him. God says that he is often stubborn and rebellious. So we started to follow them step by step according to the words of the Bible.

At that time, because I was not satisfied with the "Bible" course, I wrote my own "101 Course". Although the process of writing is very painful, it has created a large number of people in the past few years, and it has provided a very clear framework for our beliefs. You will find that "The 101 Course" describes the most important things about the whole person relatively clearly, that is to say, the most basic framework of the theology of destiny is in the "101 Course", of course, there are many details later. When I was writing "101 Course", the first edition of "Chinese Destiny Theology" had taken shape. At that time, we needed such a set of courseware to establish a basic belief framework. I can boldly say that if you follow our way to believe in the Lord, your faith will be more transparent, but some people may disagree. The meaning of this sentence is that the letter in the head will be clearer, not confused.

In the local Church, I often see some people asking the pastor questions. They are all good questions. I am surprised at the pastor's reluctance to answer those questions, by brushing them aside. How can the pastor do such a thing? When we wrote "Course 101", we envisaged that there would be an upgraded basic concept like "Course 201" and "Course 301". Therefore, the "101 Course" is connected to our "201 Course", and the "201 Course" is connected to the "301 Course". Of course, "Course 201" was written in the second year. However, when I wrote the "101 Course", a basic framework was established. However, when I look back at the "101 Course" today, some things are not very clearly written, and we still need to improve.

In our concept, you will find that we have a series of courses, Course 101, Course 102 and Course 103, and of course Course 201, Course 202, Course 203 and Course 204 Course", and then we have "301 Course", "302 Course", "303 Course", these are three series. When you see this series of courses, you will find that I am building a framework for everyone. The 101 series is for those who have not yet become disciples. What is a disciple? Disciples are very demanding. They are people who give themselves to God. It is very clear in the Bible that people must leave this and that before they can follow Jesus and become His disciples. You must know that Jesus Christ wants disciples. So the 101, 102, and 103 series of courses are just a foreshadowing for a person to be a disciple.

The 201 series is the series of disciples, of course, this is a very tough division. When someone asks me which series does the 1.5 series is considered? We do not subdivide this issue, nor do we argue about it, because it can be counted in any series. So the "101 Course" is connected to the "201 Course".
In the future, we will connect to a "001 course". "001 course" is not about theology, but about "how people live". This course is for people who don't even know, believe, or care about Jesus.

The horizontal connection is: "Course 101" is a framework, "Course 102" is healing and deliverance, and "Course 103" is reading the Bible and God's words. Course 101 addresses a basic framework of faith, and Course 102 brings people to healing and deliverance. Why are we doing this? Because that's what Jesus did! He recruited some disciples, and the first thing he did was to train them to go out and preach the gospel; to heal the sick, and cast out demons. This is very important because it is the faith of Jesus Christ. Those who do not heal the sick and cast out demons, are not like Jesus. We believe in Jesus and do what Jesus did. So everyone should now be able to understand how the "101 Course" is connected with other courses.

"Course 101" sets a framework, "Course 102" provides more in-depth teaching on healing and releasing, healing and exorcising demons, and "Course 103" is to strengthen the reading of God's words. "Course 201" is told from the perspective of a servant, and the overlap of other courses is still very high. Why should I do this? I'm here to tell you about the overall course management.

Let me share with you another thought that I am still exploring: Why do people read the Bible and become Pharisees? Because of rigidity. When I finished these lessons, I had a big concern. I was afraid that our brothers and sisters would become Pharisees. For example, the "102 Course" is to train people to preach the gospel to heal the sick and cast out demons, but some people also preach the gospel to heal the sick and cast out demons, but Jesus said he didn't know him. This is also what the Bible says, which is of concern. How to do it? I just think that based on our course, we should push people into a non-rigid state. How to push it? I will tell you a little bit about my idea, but this idea is still far from being implemented.

First, people need to have an understanding of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. If people can't listen, can't speak, can't read, and can't write, that's a terrible thing.

