【Bible Study】1 Samuel 10: You Will Be Changed Into A New Person


Dear brothers and sisters, I'm so glad to have this time with you all to study the word of God. Today, we look at the First Samuel 10. I assume you have read it through a couple of times. If you have not, please read it through and come back to listen to my sharing again. What I have shared will be recorded and put on YouTube and our website. You must read the word of God, without reading the Bible itself and just listening to my sharing will not make much sense. I'm not preaching my name and my word; I'm preaching the name of God and the word of God.

After reading through the First Samuel 10, what do you think this chapter is trying to tell us? What is the main point, and what is the idea that the author is trying to deliver to us? The Bible is not written for the ancient, it's written for us, so you and I can understand the will of God. That is exactly what we pray for. We are praying for the will of God to be done on Earth as it is in heaven. After reading First Samuel 10, God wants to do anything so that we can be changed into a new person. So today I am going to talk about you will be changed into a new person, and that's what I think the First Samuel 10 is trying to tell us. The First Samuel 10 is written to the people who read it, you and I have to know that we need to be changed into a new person.

God Wants Us to Become A New Person

The story in this chapter was like this: Saul was chosen by God, and he was anointed as the ruler of Israel which was a big job. Saul was the king who ruled over Israel and had been selected by God. When the person is chosen to carry out certain tasks that are assigned by God, God will give him an anointing. The word "anointing" can be quite misleading because a lot of people thought anointing is power. Anointing is the appointment or assignment which is given by God. Once God gives you a new task, He has the desire for you to be a new person who can walk with God and obey the word of God.

In my view, there are only two types of people in this world: one type obeys the word of God and got blessed, and the other type disobeys the word of God and got cursed. God's will is to change us into a new person, we can walk in the word of God and obey the word of God, so we can be blessed, healthy, and prosperous. This is the will of God. God wants us to be the rulers — be fruitful, increase in numbers and be able to manage. Not only that, God is the helper, He wants you to live out His image. God will give you the power and the spirit onto you, so you will be changed into a new person, but that is only one-sided from God. We need to fulfill the will of God.

After Samuel anointed Saul, Samuel also shared with him:

When you leave me today, you will meet two men near Rachel's tomb, at Zelzah on the border of Benjamin. They will say to you, 'The donkeys you set out to look for have been found. And now your father has stopped thinking about them and is worried about you. He is asking, "What shall I do about my son?"' "Then you will go on from there until you reach the great tree of Tabor. Three men going up to worship God at Bethel will meet you there. One will be carrying three young goats, another three loaves of bread, and another a skin of wine. (1 Samuel 10:2-3)

Samuel was describing things that Saul would encounter, and Saul would see all these things happen.

The Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them, and you will be changed into a different person. Once these signs are fulfilled, do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you. (1 Samuel 10:6-7)

If you serve God, you will surely have signs and wonders. When the Israelites were asking for a king to rule over them, God is not happy about this, and yet, God is a faithful God. He was doing His part. Israelites asked for a king; God gave them a king. God anointed Saul by giving him the power and the spirit so that the spirit of God was working inside of Saul, but Saul still had to obey the word of God, still had to change and renew his mind. After Saul encountered all these things, all the signs were fulfilled. The logic in the mind needs to be changed, man's logic has to be changed into God's logic. The will of man has to be changed into the will of God. God wants us to live up to being a ruler. Do you believe you are a ruler? This was mentioned in the first chapter of the Bible.

God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground." (Genesis 1:28)

We need to increase in number and be prosperous. We are designed to be the rulers of the earth. Prepare your mind to be changed and become a new person. The Bible tells us to renew our minds all the time, not just once or twice, so we can be a new person and fulfilled the will of God.

Saul encountered exactly what Samuel told him. If you and I were in their position, what do you think? Has your logic in your mind been changed? Have you been renewed into another person? This Saul somehow still had the man's logic in his mind, Samuel summoned all the Israelites to the place, and they were electing a king by drawing lots. They drew the tribe of Benjamin, clan by clan, family and finally Saul son of Kish was taken, who was going to be appointed as the king. You can see God was working in drawing lots. If Samuel said, "Let this Saul be the king over Israel". Do you know what would happen? Everyone would ask: "Why Saul is the king? Why not me?" God said: "Let's draw lots." Even drawing lots was controlled by God.

