【Sermon】 Devil's scheme: Culture of This World (2022-08-08)


1. Culture Is Very Powerful and Spiritual

We could easily fall prey to this world's culture.

We used to comply with the social norms. But as Christians, we got to live the way of God.

Don't be afraid: our God is more powerful than the world, so we can rest reassured.

The culture of this world carries a lot of spiritual forces behind it.

Our mind is easily polluted by this world. So we got to refer back to the Bible to see what Jesus or Apostle Paul did.

Apostle Paul summarized that behind the way of the world is the devil which deteriorates the world badly.

We Christians are not part of this world. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God.

In the Doctrine of Ming Ding, we are building a church according to Paul's teaching.

The results are obvious: many people get healed and prosper in their life.

We have God's presence among us.

This is a battle continuous for 2000 years, starting from Apostle Paul's time. The focus of this battle is on the church view.

There are many misunderstandings of many concepts centering on the church view.

  • Salvation: not about going to heaven after death, but live the image of Jesus when we are still alive.

The church needs to lead the people to fight against the invasion of the culture of the world.

2. Bible Verses: Ephesians 2:2-3

in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient. 3 All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our flesh[a] and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature deserving of wrath. (Ehpesians 2:2-3)

3. Prayer

4. Background of the Bible Verses

Paul had been fighting against the Christians from Jerusalem's church. He was facing great pressure.

The church is not about the number of people, but about the glory of God.

The devil is constantly sneaking into the church to undermine the church, making the church to be self-destructive in internal struggles.

The church is the body of Christ, so how can we bring dirt or dust into the church?

Jesus wants disciples instead of believers.

Apostle Paul was also dealing with people's carnal behavior to resist the invasion of this world.

The key to resolving almost all problems: bring everyone into the Kingdom of God so that they willingly live and die for God.

God is working through the church. God intended to demonstrate his power through the church.

There are three types of Christians:

  • Those who died in Egypt
  • Those who went out of Egypt but dared not to fight against the devil
  • Those who dared to fight against the devil and gained access to the promised land of God.

5. Remind the People of Ephesians of the Hope in Christ

All hopes in Christ are real.

We are high above this world.

6. Emphasis on the Position of Church

God's intent is to manifest His wisdom through the church.

God's wisdom is the church, which is His dwelling place and temple.

The dwelling of God is in the church.

The church had been going in all directions and that could not be called a church.

7. Do not follow the way of the world

The way of this world became a powerful weapon of the devil. It pulls the church away from the way of God.

We got to pursue all the way until we reach unity in faith and become mature in Christ.

Don't be an infant. We got to deal with our carnal.

We have died in Christ to the world. How can we go back to the old way of the world?

8. Be A Man of Wisdom

Live as a wise man:

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. (Ephesians 5:15-16 NIV)

9. Conclusion: Equip Ourselves with The Armor of God

We got to really comprehend the truth of God.

Putting on the full armor of God involves a lot of understanding of God's words.

Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (Ehpesians 6:14-17)