Second, in today's generation, we have to learn a little computer language. Computer languages ​​have a peculiarity that if you write it wrong, it won't run, so you can't play fake ones. You can play fake "101 Course", "102 Course" and "103 Course", but you can't play fake computer language.

Third, hands-on labs. You have to learn to do it, I don't want your hands to be clumsy like a "cotton waistband". "Waist of cotton pants" is our Northeastern dialect, which means to describe a person as stupid. If a person is stupid, it is difficult not to become rigid.

Fourth, everyone must learn marketing in the new era, and we will talk about investment and financial management later. Marketing requires people to be flexible and agile. If people are not flexible, they can't do it at all.

Would anyone say that these things are not all worldly? Was Jesus a carpenter worldly or spiritually? Later, I discovered that to build the Church of God, one must be wise and be able to build. In the Bible, David and Moses were recorded as very wise men. God revealed to Moses how to build the tabernacle and how to build the Temple to David. If you don't know architecture, you can't do it at all. God draws a blueprint for you, but you can't understand it. How do you do this work? The same is true of building a Church. If there is a whole group of Pharisees, there is no way to build a Church at all. So this is not worldly or divine, this is building the Church, and it is also an idea of ​​my future development. Of course, it is still under scrutiny and exploration. Today, I will reveal it to you first.

My idea is very good, but once you get out of "101 Course", "102 Course" and "103 Course", people will run into the world to be carpenters, run into the world to do marketing, run into the world to do investment and financial management and go to the world to learn computer languages. Sure it's fine, but what are you doing? It's true that you're not rigid and flexible, but isn't that a hassle? So today we are going to lay a good foundation, and then continue to improve and build on the foundation. "101 Course" is a fundamental course that solves the most basic problems of people. Although the status of "101 Course" in the overall framework is very simple and very basic, it is very important.

Why should the Course 101 be upgraded?

In the past few years, our theological system has been greatly improved. It's like an electronic product has been upgraded. It can't always use iPhone 3 or iPhone 4, because they are all small, and it feels like holding a toy in the hand. That is to say, all courses need to be upgraded, and the concept of Chinese theology school has no limit to knowing God. Maybe in my lifetime, we don't know how many versions of our "101 Course" will be upgraded, but there will be many versions of classic things. If you read a marketing book and find it's the 22nd edition, it's a great book, and it should have been in the market for 40 or 50 years. Therefore, the Chinese Destiny theology School is continuously improving, deepening, and expanding, because there is no limit to knowing God.

We may think that it was well organized today, but many years ago we thought that the course was well organized, but today we are not very satisfied. What needs to be improved in the content and structure of the first edition of Course 101? Because the degree of close integration is not very good, the cohesion of the courses needs to be improved. And the problems and content in the course need to be corrected, but also to promote our 003 ministries more effectively. The 003 ministry is a person who has just started to know God. We need to train him to learn "Genesis" and "101 Course". "101 Course" and "Genesis" are called 003 Ministry, and at the same time, the assignments and topics in the courseware are more systematically sorted out. We organized as we went, dishing out assignments and questions, our co-workers also prepared the reference answers to these assignments.

"Course 101" will go down in the future, creating an interface with "Course 001". "Course 001" is to explore what it is like to live from an objective point of view, and then better connect "Course 201" upward. Although the old version of "Course 101" is also connected to "Course 201", the span in the middle is not quite right, which is why it is necessary to upgrade.

How to learn the new Course 101?

I feel like I need to re-emphasize how you learn, because how you learn matters. And my way of learning is still very good, otherwise, how could I learn so well. The first point of learning methods is to establish a framework, so what I will tell you today is to establish the framework of the "101 Course" and the big framework of the entire background. If the framework is not clear, you have no idea where you are. Some people often travel all over the world on business and check into hotels after getting off the plane. Because their company signed an agreement with the Holiday Inn Hotel, they stayed at this hotel wherever they went on business. Because Holiday Inn hotels all over the world look the same, when he wakes up in the morning, he may not even know which country he is in. Wouldn't it be a mess if you didn't know which country you were in? So you have to know where you are. So building a framework is to let us know what we are in the whole system.

