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【Bible Study】Hebrews 02: Invaluable Salvation

IntroductionIn the previous chapter, we talked about how angels were not as superior to men. The book of Hebrews is for the Jews as they look more highly upon the angels than man. The Jewish has many myths surrounding the angels. In the book of Ezekiel, if we carefully read Prophet Ezekiel’s vision...

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【Bible Study】Genesis 14: God Made Abram’s Name Great

Pastor Samuel Sharing Brother William Sharing   BackgroundToday we are going to study Genesis chapter 14. This is an interesting chapter. After Lot left his uncle, Abram, Lot moved to Sodom and was taken by the four kings. At the beginning of this chapter, it was the story of the four kings w...

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【Bible Study】Genesis 04: You Shall Overcome Sin

IntroductionHello everyone Today we are going to study the fourth chapter of Genesis. Today, the most crucial word in the Doctrine of Destiny is called "victory." Whether we are victorious or saved, it is called victory. After rethinking it, I think I have found a clearer topic than before: "You sh...

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