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Good morning, dear brother and sisters. Yeah Queens and peace to you from our God, our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. May our Lord bless you today. I'm going to touch on a topic about Devil Skin. The culture of this world. This is important to you. You know, yesterday I was sharing the same topic in Chinese to Chinese congregation. And it is so common among us to. You know to fall into the trap. And even today now we are also having a lot. A lot of a lot of the culture of the this world in our mind. You know the devil is so cunning. And we need to really work harder to get away so that we are. We are not going to fall into his trap. You know, I encourage you. I encourage all of you to live up your ear and pay attention to it, and this is the this is in reference of the book of efficiency. Don't let let's see this. Yeah the culture is very powerful. The culture point number one. The culture is very powerful and spiritual. You know they did. When you get into a place, you get into the place and that place has the culture, the way of life, the way of doing things, and the the the social norm. And you have to comply to the social norm. But we question the moment we accept accepted our Lord Jesus Christ. We no longer living in this world. We are citizen of the Kingdom of God. If you do not follow, do not comply. The culture of this world. You will get problem. But rest assured that what we think we have problem. Our God is a lot more powerful, a lot more powerful than the than the culture of the world. You can be rest assured you can be rest assured. You know attending a wedding, attending a funeral, attending of public birthday party, right? And the certain festival? You know that the that the common culture and from what I know you know they celebrate. You know, with people getting too old. Yeah, they like to celebrate the birthday party and celebrate the birthday. You know they have a friend of mine. A friend of mine when they come to the age of 80 and they have the whole, you know, the banquet. The whole of the whole big birthday party after the birthday party. After the break, the party you know the birthday party cost about 100,100 thousand for the day and she she was sharing with me all how you know the kind of glory or the kind of glory. But you know what? After couple weeks she went to hospital to check up. She got cancer and from the day she he passed away because during the period I was ministering to him. And I was praying for him, and you know she was suffering for the last few months of their life. Cancer. And that you know, only four months away, less than half a year from the day of the celebrating the the birthday to the day of, possibly, you know, this is. This is something very common, and in some of the places they start to know when the people get old. They want to celebrate birthday and they say Oh no too far away from there, not too far away from that. And then the old lady. They're the old lady, you know what happened? No, the old lady want to celebrate the 70 years old birthday party and the the daughter say mother, I want you to live for a few more years. Please, please do not hold the birthday party then the mother say you know I have not much you know I I don't have much. You know other requirement? Yeah I don't have other other things I I want to fulfill. I just want to have this thing to be fulfilled. Yeah? Then they have no choice. I have to give away, give way to the the they love the idea of holding birthday party. Although birthday party you know what is thought to have diarrhea and then possibly in seven days. And this is very common, yeah, and one of our church members. There's a couple years ago. Couple years ago she got pregnant and the older pregnant and then she was asking me whether I can get a name for the child and they all. Nola no no no no no. I I I I'm not used to do those sort of things. There you know what happened after the child was born. Other child was born and they had this. They have this tradition, the culture and the tradition. They celebrate after the baby was born 100 days they call 100 day 100 days. What they call the you know the party right hold your party. You know the Chinese no Chinese, any party. The party is basically eating food. Alright, and the troll banquet? Yeah in the restaurant and invited a lot of friends, a lot of friends. And after the after the you know the the celebration after the celebration. One person was a little bit drunk and they drop from the 2nd floor to the ground floor and they pass away. Other parts away. You know what happened and they the one who celebrate the party holding the party had to pay 100 / 1000. I'm paying 100 / 1000 for the death and this is a real story. Real story no no blood. And this from that day onward. I know this is not something it did, not something you know. Common, it is very spiritual and very spiritual, you know. So the way of this world. The culture of this world did normally bring a lot more spiritual forces behind, so it become very spiritual. You know they have funeral. They have what? No? I have a friend of mine. I have a friend to be honest, I'm pretty worried about him. I'm quite quite worried about him. Well, she got cancer. She got cancer about more than a year ago. Now more than a year ago, she got cancer. Actually, I was leading him to do Bible study many years back. In the many years bags you have very weak, very weak. The church will not see that the hoping all of the place, no attending chairs and couch here a little bit there. Go there to minute to do ministry. You know to do short mission trip here and then you do a lot of this and even went to the prison to to to minister to the prisoner right that was you believe. And you know what happened because she got cancer. So I was I was, you know, the kind of sorrow, yeah, so I invited him to join me. And after I pray the cancer start to string a little bit start to string a little bit. You know what happened and start to travel today Europe and start to travel to you know to Austrian country. And it's not to to do all these things. Attended wedding attend another wedding. And I I see this as a symptom, a sign, a sign of them, not a good sign, a sign. Of bad ending. Yeah, so there's all these are culture. All these are culture. You know, you know, we I I want to bring you to bring your attention to the attention to this and Minister to a lot of prayer for a lot of cancer patient and this cancer patient. It's not not here. If they see very, very significant improvement, some brain cancer and some other cancers, right? So after that, no, they fall into the trap of the way of the world, the culture of the world. You know, the bad ending will come. The bad ending come many cases, although experience. So many cases and there's some. Like I really see, you know we have minutes of someone like this and say Oh my God. God, please have mercy on him now. Have mercy on him. You did that in our mind. We are invaded by many, many value of this world. Many you