Don't think that you need to understand all the details to establish a framework. If you understand all the details, you don't need to establish a framework. Suppose you arrive in Shenzhen, but does Shenzhen have one ring, two rings, and three rings? Shenzhen doesn't seem to have one. If you want to master the whole of Shenzhen, you need to know a few major highways, expressways, or viaducts. Then go to understand which district the expressway usually runs through and how it connects to Shenzhen. Learn more about Shenzhen's subway system and see how the subway works. Even if you go to Taipei or Hangzhou, it's the same way to get to know the place. If you understand in this way, you will not be confused, and you will know where you are in the city, what subway stations are nearby, viaducts, and so on.

If you're driving, you'll quickly find expressways and viaducts, and then you'll probably be able to find somewhere to live, and then find the main road, which is called a frame. If you don't have this framework, you can only drive into small alleys one by one and confuse you. This is called being unable to grasp the main point, so some of us are easily confused today. Recently, many scammers' calls are related to the new crown virus. As a result, some people chatted with the scammers for half an hour and almost got scammed. why? Because there is no frame in the head, it is impossible to distinguish whether it is a liar or not. Therefore, to learn to establish a framework, one point is divided, and the concept of the framework must be deeply rooted. How to create a framework?
Let's first look at the big thing as a whole, so the failure to study is closely related to the failure to grasp the key points.

Grasping the key points, the goals, and the framework must go deep into the bone. When you grasp the key point, the goals, and the framework, your head will not be messed up.

Example: I'm doing this, it's connected to something, and it's clear in my mind. From which mainline and where it can be connected, you must have a clear mind and will not be confused. I often say a few words for everyone to write down: What does this thing look like when I say it? Everyone needs to know what it looks like. I've never seen a person playing the piano with two fingers, one finger on the left hand and one finger on the right hand, so busy there! Even if you practice all your life, you can't play well. People don't do that. Therefore, to play the piano is to use all five fingers of the left hand and all five fingers of the right hand that is called playing the piano. One finger on the left hand and one finger on the right, and is this called playing the piano. That single string may not be enough. So what this thing looks like is very important.

Do you know what "101 Course" looks like, roughly? Everyone must start to know, if you don't know what it looks like, and then just make up your mind. The frame is that you can roughly see the outline and appearance of this thing, and then you seem to know as if you don't know. But it doesn't matter, it's a familiar face.
When we read "Course 101", everyone seemed to know it after reading it, but it seems that they didn't. It's important to be familiar with each other. You don't necessarily make it so clear, but when you know it looks like this, you're familiar with it. You're looking at framed stuff all day, and you're less prone to messing around. When you write, you will find that what I say is structured. If you are in close contact with me, you will find that I have always drafted what I say, and I have never spoken improvised. Impromptu things don't work well. Today, if you have the mood, you can improvise. What if you don't?

The first point is to establish the frame, the second point is to focus on the key points, the target, the frame, and then mix the faces in the brackets to see what it looks like. The third point is to get rid of the bad habit of being confused when you don't understand a little bit, and understanding when you understand everything. This is a characteristic shared by people who are not good at learning. People who don't study well have one thing in common: as long as they don't understand a little bit, they'll be in a mess, and they'll have to wait until the year of the monkey and the month of the horse when they figure it all out. How to do it? We have to start getting used to living in which there are some things we know and some things we don't know. We have to get into the habit of knowing what we know and what we don't know, and then we need to figure out what. Let's not get stuck, then we learn with questions, start with the little you know, and iterate quickly.

Let me explain a little bit about fast iteration: when we read the first class, we first understand the names of these nine classes. Although I haven't read these nine classes yet, and I don't know what they are, I quickly flipped through the words in them. Then I realized that this was what I was talking about. Anyone who can write a book will write an abstract first, and then discuss it in detail below. So we have to get into the habit of knowing that it doesn't matter, I will scan it, and it will not be easy to run away when we talk about it later, because we know where this direction is going. This is called learning with problems, starting with what you know, and then iterating quickly. Read, read and scan again, read, read and scan again, the first lesson will be very clear.

