【Course】Course 101 - Lesson 9: Summary

Good morning everyone! Today, let's summarize our Course 101.

We Need God's Power to Defeat the Devil In The Spiritual World

This Course 101 does not just deliver knowledge. But it delivers a fundamental concept for beginners: how to gain access to the power of the name of Jesus Christ.

In the last eight lessons, we have talked about many fundamental concepts: the spiritual rules and the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is so real. Though somehow we know the spiritual world is so real, we still have some missing elements: We carry no power.

Our Life Is Determined By The Spiritual World

All our life, as long as you and I are human, we are living in this world and we are also living in the spiritual realm.

A lot of spiritual forces are playing a key role in your and my life. But the problem is that we do not know the power of the name of Jesus Christ

After years of struggling, we have developed this course called Course 101 for beginners. This course will bring people on a path that leads them to gain access to all the promises of God in Jesus Christ.

So we have touched on a couple of fundamental concepts, especially the spiritual world.

Churches Today: Can Say, But Cannot Do

The churches today do not talk about the spiritual world. That is one of the biggest sorrows in the history of the church.

After the churches have been doing this and that, they can explain many things, but they cannot demonstrate the power of God.

They believe in a whole set of theories that substituted the theory of our Lord Jesus Christ. The theories of Jesus Christ were substituted by the theories of men and lost the power of the name of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the history of the church, they have been talking about a lot of things and they have done a lot of things. But all these have missing elements: the power of the name of Jesus Christ.

And this is the time when we shall restore the power of the name of Jesus Christ!

We Need To Recognize The Reality of The Spiritual World

And when I founded this doctrine, I called it the doctrine of destiny or the doctrine of Ming Ding. "Ming Ding" is a Chinese word right and you will get to know its meaning. This Chinese word when translated into English is called Destiny.

This doctrine of destiny has redefined many things. The starting point is that We got to recognize the reality of the spiritual world. The devil is working in the spiritual world. Our God is also working in the spiritual world. If we do not know the spiritual world, we basically are blind and we're leading the blind. We are not going to solve any problem. A lot of problems rely on the power of the name of Jesus Christ and we have discovered a path.

Building Up The Glorious Church Is The Weapon To Defeat The Devil

Years ago we were looking at those people who suffered from all kinds of diseases, cancers, tumors, bleeding problems, pains, depression, and other mental illnesses. And we had been trying to cast out all the devils and people were healed one by one.

But in the end, we discovered: Even though we had done so many deliverances, we were still unable to win the spiritual battle.

So, in the end, we discovered **the path of climbing up the mountain of the Lord and entering the Temple of God of Jacob. **

That is mentioned in the Bible. That is what is going to happen in the end time. And that is our weapon to fight the spiritual battle!

So we started discovering the principles behind blessings and curses. We started talking about the spiritual world. There are so many problems. But to all these problems, there is only one solution: Entering the Temple of God and building up the church which is the body of Christ. Most importantly, we should build up the church or God according to the word of God.

Building up the church according to the Word of God is the secret weapon God gives us! And that is the only way to make the power of the name of our Lord Jesus Christ unfold.

We Will Lose The Power of God If We Don't Build The Church According to God's Revelation

We have discovered this. This is indeed an amazing discovery! Many years ago, I had this confusion in my mind: How come the church is not doing what Jesus Christ had been doing? How come the church cannot do all the things our Lord Jesus had been doing? They simply cannot do it. And how come the church has a lot of events that our Lord Jesus Christ never did?

So this church we build is so unique that we try very hard to go back to the word of God and stick to it.

As We are going back to the word of God, we discovered one piece, later another piece, and yet another piece. One by one we started to understand that the centerpiece of the word of God is the church. The church shall be built according to the word of God and the church is the Temple of God. If you build the church, you got to build it according to the drawing and the plan in God's revelation.

So as we went back to the word of God, we have reformed a system that is in line with the system of Apostle Paul. This Ming Ding doctrine is a complete system. We assembled all of them together and formed this Course 101. This course is designed for beginners because it touches on each individual critical element of the word of God and we want to bring everyone into this destiny.

Building A Glorious Church Is Our Destiny

Your destiny is not your profession. Your destiny is not what you're doing now. Your destiny is to build a glorious church that has the presence of God and then the power of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ will be made known among us.

