【Course】Course 101 - Lesson 4: Root Cause of All Problems - Knowledge of Good and Evil


Good morning to the people in North America. Although I live in Asia, this is the time we scheduled for those who live in North America or Europe. Today is Sunday, we have a Chinese congregation in the morning and questions & answers in the evening. At this time of day, I will deliver English Sermon to everyone.

Everything starts with a humble beginning, but I can see the future in my faith, the blessing of the future will be spread from us to English-speaking people. For example, Microsoft, Apple and Alibaba started from humble beginnings, Apple first started when IBM was dominating the whole IT world. But today, we can see Apple has become one of the world's largest corporations. Even a thousand years of the tree started with a small seed and grew up from a small tree. We start from a humble beginning, but it doesn't mean we are small and insignificant. Instead, we are aiming at big things because our Lord will make our names great and make us a great nation, it was God who promised Abraham and we are inheriting God’s promise.

I have delivered three lessons in the past couple of weeks, we were talking about the reality of the spiritual world in the first lesson and we learned about how real the spiritual world is. You don't need to live a long life, if you live tens of years, you may have experienced some spiritual issues. If you do not know those are spiritual issues, then you will face a lot of problems which are very difficult to explain. We are talking about spiritual issues, and the spiritual world is dominating the physical world. Life is all about the spiritual issue, you can see both lucky and lucky people. But what does lucky or unlucky means? Lucky and unlucky are spiritual methods. Why am I talking to you in this kind of tone? Because I can solve the problems in the spiritual realm by the power of the name of Jesus Christ.

Two different types of logic: Man’s logic and God’s logic

Today, I will explain to you the reason why the promise in the Bible is hardly visible. Life is a spiritual matter. If you know God, you have a relationship with God and you have faith in God, you can access the spiritual power and you can make wonder in the spiritual world. We are living in two different kinds of logic. The first kind of logic is man's logic, and the other kind is God's logic. I have led the Bible Study for the Gospel of Matthew and I gave this book a title called: "Two kingdoms, two different kinds of value systems and two different kinds of logic". The reality is that we see thousands of prayers not answered by God, you and I both know that there are a lot of problems.

Just a couple of months ago, a Pastor was suffering from cancer and another Pastor was suffering from COVID-19 and passed away. A few weeks ago, a well-known Pastor just passed away because of brain cancer. Can God's promises fail? No! But why we are not able to see the power of Almighty God manifest among us? Why we cannot gain access to the promise in the Bible that God has given to us? When we are talking about the woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years, she touched the edge of Jesus's cloak and got healed, the power went out from Jesus Christ. But today, nothing happens when we touch all kinds of things. Why it doesn't work? The promise and power are great, but the problem is difficult for us to gain access to the power of God because God is not answering our prayers. Many people started to justify themselves and concluded God has answered them, but the results are not the same as those mentioned in the Bible. Hence, we need to look for the truth and understand how it works.

When I built a system and realized it did not work. Do you know what I would do? I would not say: "Oh, it's just how it is." If I built an aircraft which could not fly, then I would not say something like: "Oh, aircraft is supposed to be like that." If someone else built a fighter jet which could fly in the sky, and compared to the aircraft I built, it doesn't make sense to say: "It's like that" because it is so obvious and not going to be right. I am an engineer and I am specializing in training people. I have encountered a lot of technical problems in my life, and I know there is a problem when the system is not working and we need to figure out what the problem is.

Unbelief is the reason why people cannot gain access to the power of God

When I read the Bible, things were working fine in the Bible, but it doesn't work the same in the reality. What is the fundamental problem? Years ago, I went ahead to do my research and I figured out the answer to the question. The answer is very simple, which is unbelief. If you want to do research, then you need to follow the methodology of research. This is not something related to religion but spiritual science. Spiritual science is talking about the spiritual law, spiritual principle and how it works.

So, I went ahead to do my research and has been proved. By now, I can tell you all the promises, powers and glories are for us to gain access to. For example, there are some power sockets on the wall, and I use a rubber band to link to the microwave. Do you think it will work? No, it will never work because the power is there, but the wire is not a copper wire which caused the problem. My research followed what the Bible is telling us. When I wrote a software program and found it did not work due to various errors and bugs. What should I do with this? I went to Google and searched all the relevant documents and check to see where I got it wrong. It is the same approach applied to Christianity, I finally figured out that the root cause is unbelief. That is also the reason why Jesus had mentioned many times unbelief in the Bible. During that time, Jesus was commenting about people were not believing in God.

"You unbelieving generation," Jesus replied, "how long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you? Bring the boy to me." (Mark 9:19)

If you search the word "unbelief", you will see this keyword will show up a lot of times in The Four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. So, little faith and unbelief become the problem. The Bible is the word of God, but the problem is: How can we deliver according to what the Bible described? If you get it right, then you are following the approach which Jesus taught us, and you will surely deliver the same thing.