Some people slammed into it and couldn't get out in the first chapter. In the end, he still didn't understand it, he thought he understood the first chapter and then asked to study the second chapter. Actually not, they all brushed from Chapter 1 to Chapter 20, came back and read Chapter 1, and then found that I seemed to understand Chapter 1. Then take a quick look at it again, which is called fast iteration. The first time I went through it, I knew 10%; the second time I went through it, I knew 20%; the third time I went through it, I knew 50%; This is what you do when you want to figure out something. Learning everything is like this, and many people like to be stuck there. The way to learn is to deal with the bad habits of learning in us.

Second Edition Course 101 Assignments

Of course, there is also homework, and we do things right. You will find that when I teach, I don't mess around, I don't dance, and every class has homework. Students must learn to write homework, not for me, but for themselves. The educational level of each of our students is different, and our requirements for the quality of homework assignments are also different and flexible standards. If you are an undergraduate doctoral student, and each character is written quite large, as big as the Lantern Festival, can I ask for this kind of homework? Therefore, according to the educational level of the students, the assignments also have different requirements. The goal is to master the content well, to get the whole framework into our minds, and to clearly describe what we have learned in short sentences. This is not going to school, but trying to turn you from an ignorant person to a knowledgeable person.

Everyone should know that I have come into contact with a lot of people who have finished college. After finishing their studies, they came to me and said, "Teacher, my brain doesn't seem to be very good." I said that my brain is not very good? I just stretched out a finger and asked him how many fingers he had! He said one. I stretched out two more, I said how much is this? He said it was two. Isn't that brain very useful? There is nothing wrong with the brain, but it is often unable to learn. why? Because it's so hard to describe a thing. If you clearly describe what you've learned in short sentences, you've learned. After you finish studying today, your head will be mashed, and tomorrow will be mashed. Is your head a bean curd brain? Just like white noodles boiled with a little water, it will become a paste, which is why even though some people are very old, they still have mud on their heads.

Use short sentences to clearly describe what you have learned and systematically link what you have learned. It's not an easter, a wester. Even sweeping the floor has to sweep line by line. If a person sweeps the floor with a rake in the east and a broom in the west, it will be the same as not sweeping. After a while, you have to scan what you just swept again, which is equivalent to having to scan several times over and over again. We will arrange for a teacher to lead each student. Of course, while the teacher is leading the students, it is also a process of being trained. Therefore, if the teacher and the students hear that something is wrong, they must correct it. Teachers need to teach students one-on-one teaching for the areas that students do not understand. This is training for teachers.

Questions that need to be answered

  • Question 1: What does frame mean?
  • Question 2: Can you understand the framework without knowing the details? Give examples.
  • Question 3: Why do you need to understand the framework before taking a course? Many people do not have this habit.
  • Question 4: Describe the way to understand the framework, try to describe the framework of the "101 Course". Write down what confuses you.

I used to know a university professor who was a good friend of mine, is very intelligent. He invented a set of teaching methods, which is called the problem-solving teaching method. Later, we taught together in an institution of higher learning. I made a computer system for him, and I integrated his teaching method into my computer system. The teaching method, he created, is a thing called a "Template". This template is called FMT (First Meeting Template). There is nothing much in this template; only a few lines at the top, one line, and a blank space at the bottom.

After giving you a topic, you have to solve this problem. For example, if your boss gives you a problem, you need to solve it and investigate. The first thing he did was:

  • What do you know?
  • What do you not know?
  • What do you need to do to figure out? (What needs to be figured out is what needs to be learned.)