And we have demonstrated that power.

This morning, one of my coworkers was praying for a couple who suffer from back pain. They are living in Australia and have been listening to my sermons and my teachings for about six months. Finally, this time, they approached us. After that, the customer service redirected them to my coworker. They prayed together and the back pain is gone!

They were so shocked and they said: "Oh, this is so real! This is so real!"

Why is it like that? Because they are attending a local church. They have been suffering from back pain for years. Do you know what happened? The church made the other church members introduce them to our website and they started to listen. Then today they started to approach us and they got healed.

And my coworker was telling me another story: A father had been away from the family to work and this time around the family gathered together with the kid. The father can see obviously the kid has been changed.

The kid was suffering from a certain kind of sickness which makes the muscles of the kid somehow move uncontrollably. And the kid would make very funny faces and swing his arms and legs unintentionally. This is not natural, but the evil spirit dwells in the muscles and moves the body uncontrollably. But now the problem is gone!

Why do we have all these miracles?

And this morning we had a church service and there were thirty-plus testimonies.

Why does this happen among us? It's because we discovered, or we rediscovered, what has already been mentioned in the bible regarding how to build the church!

Course 101 Is To Help Beginners Find The Destiny

My confusion in the past years has been resolved. So I summarized these important concepts inside this Course 101.

This course is only for a beginner to understand the direction. The direction is to build the church according to the revelation of our God.

If we build the church according to the Bible, according to the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, the church surely will be filled with the glory of Almighty God!

So in this summary, I want to share with you: Do You have any problems? Yeah? If so, well, the only solution to your problems, is to change the way you live. Change your destiny. Replace your destiny!

Do you want to be a wealthy person? Yes, you can pursue to become a wealthy person. But then what? Why do you want it that way?

I want all of you to embrace a new destiny. That is to build a church full of the glory of Almighty God!

So I'm going to share with you about curses and blessings. Curses and blessings all have to do with the word of God. If you are not living with this destiny and you have another set of theories of living, there you are. How can you live? How can you live with the blessings of Almighty God?

So I wonder why in thousands of years of the history of the church, the power of the name of Jesus Christ was not there at all. Especially, people had been seeing all the church members suffering from all kinds of diseases and yet couldn't understand why God was not listening to our prayer.

There is only one simple reason: they were not building the church according to the word of God!

That's called the doctrine of destiny, the doctrine of Mind Ding. The destiny is to build the church!

What really matters is not your own family, nor your own profession. If you keep on doing all things according to that way, you will not get any answer and you can't have control over your life, because you can't have the power to overrule the spiritual world. The spiritual world determines the end result of your life.

Climb Up The Mountain of The Lord And Defeat The Devil From A Higher Level

Today the message is very short. Basically, I'm just trying to do a very quick summary: to climb up the mountain of the Lord, the mountain of the truth, with so many different layers of the truth. You will finally reach a certain level from where you can defeat the devil!

If you are not reaching that level, you will be defeated by the devil, even though you are a believer. Are you with me?

People are bullied by the devil in the spiritual world. Now, by building a church and climbing up the mountain of the Lord, you will see all the promises of our Almighty God. All the promises of our Almighty God are so real in Jesus Christ.

That's how it works.

Living For God And Our Problems Will Be Gone!

So I give you a few more testimonies:

A young man, who was pampered by his parent, has been suffering from depression since 21 years old. This mental illness has been torturing him for years.

This guy somehow searched on the Internet and found our website. Then he started to listen to our website.

After listening, he contacted our customer service and was redirected to someone who started to shepherd him.

His life is changed. The devil that caused the depression has been defeated and the person was set free! Now he can work like a normal person!

His father is a wealthy person. Now the father sees the change of the son and he also started to listen to our website trying to understand why the church has the power.

You know what? We are promoting the idea of living for Jesus Christ. This is not something as a big sacrifice. It is not even a sacrifice at all, but a grace that we even have the chance to live for our Lord Jesus Christ!

If you read the Bible, the Bible says if you want to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and you want to follow Jesus Christ, you got to lay down your life for him.

And once we decide to lay down our life, the depression problem will be gone!

So you and I must know that and we must experience that: We need God. We need God and we live for God! And that's the best choice ever in our life.

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