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【Bible Study】Genesis 12: Pay the Price For Destiny

Hello, everyone Today, I want to talk about my favorite chapter from the Bible: Genesis chapter 12. In the last discussion of Genesis chapter 12, I admitted that I didn't quite understand it correctly. I often think that I haven't got things right. Last time, I talked about the topic "God will make...

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【Bible Study】Hebrews 02: Invaluable Salvation

IntroductionIn the previous chapter, we talked about how angels were not as superior to men. The book of Hebrews is for the Jews as they look more highly upon the angels than man. The Jewish has many myths surrounding the angels. In the book of Ezekiel, if we carefully read Prophet Ezekiel’s vision...

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【Bible Study】Genesis 25: Never Despise Spiritual Things

Pastor Samuel Sharing Brother William Sharing IntroductionToday we look at Genesis chapter 5. What is the main point, the author of this part of the Bible, Moses, is trying to deliver to us? I will say: Never despise spiritual things. Every time I talk about destiny, it is a translation and more ...

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