【How to Learn】Active Learning 2: Active Learning Methods


The course is organizing the methods we need to become an active learner, but the actual training is in the future. Methodology is very important because many people spend a lot of time trying to learn through their bad habits, but they cannot achieve anything. We need to have a clear methodology in everything we do.

1. The starting point of active learning is asking questions

If someone can frame a good question, all you have to do is to answer the problem properly. What to learn is not as important and asking "How should I learn?". Having questions are the key to starting to become an active learner, because we are here to solve problems.

The next question to be asked, then, is "What problems should I solve first?". We are not in need of more problems, but how to solve them. You cannot only bring up problems and not solve them, collecting more and more through the years.

After you raise a question, you must find a method to solve this question. You cannot only bring up problems, but you must solve them. A lot of people, facing the competition in the world, end up giving up. People like to blame their own problems on things such as systematic issues, or their boss, etc.

Do not make excuses for yourself. People either think that they know, or they don't want to know. Or, they think it is impossible to find out. If you want to accomplish something, you must have a clear goal and then develop a clear strategy. Many people set goals and then neglect the second part of achieving their goals through a clear and thought-out strategy.

A person with a clearly established goal is very hard to sway. Don't fool around. If a person does not learn, when they are faced with a problem, they end up becoming sick. But it is all going back to the root of not learning. A person should accept that they are wrong and seek out ways to solve their problem.

2. I don't know what to learn

The first question is determining what to learn. Does this seem familiar to you? It could be that you know what to learn, but simply because you have too many problems and are overwhelmed. The problems that stress you the most, hinder your ability to make money, or make you the most anxious, that is what you should focus on.

List your problems. Maybe it could be that you are starting a business, or graduating university. It could be relationship issues. After you solve one, pick another one to tackle. If you don't know what to learn right now, start to solve your problems. Then you will know what to do.

Lets say you are opening a small business, and you hire an employee. But you don't know how to train them properly or be a good manager. What do you do? You imitate people who are better than you, who know what they are doing. Many people think that they must go to school for it, but at the end, their money is all gone and they still don't know what they are doing. Learning should be done through practice and imitation.

3. I don't know what to start learning from

List down the problems that bother you the most and take up the most of your time. You must know what you are lacking. Consider what you know and what you don't know.

Solve the problem that brings you the most reward. If they are all the same or unclear, tackle the problem that is easiest to solve. From "The Art of War", Sun Tzu says that you should always target the enemy from their weakest position. Once you have these points down, the situation will be more clear to you. We like to fix the problem that is the hardest, but in the process of solving it, we lose faith.

Start with the problems you are facing now, and don't be in a rush. If a person is a rush, they will not be successful. Solve your problems one by one.

4. How should I plan my career development?

There are many young people who are confused and waste a lot of time learning about things that they will never use. That is why ministry is so important. You have to be able to wield your knowledge, to use it properly.

We had a sister, who was so poor she could barely afford to eat. So she became a housekeeper, and landed a job as a housekeeper in a wealthy family. But this family immigrated, and they couldn't bring her. So they asked her to take care of their elderly parents. What type of career is taking care of the elderly? You must make a decision now, either you will be a housekeeper or you are switching over to caregiving.

She actually had a job a long time ago that was a very popular career, but she left because she felt like there was no development. For example, taking care of the elderly doesn't seem like there would be space to grow, but it is because you don't know where to grow instead. You could open a caregiving company and become the boss of that company. Can you become the best caregiver in the area? Could you give lessons? We have to start with these problems that we are facing first.

It is not difficult at all, certainly it cannot compare with calculus or trigonometry.

This is how you develop your career. Can you do your job well? Can you do the job of your immediate boss? Well, now you know what to learn. You can't just sit around and expect money to fall in your lap; you have to make yourself valuable.

Do your job properly, and when the right opportunity comes, God will open that door for you. Don't resign easily, don't change tracks all the time. Just stay in your lane, and your turn will come.

5. How can I organize, store and clean quickly?

Look up and glance around your house. If it is dirty and messy, you don't know how to learn. So today, we must learn how to clean around, both physically a mentally.

Why is it so hard for people to organize? It is too difficult to keep things clean because things are put in a different place than they began. But, you should organize in a way that the most commonly needed things are accessible and you know where they are.

Why am I so efficient at cleaning and organizing? Because I think through where to put things before I put them away. The method is that you put things in each pile, sorting items by their relationship. Then, make a plan of where you want to put things, which is the second step. Then, you put thme all away, and adjust as needed.

Every time I take a shower, I clean the bathroom. The first time might take you a while, but after every time you do it the time decreases. Then, you can focus on the especially dirty areas.

Many people have a hard time learning because their method is slow! If you are slow, then you will be discouraged and not want to solve your problems, which will lead to more problems being built up. Also, if you start on the fine tuning first, you will be easily distracted because you didn't plan out your rough tuning at all.

6. How to do I write documents and take notes?

You might seem to think that learning is very out of your reach and difficult to do, but once I have broken it down this way, it becomes very easy. If you are unsure about how to do something, go online and find a template or example for it. There are many lessons and plans online for these things.

If you don't know how to take notes, there are many resources online that will teach you effectively. Make sure your notes are effective and clear. And above all, write them into your mind, not just into your device.

Learning is easy if you are willing.

7. Any complex problem is a combination of simpler ones

It is not easy to break down a complex problem, but I will show you how.

For example, in customer service: you must solve the customer's problems, which is the ability of the business. The second skill you need is communication. Learn how to listen to problems, how to communicate the responses. The third point is calming the customer's emotions.

How about sales? You can also break it down into several categories, then you can tackle each specific issue within. What is project management? Breaking down a project into tasks, which you can assign to each person. It is not complicated because if you know how to solve easy problems, you can easily tackle bigger ones.

8. Don't mess up

Asking questions is not getting rid of the responsibility. Asking questions is not explaining the questions, you have to resolve the problem by yourself. This is the key.

Know your questions and your problems, make sure that is clear first. If you are able to grasp a good methodology, you will surely be a good scholar.

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