But when they looked for him, he was not to be found. So they inquired further of the Lord, "Has the man come here yet?" And the Lord said, "Yes, he has hidden himself among the supplies. (1 Samuel 10:21)

It was odd behaviour. Saul was elected to be the king, and everyone was looking for Saul, but Saul has hidden himself among the supplies. In the end, people said: "Where is Saul?" God had to say: "Yes, he has hidden himself among the supplies. All the people had to bring him out from the supplies. After that, God gave Saul a group of people to follow him. Everyone shouted: "Long live the king!" The longest life is about 120 years and this was the story.

God Is A Faithful God

The story in this chapter was trying to tell us that God is a faithful God. He wants us to be renewed into a new person who can follow the will of God. God will also give you all the wonders and signs. It is not because God is happy about appointing a person to be the king over Israel, No, God is not happy. God told the Israelites: "You are not rejecting Samuel; you are rejecting me as the king. Let me list down all the historical events so you know that I am your salvation." If we were to ask: "Is there a time when we cried out to God, God did not respond to us? When we asked God to save us, God did not save us?" No. Ever since, when the Israelites lived as slaves in Egypt and were bullied by the Egyptians, the Israelites cried out to the Lord, and our Lord sent Moses to bring them out of Egypt. When they were walking to the promised land, all the kingdoms nearby who used to bully Israelites were facing disasters and calamities.

Which time God did not save them? God is so faithful, every time Israelites repented and cried out to God; they would see the salvation of God. However, when things got better, the Israelites just walked away from God, and all the nearby kingdoms would come to bully and rob them. When the Israelites had suffered enough, they cried out to the Lord and repented again. God saved them again.

This is the God we serve. God is a faithful God! Why are so many prayers not answered? Let me share with you: that the problem is not with God; the problem is with us. We are liars, but God is still faithful, so we need to change the way we think, the way we believe, and the way we do things. We need to be changed into a new person. God is willing to do everything for all of us. God even sacrificed His only son, our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross and died for us.

Today, I got a message from someone about a person who is suffering from a slipped disc problem. This problem will cause tremendous pain, it is horrible when pain strikes. Have you seen this kind of suffering? The Pastor prayed for the person, but prayer was not working, God was not responding. I have seen a lot of these kinds of things, they were praying: "Oh God, heal him! God, please heal him!" I was shocked about this. I have not found any precedent in the Bible. The message in this kind of prayer is that our God is not willing to heal the person, so they are asking God: "Please! Please! Please!" If you're sending this message to God, you do not believe that God is the healer, God has the heart desire to heal us, God sent His only son, our Lord Jesus had suffered his wounds so that we can be healed. Had our Lord Jesus Christ suffered for us? Yes, He was suffering on the cross so that we can be saved.

Because the belief and the logic went wrong, the prayer also went wrong. Do you know how I pray for the people? I pray in this manner: "In the name of Jesus! The pain must be disappeared instantly!" This is the way we are supposed to be, and we are changing into a new person. The new person has faith in God, new logic, a new mindset, the word of God, and spiritual eyes. God wants to do everything He can do, so God's will can be done on Earth as it is in heaven, but God gave us no excuse. God is a faithful God, even in a situation where Israelites wanted a king to rule over them.

God is not happy about it. God said: "I would give you whatever you asked and I would appoint this person Saul to be the king over Israel. I had chosen Saul, anointed him, appointed him to be the king and spiritual power was given to him to enable him to prophesize. In verse 11, "Is Saul also among the prophets?" The Israelites still asked this kind of question. You have to understand when the person was selected by God to fulfill certain tasks assigned by God and the person will be given all kinds of spiritual power. The person still needs to work with God, know God is faithful, trust in God, and walk in the word of God. If the person disobeys the word of God, then all problems will come upon him.

In the history of the Israelites, they disobeyed God, and when they were suffering in pain, they cried out to the Lord to save them. They lived their own life, walked away from the will of God, disobeyed the word of God, and suffered again. Then they cried out to God again and kept on repeating the cycle over and over again. This cycle is similar to the Christians today. Can we learn some lessons from the Israelites? We need to change ourselves to be a new person. What does a new person look like?