know, the way of this world, the the norm of this word. We don't have the common. That's all common, but that is not common. That is not the norm. Is not the common for the people, for the people of God, the people of God. Is already tied to this world. We are living in the Kingdom of God. We are no longer complied to the value of the different. We are no longer complied to the the norm of this world. You know that a lot of the Democrats that political system, you know democracy and autocracy, you know. And one brother. Sometimes because I don't broke, I don't bother this. I I'm not buying the idea of democracy, and neither are buying like idea of autocracy. I thought this is the this is just the the the way of this word that the culture of this word, the value system of this word, whether they agree they don't agree with none of my business. I only agree to the value system of our Lord Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul. And sometime I just encourage our brother and sister to be to be to be a, you know, a person carrying the image of God, not have rethought the image of God. That's why we don't bother many of these things. And sometime sometime you know people misunderstood. Thought I. I was brainwashed, brainwashed by the, you know, by certain government. The government there. You know, one of the brother of one of the brother is already brainwashed by the by the democracy democratic system. Now they have this democratic system. They don't, they're the that is the that is the way, and that is the way they try to migrate from from Asia to the Western country to the Western country migrated. You know, they they. They believe that is the ideal that is the most ideal, whether ideal or not. I don't quite bother. I don't bother. So once I when I when I was young I don't bother. We are accepted. Jesus Christ, I don't even I don't even bother. Think of it. And these brothers. Talk to call me up. Call me up the how can you talk this way? How can you talk this way? And she explained to me that the the democratic system is the ideal. Is it ideal? No, no that the that the value of the the the the the way or the way of this world the norm of this word one of the norm of this word. You see this, you see this and sometime sometime I travel around and went to a city and went to a city and this city, the church staff received me. Now she drive a car, pick me up. Then I I was sitting sitting in the car no two of us. No we cannot. We cannot just you look at me and look at him right and look at him. You he look at me right and don't talk right. We got the interact. A little bit right, and then we do not know what to talk. We talk a little bit about whether you know that not sensitive at all. We talk a little bit about news during the period. The news is a hot news, right? And I was talking about politician, one of the politician political leader, right? And we'll put what sent to jail sent to jail because the because the bribery, right? And then I see what happened. Oh no no no no no. That is the you know that is something they call they call it what? No they call it. No it it it. The political fight is unfair, OK, unfair. Either sometime I believe this I see a lot of Christians, the brain, the the the mind go haywire. They already lost the sense sense. All these basic sense and the problem is this. They have certain political political stand right? They they have they they have the the truth aside to to to stand with them. So what I'm trying to say this what I'm trying to say, if our mind is easily polluted by the culture of this world as a Christian. As a Christian, we go to really refer back to the Bible. What kind of the norm we should hope? What kind of cultural norm we should hope, right? We should really read Bible and today I will lead you through the the the Book of Efficiency. Envision the book of Envision. It's all easily polluted, yeah, and we we we accepted Christ, we will accept the Christ and somehow we have a lot of experience. We are bullied by the devil because of culture of this world. The way of this world is behind the wheel of the culture, right? The culture and norm is the devil. They the power of the air, right power of the air. You know that the the attitude many Christians. Go against with certain, go against with the homosexual movement, yeah. But if you read the Bible of Jesus Christ during the time they never bothered you in the where our Lord Jesus Christ was on the earth, what on the Earth the homosexual is as common as today? And Jesus never never bother about this and never never protest the government and don't fight against. So so does the the apostle Paul during the apostle Paul time. Apostle Paul never organize all the Christian. What are the threads fight against with the homosexuality? Are you with me? I it's not biblical, but today Christians actually like to evolve in the political system and some people, some were told in one of the country, one of the country they have the whole the election and all the religious and all the religious party right? All the religious groups they form a party. They want to participate, participate in the election and they want to be elected. And they want to manage the culture of the country. What a sad thing. If they do, they would their time their energy into building building the Glory Church according to what the book of Efficient Book of Galatia Book of You Know, All The All the post letter report letter. How nice it is. What Jesus Christ have been doing, and the church is not doing, and the church is doing a lot of things which Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul never bother. What the sad thing it is right? So the port view. Apostle Paul, they summarize all of this at the the way of this world and this behind it. The way of this word in the devil are you with me in the devil. So during the church history, in many years during the truth history in many years to the past 2000 years, after apostle Paul passed away the church, although they read the book, A vision, but they are. Invaded by the culture of this world, by the way of the world and the the the church go into the darkest era. You know the middle age, right? Are we part of this world? No. Are not part of this world, we are. We are citizen. We are citizen of a Kingdom of God. We hold the the Kingdom of God, the value of Kingdom of God. A lot of people are talking they in this manner, right? So the change history is said to say is a failure of the failure to keep the teaching of apostle Paul. Basically it is not bring the chair to kill it, neither bring the chair to steal it. Bring the church into the way of this world and that they will. They will has been has conquered the church. So that's the setting right now. So today we have built a church according to post teaching the doctrine of Destiny doctrine of minding right in Chinese word called minding, basically meaning destiny, the doctrine of destiny, doctrine of mending, is trying to trying to put into the into the practice to build the church according to the post teaching according