This has become a starting point for solving problems. I think this problem is very good. Today, everyone should develop such a study habit. I think what he is talking about is solving problems. Today we are talking about learning. I have given you all the content. You can learn the content well.
Before you learn, what do you know, what you don't know, and what you need to figure out, this is my additional question. I'm talking about this, although I'm worried that everyone will find it long-winded, I have to talk about it. The good news is here, and I have a very simple dream that is; hope that our brothers and sisters will not be rigid; hope that our brothers and sisters can become smart; hope that our brothers and sisters will be good men and able to be of value in the market, not just shouting loud: "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" No matter how loud you shout, it will be troublesome; and I will not able to be accountable to God.

The framework is the outline of a thing, not the details. The details are not called the frame, the main point is that the thing that holds the whole thing up is called the frame. Every sentence in the details, including this sentence and that sentence, and what kind of story it tells, can't be called a frame.

Course 101 Curriculum Framework

Although I can't finish all the classes in one sitting today, I can finish the framework. I will give you my example. Once I went out, people asked me to serve, and they also asked me to share it on stage. The first question I asked before going on stage was: "How long will you give me?" Others don't understand what that means. If I was given to speak for two minutes, I can speak 2 minutes; given to speak for five minutes, I can speak 5 minutes.; given to speak for ten minutes, I can speak 10 minutes; given to speak for an hour, I can speak 1 hour, why? Because he asked me to talk about a topic if the topic is: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, I can finish it in two minutes; I can finish it in five minutes; I can finish it in ten minutes; I can finish it in half an hour, an hour, or even three hours I can speak.

You may wonder what I mean by this. If you give me two minutes, I will talk about the most basic framework; if you give me five minutes, I will add more to the framework; if you give me half an hour, I will Talk about the most basic first, second, and third-level in the framework; if you let me talk about it for another hour, I can expand it to a more detailed. If you want to make a painting look like a photo, you can draw it as a cartoon, and you can just tick it out with a few strokes. I once saw a cartoon that someone drew Zhao Benshan. At first glance, I could tell that it was Zhao Benshan. In a few strokes, Zhao Benshan was drawn. Take another look at another painting, it is Ma Yun. The cartoonist has suffered many disasters, and he draws it as soon as he draws it. The drawing is very similar, and you can tell at a glance that it is not a photo. But is it possible to draw pictures? If you want to draw a photo, it will take a long time, drawing little by little.

Everyone needs to know: the depth and breadth of what you can discuss can be continuously adjusted. If you ask me: Can you describe Beijing clearly in a minute? This is very easy, the Forbidden City is in the middle, the first ring is outside, the second ring is outside, the third ring is outside, the fourth ring is above the third ring, the fifth ring is above, and then the sixth ring. There are still thirty seconds left: the housing price of the first ring is 200,000, the housing price of the second ring is 100,000, and the housing price of the third ring is tens of thousands. If you still don't understand, if you still have time, the east, west, north, and south of Beijing are all vertical. Chang'an Avenue runs from east to west, and Southwest Avenue runs from south to north. It's just a few streets. If you have a little more time, that's okay! Let me tell you again, this is called Chaoyangmen, this is called Xuanwumen, this is called Chongwenmen, this is called Tiananmen. This is the front door, and there is a big fence at the front door.

I am giving you an example! Does that mean I need to describe so-and-so's horned shoes? I don't have time for a detailed description. If you give me two minutes, I will talk for two minutes, if you give me ten minutes, I will talk for ten minutes; but if you give me ten days and a half months, I will tell you about Yao Guangxiao in Beijing back then. Who was Yao Guangxiao? He was the military advisor of Emperor Zhu Di, who was able to understand astronomy on the top and geography on the bottom. It is said that Yao Guangxiao was almost taken away by Dragon King in the flood. There is a Gaoliang Bridge near Xizhimen. This bridge is called "Gao Liang Bridge" because there is a general named Gao Liang who went to chase after the Dragon King to get the water back. This is a Beijing legend. If we talk more about how Guo Degang was in Beijing, there will be more stories.

Beijingers are the best at saying it, of course, it's all jokes. I admire Beijingers very much, because all the Beijingers I have met are very talkative, and they can chat with you for an hour. Knowing astronomy above, geography below, everything that flies in the sky and runs on the ground can all be said to be "Kanye" or chatty man.