The age of Christianity is about 2000 years old, the unbelief has been there for years. Hundred years ago, some people concluded God is dead and the Bible is not the word of God. Another group of people said the Bible is the word of God, but the problem is that they could not prove that, so people just named them Evangelicalism. Evangelical Christians believe the Bible is the word of God, but they cannot deliver the promises mentioned in the Bible. Do you know why? Because these people are not doing according to what the Bible said. There was another group of people who did not believe in God, they just denied the Bible is the word of God.

About a hundred years ago, another group of people was trying to deliver according to what the Bible described. Evangelicalism was supposed to fight against the unbeliever, but they pointed to charismatic instead. They are some problems with charisma because they are using a try and error method and trying to figure out why people cannot do the same as what Jesus had done. I have no idea why people labelled these people as charismatic, but it seems like a negative comment. "Speak in tongue, pray, jump, shout, run over and fall over. They do all these kinds of things." This is what people commented about the charismatic.

The problem is this, whether it is an evangelical or charismatic church, they have been trying so hard to deliver what the Bible had mentioned. To this day, we are carrying on this research by standing on the shoulders of others who have come before us. We need to give good comments to those people who were trying so hard. After trying so hard, I finally figured out a way and I gave it a name called Doctrine of Destiny or Ming Ding in Chinese. Why the name is called Doctrine of Destiny or Ming Ding? Because it is trying to explain how all these things work. Many people said: "I believe in Jesus Christ." At the time when Jesus Christ was still on the earth, Pharisees believed in God, but when Jesus Christ came to His temple, Pharisees denied Jesus Christ as the Lord.

We need to know that it was God who came to His temple. Pharisees worshipped the Lord in the temple, they offered sacrifices to God and followed the commandments mentioned in the books of Moses. The funny thing is that Pharisees did not know when Jesus Christ came to this earth. It is still true today; people never say they don't believe in God. Judaism also believes in God, but why Jesus was still talking about unbelief in the Bible? When Jesus went back to His hometown Nazareth, Jesus said He could not perform miracles in that place because people did not believe. But these people believed in God, they held meetings in the synagogue, had sabbath days and offered sacrifices to God.

But why these people did not accept Jesus Christ as the Lord? Let me tell you, my research shows that it was the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. Why people in Jesus's hometown did not accept Jesus Chris? It was because these people had their understanding in their minds. For someone who doesn't know Jesus and has no relationship with Jesus, if the person was shown what Jesus had done, then the person would believe in God. In Jesus's hometown Nazareth, many people were wondering: "Oh, this guy is a carpenter, his father is Joseph and his mother is Maria. His brothers are James and Judah. They are living among us. All of a sudden, why this guy becomes like that?"

And they start to analyze. When they start to analyze, they forget the one thing, Jesus has done a lot of miracles. It's just because the two facts are put together, and they analyze, and they analyze by knowledge. They have some knowledge, and this knowledge is trying to use knowledge to explain it. After explaining it, they deny it and they do not accept Jesus Christ. That's interesting, and this is exactly where the problem is.

I was attending training and another lady was in the same class as me. You know, her brother was staying in the same flat a month ago, and her brother was suffering from a spine-related problem as they call slipped disc, where the back is stiff. The brother is the senior pastor at his church, and the wife is the wife of the senior pastor. And both of them suffered from this kind of disease and that kind of disease. They put the couple in the same flat with me and I was busy ministering and praying for days. Praying for this, praying for that over the network. And I saw the couple falling sick badly. They walked into the flat, their face is so pale and so tired. I say, "what happened to you?" "I got problems, I cannot sleep, I cannot eat". I said, "Come over, I'm a specialist in this". I laid hands on them and prayed for the lady. I prayed for the wife, basically the sister-in-law of my classmate. And the pastor's wife was healed. I cast out demons, I laid hands, and I healed the sick. Do you know what I did? I believed, I believed the word of God. I did not just believe the word of God, but I put it into practice.

And another day, she brought her husband to me. Because the husband tried to preserve his faith, "I am a senior pastor, you are a pastor, why should I ask you to pray for me?" This couple got so many famous pastors to pray for them, and it was a big event. They invited pastors from overseas, yet the couple still suffered from their sicknesses. So I prayed for the husband, and the slipped disc problem was gone. While I was praying for him, I saw a beast on his back. Head to head, tail to tail, four hands were holding tight. After I cast out the devil, the husband was relieved and set free, and he jumped up and down, so happy. In 20 years, he had never experienced such enlightenment.

If you go by facts, you will be hurt

What is the difference? Because in their mind, they have a set of knowledge. I am talking about the brother and the sister-in-law. I come back to the sister in the classroom, and she is also suffering from back problems. In the middle of the tea break in the class, she asked me to pray for her. So I laid hands on her back and was about to pray for her. Normally I pray for a few minutes and then I stop. So I prayed for a few minutes, and the Lord spoke to me. "This problem has something to do with her brother and her husband." Oh my God. So I asked her, "What happened between you and your husband, and you and your brother." This lady has problems with her sister-in-law and her husband. And after that, this lady mentally collapsed. When I mentioned her husband.