to. The teaching of Jesus Christ. You know what happened? We find that the cheers got the presence of God. Then they a lot of people get blessed regardless. What kind of political system? Regardless, what kind of position and what kind of profession, profession and what kind of regardless of their age group. So. After building this, I'm the founder of the Doctrine of Destiny, right? I'm a founder of Doctrine of Destiny. I would say the doctrine of destiny, trying the best to follow, follow the teaching of apostle Paul. So we build the church or try our best try to understand, you know, for for the for the Apostle Paul's letter, right? Let apostle Paul letter we have study couple run we try to figure out especially efficient, efficient and this book of efficient is is is the classic classical classical writing a classical writing about building? Shared with the President of God how nice it is if we know this is the this is the way this is the way. Then why should we go into the way of the world? The word. And the promise of God. Start to come true, we start to see the prayers are answered. We start to see the six are healed right? We are preaching gospel and this gospel is really solving problem. It's solving problem. They're exactly apostle Paul was talking about in this book of efficient. We are prepared. This sermon. I listen and read the many time of this book. Of efficient and got some inside and it got a little bit better inside than the past right now, so impose time. You know, impose time the the battle already started the church have to fight the church. Have to fight the battle against the will of this world. The culture of this world to be to be no to invade into the church. In the in the past 2002 thousand years, you know people or although they read they read the book of Asians Efficient, but they fail to comprehend and this is the sorrow of the Christian sorrow of Christian, many people, many people, they they, they dog, after death they can see glory of Almighty God. You know just now we sing the song because he lives. Because you leave and you certain certain part of the lyrics right. Certain part of the lyrics actually seem to be like after death. Seeing the glory after death then they will cross the river. They will be able to see the glory they will see our Lord Jesus alive. About this is this is not. Our God all the time in the life and not after death in Jesus Christ. We may still alive. We'll see the power of the resurrection in will be manifested among us. While we are still alive, you see you see God is the God of living people. God is not God of dead. God is God of live living people are you with me? So let's see this. The battle still go on the battle still go on and we are so fortunate. We are so fortunate we have. We have founded this doctrine of destiny. We live for Jesus Christ. We die for Jesus Christ. We, our life is devoted to build up a church. Let the spirit of God do well among us. You know, we practice what Paul's teaching and we see God presence. We appreciate we can appreciate what the what Paul is talking about in all the letter. Even today, the battle still on they try I'm I'm trying to share with you so that God ourselves, from the way of this world. It's very very powerful. Very powerful. To liberate the book of Efficient Book of Efficient are You with me or book ever envision Chapter 2, verse two and three? Chapter two book Efficient now chapter two was to enrich. You used to live when you followed the way of the world. The way of the world I'll call culture of this word, and the ruler of the Kingdom of the air are you with me? You read it the way of this word, and the ruler of the Kingdom of the of the air, right? The spirit, who is now at work in those who are. Obedient. In those who are disciplined, obedient, all of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the grieving of our flesh, and the following is the dry and dark. This is the. West we are going to share about today. Let's pray. That part together. Lord Jesus Christ our father in heaven. Let your Holy Spirit enlighten us. Open our spiritual eyes so that we can see we can see. How, how wonderful to have you in our life. How wonderful, how wonderful to build a church with the spirit of God to welling among us. Lord, we thank you for choosing us. Thank you for choosing us, Lord. Today we will ask your presence among us so that so that we all can can be enlightened. We know that the scheme of the devil, so that we can fight against the devil so that we can. We can. We can marching forward to see more and more glory. Of your name. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, we praise you, we give all the same to you in Jesus name we pray Amen. You know the the. The background of this. The background of this versus you know during the post time during the past time they are facing the danger of the church to be invaded by the culture of the world. You know any new believer come into the church. Any new believer come into the church. Probably 1% is the Kingdom culture, Kingdom of God culture. And the 1990% is the culture of this world. And as a typical church, the Jerusalem Church, a typical Church of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Church, Jerusalem Church is the typical one, yeah? The church we are seeing a, you know, a great revival, a great revival. But then they all bring the culture of the this world we do into the church in the end of the day, the Church of the Jerusalem was in the ruin and the all the all the leadership are hold, are held by the were held by the pharmacies or by other people pharmacies. Right, they try import life, import life. Paul has been fighting against with this Christian who come from the pharmacist background now and many of them under become become the you know, the the subordinate of these gyms. So during the time during the time and Paul is facing a tremendous pressure and during the time of writing efficient the book of Efficient Paul is already overcoming have already overcome some of these. Some of these attacks right? And the and the. Successfully successfully converted many churches who are who are, you know, get this kind of culture. They pull know that there was the there was scheme so well now and dealing you know in the church a typical problem all kind of problem. You know why they husband their parent and kid, the slave and master right? And the power power struggle within the church. You know all these things all all come from the world. All come from the word and the way of the world becomes so attractive. Because they they are, they are. So they are so integrated with the sinful nature and the desire of the flesh. So the church had been facing this kind of facing. This kind of invasion by the by the devil. Ohh, during the day during study post later during the study post letter I have changed, changed my view. Now during the early days you know, during the early days they they have this church group. They have seminar about church group and went to attend some of these seminar and they invite those famous pastor from US. They talking about the church girl, girl and the. That girl they quoted this example of Jerusalem Church the The Jerusalem Church. You know Peter, Apostle Peter, they pray and 5000 people they preach and 5000 people. 