【How to Learn】Active Learning 3: The Habit of Active Learning

1. Active learning is a habit

Today, your life isn't good because you don't have good habits. Of those habits, the most important thing is active learning.

If you encounter problems, solve them. The difference between good habits and bad ones is huge. Watching TV is a passive way of learning. Doing notes is also a passive way of learning. Your habits determine the outcome of your life. The failure to develop good habits is the root of all problems.

You can try to run from your problems, it is not like they will disappear. Even if you hide in the forests, they will still follow you. Even if you become a monk, it will follow you. The shorter the time it takes you to develop good habits, the better it will be. Once you cross this gap, you will no longer suffer, but this gap is hard to cross.

2. The root of bad habits

The root of bad habits is not learning the proper way to do things, and following the rules. If you do it wrong, you will continue to deepen the bad habit. The process of learning the rules is the hardest, but I will help you.

If you make mistakes every time you do something, it is because your method of learning is wrong, and we must change it.

The second root of bad habits is not paying the price; they like being lazy. If you don't pay the price, how can you solve your problems? Not paying the price counts for a large proportion of laziness. The fear of difficulties is a combination of not understanding the rules and paying the price.

Everybody wants to solve their problems, and once they do, they will be very happy. This happiness builds good habits. From the unknown to the known is called learning, and from the unknown to the known is called a practice of confidence! A person cannot solve their problems if they are not confident.

3. The first step to developing a good habit of active learning: Confidence is the foundation

Every time you pay the price, although you shed a little blood, sweat or tears, in the end they are for joy. So today I want to lift up the faith within you. I was unwilling to pay the price before, but today I will pay the price. In the past, I was afraid of difficulties and lacked confidence, but today, I will become confident.

I approach problems with the confidence that I can take them on. God is powerful, not me. Don't think that God won't help you. People have so many problems today because they lack faith and fail to practice confidence.

When we don't have confidence, we need shepherds to help us. A shepherd's role is to build our faith. So in the new year, I believe that everyone will make great progress in learning methods, active learning, understanding, and wisdom. This is my declaration of confidence!

4. The second step to developing a good habit of active learning: Don't follow your own feelings

Our church does not rely on feelings, but only in our victory! The flesh and its feelings are not accurate, but God's words are. If He says we are His children, we are. If he says we are victorious and wise, we are. If God says we can receive revelations, we can.

If you rely on feelings, it is because you are inherently lazy. As soon as people rely on their feelings, they are corrupted. The worst thing is self-righteousness. The wrong method will only let you hit a wall, they are not good for growth.

When I want to grow, it will definitely feel uncomfortable. When I want to take the initiative to learn, it will definitely feel uncomfortable. When I want to solve problems, it will definitely feel uncomfortable. But I don’t follow these feelings because I am a victorious person!

5. The third step to developing a good habit of active learning: Use the right methods

Using the right methods are extremely important, because what use is there practicing something that is wrong? Using the right methods develop good habits. If the method is wrong, it is useless.

If a child cannot learn the right methods, they will encounter troubles. They could sit in class hours, but still won't learn anything. People think that just sitting there stupidly is learning. In fact, it is not called learning but a waste of effort. We must know that children are in pain. If you make the child more and more painful, won't you destroy the child?

If you need money, you cannot just ask for money, but you must know how to make it.

6. The fourth step to developing a good habit of active learning: Use your resources effectively

Today, we have many resources, which is a completely different situation from decades ago. I grew up without a lot of books, and didn't have the money to buy them brand new from the bookstores. But my classmate's father was a teacher, and I went over to his house to use the books that I needed.

Today, I am your resource, and you can use it! Don't be embarassed, because I will be happy with you.

7. The fifth step to developing a good habit of active learning: Start with small things

A bad habit we have is not doing what we can do, but doing what we cannot do. Start with small things, like cleaning. Start with the faucets, and handles. Clean your room then clean your brain. Start small.

8. Summary

With continued practice, these five steps will be very helpful to you, even though it might be slightly different and more difficult to apply practically. Although you might not have the right methods, you can develop right ones. Although you don't have the right resources, you can create them for yourself. Although you are not confident at first, you will be.

If you are loyal to solving other people's problems, practicing your faith and confidence, God will give you your own. For example, if you are given one million of another person's money, you will be very confident and risky in your investments. But if you have to invest your own, you will be careful.

So be careful and solve other's problems with the same diligence as you would your own. Diligently serve God, and he will reward you.

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