If you want to take notes, let me share with you the points I am making. Point number one is "God is a faithful God" and the next point is "What a new person means". This person has to be spiritual, possess spiritual eyes, and see things in a spiritual manner. You have to know God is in control and not the king is in control. You have to trust in God but not yourself. If you trust in God, nothing will collapse because God is in control of everything. You have to ask yourself what kind of spiritual person you can be. The spiritual law and the physical law do not work together as they are not the same.

What A New Person Means

The spiritual law does not comply with the physics law. For example, Israelites crossed over the Red Sea. Can you understand the logic? The spiritual law surpasses the physics, chemistry, and mathematics laws. We are not living in the physical realm but we are living in the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm, the new person has to see things from a spiritual perspective. The word of God is using spiritual words to explain spiritual matters. The word of God is not physic, medicine, chemistry, science, and engineering. The word of God surpasses all of them. The spiritual things work according to the spiritual law and the physical things work according to the physical law.

When you see a person, who is living in the darkness, his life is very unlucky and everything he touched turned haywire. Everything he did was not fruitful and did not yield results. When the person was in this kind of situation, he lost all his hope in life, had no confidence, and lived in darkness. The life of this person is in chaos. Can you change his life with the physical law? No,**the devil is playing him out in the spiritual realm and the spiritual realm is controlling the physical realm.

That is the reason why my 101 course which is suitable for beginners and believers. The first lesson is talking about the reality of the spiritual world and believing God's words are the spiritual words explaining the spiritual things. Many years ago, when our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world, He performed all kinds of miracles such as those who were born blind could see and those who were raised from the dead. All these miracles were not complied with the physical law but with the spiritual law.

The spiritual law is the key for Christians to believe. Unfortunately, I have met many Christians who have given me some kind of impression. I have a problem understanding the ideas in their mind. One day, I prayed for a person whose leg was injured and his leg was restored to normal after the prayers. His mobility was back to normal and was walking as a normal person. Do you know what he said to me? He mentioned to me that the next day, he was going to the hospital for a check-up to see whether his leg was back to normal. I told him that his leg was walking normally and what was the problem. I asked him: "Do you not know that your leg was back to normal already? Do you need to do a medical check-up to prove that your leg had recovered already?" That was very odd.

Another story is about the person I prayed for who had blurred vision and was unable to see anything. The ophthalmologist told him that his eyes were about to go blind and I could not name the medical word. The blurred vision condition was affected by the nerve which was dying. I prayed for this person and his eyesight was restored and able to see the images as well as the pictures. Do you know what he told me? He said: "I will go for a medical check-up to see whether my eyes are back to normal." I said: "Oh my God, how difficult to change the person to be a new person? How difficult is it to change the person to trust in God rather than trust in the medical system? "That was something beyond my imagination.

Somehow, I lived in an environment with lots of spiritual things happening. When I was young, my neighbour was a very accurate fortune teller beyond your imagination. The spiritual things are not fake but they are real. I approached her and asked her to teach me when I was a young boy. She refused to teach me and told me at that time that I was a person who was blessed. She also added that when I have grown up, I would be a very different person. Now I understand that I serve the Lord and I am a spiritual person. I know the spiritual world and I can see many things. I am not boasting about seeing things but about the Lord opening my spiritual eyes so I can see the spiritual world.

Why do miracles, signs, and wonders follow me? It is because I trust in the Lord, that a new person thinks in this spiritual manner. If Saul had spiritual eyes, knew his kingship came from the Lord, God was in control of everything, and trusted in the Lord, I believed Saul's life would be different. His life would be like King David and there would be plenty of kings like King David if they were to change themselves into a new person. It is not God who has to do His part but we have to do our part. We have to renew our minds.

Brothers and sisters, we have to put ourselves to death and let Christ lives in us. Many people argue that: "You have to live out your true self." I said: "You better put yourself to death so you can live up for Jesus Christ." Let Jesus Christ live in me and I no longer live. Do you know what will happen? Signs, wonders, and miracles will follow you. When you prayed to God, your prayers will be answered not because you are a pastor. God will listen to your prayers because you are a new person with a different logic from the world but with God's logic.