3000 people turned to Christ and they are celebrating. They are celebrating all this. But you know, after my study I realized that not a good thing. They're not a good thing. You know what happened. I'll turn all these 5000 people except the Christ so-called Salvation 5000 salvation is that 5000 salvation No no there is the the church are invaded by the devil. The culture of this world. The norm of this world. The way of this world. So after a while I see all the result doesn't seem to be good, so I recall all those. All those sharing during the seminar or no. The seminar by all the talking about church girl. I think there's no good. So I changed my mind about the church girl that my mind about the church girl, the children, not about number of people about the glory of Almighty God. If they have all the people but no more glory of God. No more present of God then there will be a big problem. There will be a big problem. So the glory and the power of the resurrection. You know, the Church of the church is not not something like you bring anyone over one salvation. Bring another one to prayer, Sinner, prayer or another salvation. No, they're not the way the church is. The body of Christ. The church is the body of Christ need not talking about number, it's talking about the glory and the power and the present. God's talking about number of disciple, not number of believer. But if you look at the chart today, there are a lot of power struggle within the church. Why? Because they are invaded by the by the devil. The devil is making use of this opportunity. They they get in get into the church and they start to they start to cause cause the damage to the church made the church. And made their church become a self-destructive, self-destructive. So one thing you would pay attention to that body of Christ Church is the body of Christ. How can you bring food into the body of Christ? How can you bring no that kind of people are very kind and not willing to change. No? So you know, you know we we are the church to kick people out. We are not the chair to the more people, the better. No, we are the church. We are not bothered with the number of people we are bothered. We bothered about the presence of God. They try all the people who initially come into the church. They see the presence of God then they will see the the prayer answered and many the number's testimony is exceeding right exceeding. We we called it no sometime we sometime with too many to share too many every week or healing every day, every just talking about the prayer meeting you. Probably you can't believe it. Prayer meeting with Monday to Saturday morning 11:00 o'clock to 12:30 evening 8:00 o'clock to 9:30, Monday to Saturday. Throughout the week and the Sunday, the Sunday is is the church meeting day right? And the the number of people coming to attend this the the the Pre meeting is is extremely high from you know some parts were telling me if you have once a week prayer meeting in the church and if your attendance of the prayer meeting or exceeding exceed 20%, the church shall have revival. No I many years ago we have 100% attended 100% attended the. Real meeting, but in the end the number did not grow because they're not the desire of God, not the will of God, no. So the Jesus Christ taught us. She won disciple. She do not want believe it, right? So there's a post teaching poor. Also pay great attention to that. So Paul have very poor are very demanding, very demanding to deal with the carnal behavior. Dealing with all those problems right now, so let's see this. Let's see this. This is the kind of background and this kind of background. So you know the the wife and the husband problem is not about wife and husband. Problem is the wife and husband. Whether they get into the way of the world or the way of the Kingdom of God or the you know the parent and the kid the they are not the parent and kid problem. It's about the problem. A Kingdom, Kingdom or devil or kind of the problem of Kingdom God's Kingdom of God. You know nowadays in our church we don't bother with the wife and husband relationship problem. Do you know that if you do know that that I do not know that I will share with you a little bit more of that. After awhile, I discovered that I'm we we are doing, we spending energy to to deal with the husband and wife problem and we find all our energy going to the wind. You know, sometimes the wife and the husband. They get very well the relationship getting very well and they start to don't bother me. I mean, they're happy and I will be pushed outside push aside right when they start to fight they start to fight, then they come to me. No I say Pastor job. What a horrible job right? Horrible job when the wife and husband have a good meal together. They wouldn't know you met me. I don't, they never you mind me they they the the Wi-Fi husband the cable no have a good meal and no they when they fight they come to me and say what kind of problem with this you know then I start to figure out the only way of drawing their problem is not talking about the relationship is to bring them into the Kingdom of God and both of them follow the will of God. The way of Kingdom. Then they will pop. The problem will be resolved and they were they were live for Jesus Christ and they would die for Jesus Christ. They called destiny. They have destiny and they all the matters more matter is no longer big deal. And sometimes I talk I I share with you know why my husband. Sometimes they just say well how can you look me like that? No how can you shut the door so loud? That kind of nonsense right? I am not going to bother with this. I only bother. And then you two, you two. You want to come over to do a counseling. I better bring you into the Kingdom of God, culture, the culture of Kingdom of God that drive. Don't do those things right, and even the parent that kid they find the same thing. I'm not going to do this so no counseling on the relationship. Get the second psychiatric. Get all those what they call character. Looking at the characters, what you know what kind of character you are, whether you are dominant, where you are. You are follower, what that kind of thing. No, I'm not going to bother with this. I will bring two of you carry inherit the way or the way of the world and get into the Kingdom of God, the culture. So that how you work now. So the church is the church. The church is no longer a couple now you know, in Kabul ikabod it means the glory left. You throw a lot of church. Actually they only have people that they have people. They have devil but don't have God, they have people they have. They have a devil but don't have God. You see a lot of problems a lot. So we are no longer follow the apostle pictures approach. We follow Apostle Paul's approach. So let's say let apostle Paul is in this background, this