Lesson 1: Living is a Spiritual Matter

The title of the first lesson of the old 101 courses was called "The Spiritual World is Real". Later, I felt that the title was not very good, so the title of the first lesson of the new version of the 101 courses was called "Life is a spiritual thing". People often hear me talk about human life, so this time I set the topic of the first lesson of the 101 courses as "Man's life is a spiritual thing". What am I going to say? We have to observe what it is like to live. If you observe and observe, you will find that when a person lives in his thirties, he begins to experience things in the spiritual world, because life is a spiritual thing. This time, I will include some typical stories to discuss that people's life is spiritual thing.

For example, one of my classmates had a heart attack, because he had to arrange an operation the next day, and then he said to his child: "If no one calls you tomorrow, make a pot of porridge for Mom; if someone calls for you, you will pack up and prepare for the funeral for your mother."
As a result, halfway through the heart surgery, the heart stopped for several minutes. Can a person live if the heart stops for several minutes? Can't live anymore. Then the heart started beating again on its own and came back to life. After waking up, she described what she experienced when her heart stopped. When she first started the operation, she was already in the spiritual world, and then someone told her that if someone wants to take you away, you must not leave, and then that person disappeared. After a while, a few spirits with bull-head and horse's face rushed in, grabbed her, and left, but she was taken away without any resistance.
After being caught, her heart stopped beating. It turned out that the heart stopped beating and her spirit left her body. Later, when she was halfway, she didn't want to follow these little ghosts, then a person appeared and stood there and said, "Let go!". Then she came to life, and her heart began to beat again. Isn't life a spiritual thing? Human beings are indeed spiritual. When I tell stories, I quote from Ecclesiastes, because there is a phrase in it that is especially well written: the vanity of vanity. What does it mean to be alive, and empty upon empty? Meaning it's a shadow, if you hunt for shadows all day, what can you catch? What is real? The spiritual world is real.

The content of the new edition of the course is similar to that of the first edition, but this time we will be more straightforward. Therefore, it is necessary to explain clearly that people's life is spiritual matter. The most important thing is the observation of people's life when they are alive. . If what people live is just chasing shadows, and the spiritual world is real, then how to solve the problem? If you look closely today, you will find that those who live very seriously in this world are all being controlled. Chasing these things alive in the world is all about chasing wind and shadow, so what can you get by chasing wind and shadow? If you firmly grasp the affairs of the spiritual world, you will live well. Why are you living like this today? Because you can't always grasp the essence, the essence of human existence is the manipulation by the spiritual world, and until today, many things have surpassed people's imagination.

Lesson 2: Man Needs God to Live

The previous lesson said that human life is a spiritual matter because we can't deal with matters in the spiritual world, and we can't handle ghosts, so people need God, and God has prepared abundant grace. Therefore, those who believe will be accompanied by signs and wonders, and those who fight with demons all day long will surely be accompanied by signs and wonders.
For example, as soon as this person prays, he is cured, how can he be cured? Because there is God, and behind the sickness is the spirit. If the child has cancer, it will be hard to watch, and the white-haired person will send the black-haired person, and it will be hard to watch. Eating well and living well, why did you get cancer? Because there is a characteristic in people that is prone to attract the spirit of cancer, God prepared a grace and then talked about the need for God to live, not God for us. Don't make a mistake, everyone, if this matter were not for us, God would still be God.

In terms of authority, power, wealth, glory, and honor, God is a thousand times to a billion times more than what we know in the world. If you were a common man, what would you give to God? If you were to give a gift to a billionaire today, what would you give as a gift? You can't give it away at all, because there is nothing that people can like, so people need God. Don't take your most precious things to give away, ask them to help you with something, because they don't value your things at all. Humans are on earth, God is in heaven, and human beings cannot control things on earth or in the spiritual world, so what humans need to gain is God's grace. How to receive grace, is to have faith.