One day, my mum was offered a free elderly medical check-up inclusive of an X-ray. After the X-ray, the doctor asked my mum how she came for the medical check-up. My mum replied, " I took a bus and walked here." The doctor could not believe it and asked: "Are you sure you can walk?" My mum was puzzled why the doctor asked her this question. The doctor showed my mum her X-ray and told her she was supposed to be paralyzed and was impossible that she was walking.

When my mum came home and the doctor's message was running in her mind: "How can I walk? How come I am walking? The X-ray showed I was supposed to be paralyzed." She lay on the bed and could not get up anymore. At that time, I was somewhere nearby in my hometown and came to my mum. I inquired my mum about what had happened. She elaborated on her visit to the doctor for a medical check-up and the doctor said to her that she was supposed to be paralyzed. I cast out the man's logic and told her she could walk not because she was ok. She could walk was because of the power of God, the spirit of God in her spine, and in her slipped disc. Then I prayed for my mum, she was back to normal and walked again. When you are a new person, you will see things with spiritual eyes.

In my sharing of Genesis Chapter 1, God saw everything was good. We see things in the same manner as God and that is called spiritual eyes. If you do things and carry them out by sorting them according to their kinds, in a systematic order, with proper management, with a proper plan and things will be accomplished. A spiritual person will get things to accomplish. A chaotic person lives in a messy environment that was never tidied up; it is probably a spiritual problem. You have to change your mind, change your eyesight and look at things in a spiritual way. Even though there is only chaos, and darkness, let the spirit of God move in the place, declare there is light and things will happen because we are created by the image of God.

The heart desire of our God wants you to be changed into a new person, and He is willing to do everything for you and me. When we cry out to the Holy Spirit and let the Holy Spirit fills us so that we can be renewed into a spiritual person. Our minds will follow the word of God and follow the Holy Spirit so that we can be renewed again and again to live out the image of God till one day you declare that you are no longer living. I am not important anymore and I no longer live, it is Christ who lives in me. You have to remember one thing in the Doctrine of Destiny: we are very serious about destiny. Saul was appointed as the ruler of Israel and his assignment was to fulfill this role, lived for this role, lived for God's will, lived for God's word, and lived for the destiny which God designed for him, he would have a very different ending.


Now try your best to understand what a new person means, "It means a spiritual person." When God created Adam, breathed into his nostril and became a spiritual person. Are you with me? If you are living in your flesh, you will become a carnal person carrying a carnal mentality and have a lot of carnal behaviours. I am pretty sure that you will live in the destruction. You can change yourself into a new person by renewing your mind all the time, not just renewing your mind once.

Some people always shared their testimonies from 20 years ago. They would be telling about how God helped him. After receiving help from God, they never renew their mind and never have any new testimonies. That is very sad, right? Are you willing to be a new person? You need to put down yourself, throw away all your old rubbish in your mind, all the physical laws, all the self-righteousness, and all the stubbornness. You might be struggling between trusting yourself, trusting people, or trusting God. You have a lot of struggles before you can be renewed into a new person. The struggle will make sense to you when you are going through it.

No matter who you are, you are a human, you are living in your body and for some reason, it leads you into a physical person. Now you have to renew yourself into a spiritual person, the key barrier is yourself and you have to overcome yourself. You could wrestle with people and God but the moment you surrender to God's logic, you will know God is a God who performs miracles. Even if you are facing the Red Sea or Jordan River, God can open them up so you can walk on the dry land.

Even you are facing tremendous difficulties in your life. With human eyes and physical law, you will see there is no hope to turn it over. By the power of the Holy Spirit, everything can be changed. Do you trust in God? If you trust in God, let your struggles over and let the struggles yield a result. You will become an overcomer of your old self and become a winner of your new self. It is no longer you live but Christ lives in you. God is helping us, let us renew our minds and follow our Lord Jesus Christ to become a new person.

Please bear in your mind, do not like Saul hiding among the supplies as we do not need to hide. We are not trusting our abilities but we trust in God alone. We live for Jesus Christ and we are willing to die for Jesus Christ. We come to this world for Jesus Christ and this is our destiny. We have to change our minds, change our ways to be a new person and that is the will of God. Let the will of God be done on the Earth as it is in heaven. Amen!

May the Lord bless you!

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