right? She? She wrote the letter to efficient efficient right now and remind people of if officials the hope in Christ. Now the hope in Christ if you were to read this together with me. If you read it together with me, you will see this how wonderful it is, right? Let me read it for you. Efficient chapter one, efficient chapter one. You see, we are. He inserted when he raised Jesus Christ from the dead and seated him at the right hand in the heavenly realm, far above all rules and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked not only in the present age but also in the one to come. You see that we actually above all we above all and God please all things under his feet and appointed him to be the head over everything for the church, for the church and which is his body, the fullness of him who feel everything in every way. You see everything, the rules and authority, the power and dominion, and every name that is invoked is under our feet. Because we are body of Christ. We are the body of Christ that drive the feed in the church. In the body, the body. So Jesus Christ is our head and we actually we have. We have, you know the the wonderful thing we have wonderful thing. The the Book of Ephesians Chapter one right? Praise be to God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly rain. In every spiritual blessing in Christ. Are you with me every blessing? But if you were to, you would to not building a church or according to Apostle Paul, keep away the way of the world. And putting a fence against the devil against the invasion of the devil, the Devil not invading the church through the through the you know, life and the sword is the true. The culture through the culture. That is exactly the Church of Jerusalem was was overturned. Initially had the glory of God and little only have father sees. The Temple of God in Jerusalem is not have God presence only have the Pharisees, and this is the work of the devil. Is the work of the devil. So we we if we read the the. Efficiency of a chapter one. You know what kind of blessing it is, what kind of power it is, the power, who who bring Jesus Christ from the dead and raise him, raise him up. And it it in the church. If this power is in the church, and this power in the church, the glory of Almighty God, in church, why we should see our prayer to be answered in in many ways, right? But during the past years I was in the local church as a lay believer. I see thousands of thousands of prayers, never get answered, and people keep on praying and they don't get answered. And what? Questioning myself why did happen until today. I realized that the church had to be the body of Christ is no body of the devil. You don't put a benefit in the church and there will be a church. The church if they find whether they have the President of God, whether they have the spirit of God. The wording in the place. If you're building a church or cording to the Church of Jerusalem that you have problem if you. Building a church according to apostle Paul, teaching, then you will see the power of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ will be manifest manifest among us. They try it sometime many time. I will share it with people in in our church. God is with us. God is with us. That's why we get everyone who seek God are healed. But here and some people say, Are you sure if they are 100% get healed and say, yeah, they're the one exception you see? Who is that exception is your you are the exception and these are the start to love right now. We go to understand God is working through the church. God is working through the church, no so so remind the people of the Ephesians the power of God. In the past we were living under the ******* and we are bullied by the devil. We are bullied by the devil because of the grace of our mighty God. The power of the resurrection and the power of the salvation. And bring us into Kingdom of God. Why should we go back to the Kingdom of the world? Why should we go back to the way of the world? Why should we go back to the culture of the world? Let me guarantee you if you leave under the under the culture of Kingdom of God, let me share with you. Your finances will have no problem. Your health will have no problem. Do you believe that in Kingdom of God there's no sickness in Kingdom of God? There's no poverty in Kingdom of God. They know something called that was the bullet by the devil. That's right, building a church, building a church with the Glorious Church. How important it is so you and I somehow get bullied and then we rush into the church. That's why you got. You got to know. Got to know the doctrine of destiny doctrine of meeting you. You got to know our privilege. We are called the son of Almighty God. You and I as Prince and the Princess right far above all the all. The thing of this word we are far above of all the things that the spiritual, whether it's the only things or under our feet, we going to know this is our privilege. We go to open our spiritual eyes. We go to know that this works. This works and the many song was written. Many song was written. Some, some some something mentioned about the manna in the desert manna in the desert. You know we classify Christian in three different category. One type of Christian living in the Egypt, Egypt under the slavery of the Egyptian. Now another type of Christian is the Christian who live in the desert, cannot gain access to the promise of God. Never get into the promised land. Because they have fear to fight against the devil. Are you with me and they eat the manna in the desert for 40 years? What kind of setting? Until they die they generation or die and the new generation new generation rise up and lead God bring them into the promised land. So what I'm trying to say the third class of the Christian is the Christian. Who who not just came out from Egypt is not wandering in the in the desert. It's all get into the promised land can gain access. All the promise of Almighty God. That's why in the book of the Book of the. First, Curry, did they? They mentioned that no matter how much how many promises are there, it all all will come true in Jesus Christ in the body of Christ. Are you with me the the, the gospel, the gospel, we believe, the salvation we believe is no longer after death? Is the IT it work when we still alive it work? We may still alive then what Paul was telling us that what Paul was telling us do not be fooled by the way of the world. You watch it, you see, it seem to be logical. But it doesn't work. The problem it doesn't not work. No, you follow the way of the word that you get. You do not have the power of power. The Holy Spirit. You can cancel. What do you do now? You can change. You don't see doctor and you suffer you. You get got. Chemotherapy got this therapy and then radio therapy. You go on and on, yeah? So Paul is reminding the people of Affiches the hope in Christ is all real and you all know that and that we we we. We found a church like this. The doctrine of that today, and we have a church like this. We really see all we can comprehend. We