Lesson 3: Not every faith is faith

Many people keep believing, but in the end, they get nothing. He also believed, but his faith was not the faith of mustard seeds (to help others), but the faith of rice grains (filling the stomach). If it is the confidence of rice grains, it will be hell if it grows in the ground. What do we believe? Believing is the word of God. How to gain grace is through having faith; Faith, not in ourselves, but the word of God.

Lesson 4: Unbelief is the root of the problem from the knowledge of good and evil

People's faith can create the future, there will be miracles, and many things can be miraculously reversed, including financial and physical conditions. Faith can create the future, and all those who come to us have experienced these graces, and it is your faith that saves you. A person who does not believe in things in the spiritual world does not believe in God and does not believe in God's word, and lives under the laws of nature will end up waiting for birth, old age, sickness, and death. What we need is God, what we need are signs and wonders, what we need is not unbelief. What can we do with the laws of nature? The laws of nature can do things of the laws of nature, but we are living in a spiritual world, and we need to see God's miraculous deeds.

Identifying good and evil is not believing, playing with the laws of nature, so it is very hard, even small cancer can't stop it. Some people think that they are very good, and they understand the new crown pneumonia through research, but when the new coronavirus comes, they find that they have not done anything, and they feel that they are doing well. Identifying good and evil is pretty brutal, and Genesis chapters 1-3 are all about identifying good and evil.
Why do people not live like God? Why do people live like ghosts? The reason why people get mentally ill like Cain is that they embraced the knowledge of good and evil. Embracing the knowledge of good and evil is unbelief, and unbelief is embracing the knowledge of
good and evil.

Lesson 5: The two most important things in life: blessings and curses

Did you find that Lesson 5 is somewhat related to Lesson 1? The first lesson is called "Man's Living Is a Spiritual Matter", and the fifth lesson is called "The Two Most Important Things in Man's Life Are Blessings and Curses", which is about Deuteronomy. Blessings and curses are the two most important things when a person is alive. You can refuse to accept them. You are willing to live in the curse and continue to live in the curse. Esau lived by his sword, called a curse

Lesson 6: The Key to Blessing is Victory

In this lesson, we'll talk about wrestling with God and man and winning, and we'll talk about the land promised to Abraham and his descendants, which is today's Palestine. Why did Moses and Joshua need to take swords and spears, and organize an army of 600,000 Israelites to go in and take them back? Because only by victory can we obtain the promised land, and only by victory can we receive blessings. Victory is a concrete manifestation of faith, and God has prepared our victory long ago. If we believe, and we persist until the victory, this is true faith. Persistence to give up halfway through, halfway through college without getting a diploma, halfway through building a house is called unfinished business, halfway through life is called premature death, victory is very important.

Lesson 7: The key to victory is called Spiritual Peak

In the "Road to Highest Peak," we talked about earlier, no matter how much you struggle at the bottom, there will be no results. The key to victory is not how you fight, but the key to your spiritual peak. If your spiritual peak is not high enough, you will not be able to fight at all, nor will you have the strength to fight. So in this lesson, we will reintroduce the vision that Rick Joyner saw in "The Final Quest - The Road to the Peak" in this lesson.

Lesson 8: The highest place is the Temple of God

When we climb the spiritual peak of God's Holy Mountain, we will enter the Temple of God. This is what the Bible prescribes long ago: "Climb the mountain of the LORD, and enter the Temple of the God of Jacob." The Temple of the God of Jacob is the Church and Church concept. In conjunction with Lesson 7, we will discuss that the Church is the army of God and the Church is the Temple of God. At the same time, this lesson will also remove many myths about the Church view.

Lesson 9: Building a victorious Church is our destiny

At this point, we return to the question of why people live.

What is destiny? Destiny is why you live for? If you live for money, make good money; live for your wife, love your wife well; live for your husband, love your husband well. When you love your husband well, and your husband falls in love with another woman, you will be hurt, so there are many problems in life. This is why the problem of living is to solve a destiny, to solve the problem of the meaning of our life, so this lesson immediately brings us to the destiny of the 201 courses, and the course we teach is to build a framework.