can appreciate what pause is trying to say in the past before we see this, somehow we get seem to be very distant now. Seem to be very far away from us. But after we after we follow the advice of of apostle Paul as it works, it really works. That's why people say, oh, oh, I accepted Jesus Christ. No. How can I make a living making a living and not a problem at all? Making a living in Jesus Christ in the body of Christ with the presence of God is not a problem at all. Your study is not no problem at all. So poor. Just now I put a measure of couple point point #4 point #4 the background of the background of this weathers. Yeah and the point #5 remind the people if wishes of the hope in Christ. The hope in Christ right and point #6 emphasize on church emphasized on church. You know Paul is writing at the. The Book of Vision is talking about how to build a church. No? Then they say they try to emphasize this again and again and again and again. You got to know that if you follow the book, efficient, efficient, right, you build a church. Surely? I tell you, surely you will have the presence of God in the very classical writing, or really a classical writing. So Paul. You see this thing this called intent was this now through the church. There are many full wisdom of God shall be made known to the rulers and authority in the heavily rain are you with me through the church, the manifold with them of God shall be made known to the ruler and the authority in the heavily ram that. Chapter three was ten no, no. You you you got to see that to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generation forever and ever you go to know that God is good. God is taking church as the place of the 12 dwelling place taking charge of his temple. Taking church is his. As for his bride, right? Take him to church as a place where we're caught intention there. So we we go to know that we got to know that the wording of our God dwelling of our God is the is the church. So we in the past many years past many years, the church has been going into all kind of direction going all kind of direction. It no longer a church no longer charge, so the church have the proper organization that will, apostle and prophet there will be teachers and that the pastor and evangelist evangelist. So we're going to know that the God's intent. It truly change the manifold wisdom of God shall be made known that now if you read my book of efficient, you would know the church, how to build it, how to build the church today. I'm not going to talk about the building, the church. I'm talking about the way of this world. So in the past 2000 years, the way of the world, the culture of the world become a powerful weapon of the devil. The powerful scheme of the devil. And they get into the church and the church get. Move into the self-destructive self-destructive way. So the the the the there is a wise from apostle Paul. Do not follow the way of this word. Do not follow this way. The way of this word. That's why we're going to pursue all the way, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Until we reach the unity in the faith in the knowledge of the son of God and become a mature attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. There will no longer be a infant. Don't don't be a infant. No, after many years of the many of the Christian life and God not much improvement. Still plenty carnal behavior, still plenty plenty. Way of this world. So do not be an infant, tossed back and forth by the wave and the blue here and there by every wind of teaching, and by the cunning and the craftiness of people in their deceitful scheme. Are you with me? You see this. You and I somehow chased chased by the devil into the Kingdom of God. Now shall we come out coming out of the Kingdom of God? Do not do not grow in the Kingdom of God, but grow in the way of the world. Do you want to do? Do you want to do that? You want to do that by all means, and you will see that you you going to a new cycle of the of the suffering. The power we have such a wonderful grace. We have such a wonderful gospel. We have such a wonderful God to believe in. We have such a such a Lord Jesus Christ in our life who raised from the dead to conquer the death. Already conquered the death. So we going to have this have this hope in Christ and be made new in the attitude of our mind and put on a new self. And created to be like God to be like God no you and I we we still alive we are able to be like God we are able to show people that we look like God. We have the image of God. We have image of God. So God when Jesus ascended on high, she took many captive and gave give to his people. You see what kind of what kind of grace it is, right? So we got to know that we do not follow the way of the world. We see no reason for us to follow. So do not let the unwholesome talk come out of our mouth. Yeah, and we do not. We do not steal anymore. Now, still no, still no longer, and the work doing something proper work with our own hand and getting rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Are you with me? So we gotta? We got to know that we follow this way the way of this world is going to be self-destructive and we are. Finally we finally moving out of the world's going to the Kingdom of God and we have all this power power, the Holy Spirit that power, the resurrection we have hope eternal hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. Why should we go back to the norm of the world? So the point #7 right? We go to do not follow the way of the world. And #8 being a man or woman woman, being a man or woman of wisdom with wisdom. So be very careful. Be very careful how we live, not as unwise but as wise. Making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord will is. What the Lord will is and find out what please what pleases God. We put our new self then we keep on renew ourself and then you know what? Yeah you know what and the become a man of wisdom, a woman of wisdom with the wisdom present the church to our God as a radiant church without stain and wrinkle or any other blemish and but holy and blameless, blameless. Paul is talking about the Christ and the church, Christ and the church is like a husband and a wife. So in the in the in the world no for ever since from Adam and Eve they no wife and husband become ideal. Only Jesus Christ and the church become the ideal. So we got to know we have the wisdom to understand to have the spiritual eyes to see, to see if we were to be able to build a glorious church present the present the church as reading church without seeing the wrinkle or any other blemish. But Holly and the beam blameless. How wonderful it is they're going to be acceptable to God, so we see. We can make up. We become really in one with Jesus Christ. We really in one with God really in line with God and we're going to know that we do not waste time. We do not waste time anymore. We going to use our every opportunity to learn how to create value, be creative and doing a proper job that that do not be foolish and got to know that the result. The