Some people may ask me, have I finished writing these nine lessons? I haven't written yet! I tell you not to destroy your faith, but to build your faith. In my vision, in my faith, and my conception, I already have it, so I always set up a framework for everything I do. From the first lesson to the ninth lesson, this story turns around and turns quite well, and it looks pretty good. The first to the ninth lesson, how good is the whole, and then I will fill in the first lesson and the second lesson.

Although I have an outline of the concept of each lesson, the first lesson is to talk about man's life is a spiritual matter; the second lesson is to talk about the need for God to live; the third lesson is to talk about how to gain God's grace in life; Lesson 4 talks about unbelief as the root of the problem, identifying good and evil; Lesson 5 talks about blessing and curse, the two most important things in life; Lesson 6 talks about the key to blessing is victory; Lesson 7 talks about the key to victory The height of the spirit; the highest place in Lesson 8 is the Church, the Temple, and it is my destiny to build a glorious Church, which solves the problem of living. If you want to live well, you have to do it.

So when I do things, I list the big frameworks first, and I don't go astray, so I work efficiently. If you have this framework, you will not be confused if you carefully read the first lesson, the second lesson, the third lesson, and the fourth lesson. So no matter what I do, whether it's a computer course, a management course, or reading something, I do it, and I do it myself when I study. Today, I started to get out of confusion. We don't do confusion, we become Christians. If someone asks you what to believe? You say that the letter is confusing, which is troublesome.

Features of the Course 101

The characteristics of the 101 course need to be abstracted. The first characteristic emphasizes the Church view, and the final foothold is also the Church view. The second characteristic emphasizes destiny, building the Church of God's glory, so the character is very simple, and the root is fixed at once. The third characteristic is closely related to the matter of being alive. You will find that there is a corresponding concept from Lessons 1 to 4, and Lessons 5 to 7. For example, Lesson 1 talks about man's life, Lesson 5 talks about the two most important things in life; Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 talk about man's need for God and how to obtain God's grace, and Lesson 6 talks about the key to being blessed, how to overcome; unbelief in Lesson 4 is the root of the problem, discerning good and evil, and the key to victory is the spiritual height. The recognition of good and evil is on the plain, the spiritual height is the holy mountain of Jehovah, the foundation is belief, and beyond belief is the recognition of good and evil; Lessons 8 and 9 deal with the problem of solving the Church concept and destiny; The ninth lesson and the destiny of the 201 courses are linked together.

Through this matter, I need to let everyone see how I work and do things. It would be funny if everyone saw me preparing a sermon script. Whenever I am preparing a sermon script, it is stressful, because I was under pressure (to be perfect) is like peeling off a layer of skin. But there is one advantage. I made it, and many people gave up before making it. It took me three months to do the first edition of the 101 courses, and it took me three months to do the 201 courses. If you saw me at that time, you would have thought I was a lunatic. During these three months, I often went out and came back, walked around the house, sat down for a while, and then got up, got up, and sat down again. I wrote a version to see and throw it away. I wrote another version to look at it and then throw it away because it makes me uncomfortable. But I didn't give up, I didn't have the habit of giving up, and one day, I finally made it.

When I made the second edition of the 101 courses, I shouted, and the people around me were startled. I finally made it, and I did it. It was very hard work. The only difference was that my confidence supported me for three months. It takes ten months to give birth to a child, and the child in the mother's womb is the persistence of faith; it takes a week to grow a bean sprout; it takes ten years to grow a fruit tree, and it is useless to worry. All things made through faith, are precious in the eyes of God because God wants such people.

God works with those who have faith, so those who have faith are treasures in the eyes of God. So you came before God, patted your chest, and said to God, "Baby is here!" God also said to you, "Baby, come quickly!" Begin to be a person of faith. If you stick to one day, you can stick to it for two days. If you can hold on for two minutes in one minute, if you can hold on for two minutes up to ten minutes, this is the treasure in the eyes of God. God will never give up on you, and you will be sure to persevere until the baby is born. May God bless you all.

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