image of God we may still alive. We are we. We are still alive. We can to restore the image of God. And that is the salvation there is that there is the salvation. So in conclusion, include conclusion. In conclusion, we going to put on the armor of God. We got to keep on equip ourselves with the with the truth. We're gonna keep on keep on you keep yourself with the truth so they efficient efficient chapter 6. Therefore we got to put on the full armor of God because we are fighting the spiritual battle we are fighting against with the spiritual battle you see the culture and the the way of this world. Is somehow can be can be logical can be logical. So we got to really comprehend, comprehend the truth of God. That's why we put on full armor of God the way the full arm of God, the full armor of God, a lot of a lot about to do, understanding it, not not something like you know not something like ohh. Somehow you can understand. And sometimes don't understand sometimes feel this way sometimes feel that way and blue here and there. And the wave here and there, you know. And that would be, that would be a sorrow in life now. So we got to stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around. Yeah, buckle around your waist, the truth, the truth belt of truth right with the breastplate of the wretched in place and with your feet fitted with the readiness that come from the gospel of peace. In addition to all the take up the shield of faith which with which you can extinguish all the flaming era. The evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. Word of God. So you see that we go to sharpen our mind. We keep on renewing our mind. You creep ourselves with the word of God. If you see this, if you see when Jesus confronting with the devil confront him with the devil, you know what happened. The exchange rate, the exchange rate that they will see if your son of Almighty God please change this stone to be to a bread so they can fill your stomach. And Jesus said ohh man, not live by bread alone, but live by every word of God. And the and the game over the game. The first round of game over when they exchange this kind of sentence exchange this kind of world we we we get a little bit lost, but there was no what Jesus talking about and Jesus knows what the devil is talking about and all this about word of God. So you and I got to keep shopping, shopping our mind so that we can understand the word of God. The doctrine of Destiny pay a higher high amount of time to study Word of God. You see from what I know, not my nature like ours. No our church study word of God, you know you refer to our website. You will see plenty material in Chinese. Robert didn't. I didn't know I was accumulating. I'm trying to do the same, replicate the same thing in English. Let me assure you word of God, you go to comprehend you're going to gain the understanding you to gain the insight. Then you know how to build a glorious church. Then you go to know that how to defeat the devil, how to fight against the devil. You're going to know that devils game. You're going to know that which other. Which are the word of God? Which are the way of the world, we of the world? Are you with me? Yeah, so we can. We know that we know that. We got to stand firm. We got to stand firm after the struggle our for our struggle is not against the flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this Dark World and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. Are you with me? We go to against with all this and be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Let me assure you whether you are a slave or master. You don't need to get up from the slave. You don't have to be a what you got to know that this doesn't. It is slave or living as a slave. As a master we will not stop, will not be able to stop how God going to bless you and. Those are in the Genesis is the one of the typical example as a slave, become a top slave there as a prisoner, as the top prisoner, because God is with him. It's not going to stop. It's not going to stop. God bless. So whether you are the children or your parent, your wife or husband or what you are in this profession in that profession is not going to stop you to receive the grace of Almighty God. Receive the blessing of Almighty God. Don't worry, do not worry. They did the wonderful gospel. These are the wonderful gospel we're going to make full use of this gospel to live out the image of God. And sharpen our mind, I'm sure I'm pretty sure your potential your potential will be fully maximized whether you are young or old is sharpen your mind to understand the word of God. Do not be lazy. Do not be a you know, contented with what you have and keep on marching on. Keep on pursuing and keep on digging out. The treasure in the in the body of Christ and the gods will will be satisfied through you, and I may the Lord bless you. Let's sing a song and we start to collect our tidying right now. If you do not know if you do not know the meaning of tidying, please do not. Please do not give a small tip to God. They're going to be offending, right? So to if you do not understand, you go to know that the church is not the place to collect money. Church is the place to have a dual dwelling of a Holy Spirit trading the place to give away to get people to be blessed. Are you with me? Yeah. The gods. I did it very old song. Our Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and I. How precious can that be and you and I will we fall into sickness. And we pray we can heal because the sickness go onto the body of Christ. Christ has suffered for all of us. Press already suffered for all of us. Christ already taken away our sin and taken away our our ******* taken away our Crest. She paid for the price. So we live our life. On the outer. So we lay our life. It did not bring a hiding to God, but bring our body, bring our life to God. Give your life to God. Give your life to God. Give your life to this wonderful God. He loves you and I. It is one of the best decision ever. So we sing together. My shoes. Can face uncertainties because he. Because he lives. And they can face tomorrow because he. Ohh Fiera is gone. Because I know. He told the future. I like it won't be leaving just because he. We and then one day I'll crawl the river. I love you. I know baby pain. And then her said. Give way to bakery. The light of glory and I will know early. They confirmed tomorrow. Should we? All fear is gone. People. Just. Nathan Leaf up Lipa about our head. Pray together. Lord, I'm going to offer myself to you. Lord, send me out. Set me out. To bring your glory to all the world. Lord, I praise you. I praise you, Lord, take my life, take my life. As acceptable to you, holy and acceptable to you Lord, I praise you. Praise you I praise you for what you have done for me. Like today. Ioffer myself to you. As a holy sacrifice to you, I praise you and give all the same to you. In Jesus name, Amen. We see you next week. Thank you brother and sister. May the Lord bless you.

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