Over 20 years ago, when she was having her second child, her husband had an affair with another lady. She was so angry and could not forgive her husband, and she ran away and migrated to Germany. She migrated to Germany with her two kids. For over 20 years, her kids have grown up and she came to attend the training. It is called seminary, Bible college. She said, "I hate my husband." I said, "You have to see that as a good thing." She was so angry, "If you are a lady how can you see this as a good thing?" I know why. She ate so much of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. You know, this is so easy to tell. When she was so angry, I tried to pacify her, but I used a different kind of way. I shouted at her. I put her down. "You are angry with me? What is the benefit you got all these years? Yes, this is a bad thing, but what did you get? All these sicknesses? Do you think this is a good thing? Yes, you can migrate to Germany and live there and forget about all these things. You don't have to get all these sicknesses, you double penalized yourself." And she started to calm down, and agree with me. This fruit of the knowledge, yes, the husband did something wrong, but do you want to double penalize yourself? That is the problem. If you go by the fact, you will get hurt.

Powerless belief is unbelief

When I was doing this, I realized people's unbelief. People don't say they don't believe, but they don't. Many of you are believers, and many of you have attended other churches and somehow found me, right? And somehow you realized, that what you believed in those places has some contradiction with what I am teaching.

Now, the devil is so cunning. The devil never tried to stop you from believing. Yes, you can believe it. You can believe in Jesus Christ, but you are powerless. So if you are powerless, then what is the use of this gospel? And some people are preaching a powerless gospel. The devil never tried to stop you from accepting Jesus Christ. You can accept him, but you cannot gain access to the promise, into the power, because you are fed with so much fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. You are not solving the problem. You are equipped with the knowledge but not the knowledge of God. You are given such knowledge, and yet you were cut off from the tree of life, and you are eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

Don't explain why, solve the problem

And this happened in many places. They go by facts, they try to explain the issue. If you pray for someone, and they are not healed, they don't say they don't believe. They believe, but actually, it is unbelief in the eyes of God. You are trying to explain it this way, that way, you have lots of ways of explaining it. I have my slogan. I say, "Do not explain, solve problems." If you are not solving a problem, your explanation is useless.

So I am a problem solver. I am one of those who think I got it wrong if I do not get the result or if I do not see the power of Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus Christ carries power in the spiritual world. They are trying to tell us their belief, but they never believed anymore because the devil is trying to seduce them into eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat it, you will be cut off from the day of Adam to today. Whoever eats the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil will be cut off from the tree of life. That is the problem.

So this is the devil's scheme. And the devil never changes his scheme, and this is time we expose it, we expose the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. If you search on the internet, you will see a lot of messages preached by many pastors carrying a certain tone, or a certain element of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. This is very damaging. Yes, 90% is the word of God, and yet 10% is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, it will still be damaging. Just like if I give you a cup of tea, and 1% is poisonous, then if you drink it, you will die. Yes, it is a cup of tea, but it only needs 1% poison to become poisonous tea. The devil does not bother if you eat other things, but if you have a bite of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

One day I was in a hotel, and somehow, a lady came to visit me. It was Sunday, after the Sunday Service. Why did the lady come? She was suffering from a urine infection. (UTI) But the issue is this, she had to go to the toilet quite often, and she had the feeling of passing urine so often. She came to the hotel to visit me. Before, she was listening to the Sunday service. The topic of the sermon was this. If God does not heal you, will you still believe? What a cunning, wonderful topic? Jesus never preached in this manner. Jesus preached healing. A lot of time, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is not all the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, just a percentage of it. On the day I prayed for the lady, she was healed. After 2 weeks, I called her, and her urine problem was no more.

Listen to the Word of God and put it into practice

You and I can read the Bible. But are we reading the Bible in the way Jesus wants us to read it? Or are you reading it in the way of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? If you are reading it in the way of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, you have a problem. Yes, the promise of God is still there, and the power of God is still there. But if you are using a rubber band to gain access, the power can't flow out. That is unbelief. They say you believe, but it is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil with nice packaging.

There are so many cases. In our church, a lot of people came to our church and were healed. And they have been suffering from sickness for so many years in the previous church, and they were healed. This is not about a gift, an anointing issue, or unbelief, but it is about the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The reality is not aligned with what is mentioned in the Bible. We have got it wrong. It is not so clearly labelled as unbelief, but in a nutshell, it is unbelief. By the day of Adam. God did not label the tree as the tree of unbelief; he created two trees, the tree of life and the tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Are you with me?

Now I give you an example to share with you how damaging it would be if someone ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge sounds good, but it cannot compare to the power or glory of the Almighty God. It seems to be right, but the moment you implement that kind of knowledge, you are not going to gain access to the promise of the Almighty God. In Jesus Christ, no matter how many promises God has in us, they are true promises.

Gaining the Power of Almighty God

Let's look at this and zoom into greater details of the knowledge of good and evil. If you zoom into the greater details, then you will know that the knowledge of good and evil is the root cause of all problems. It is really interesting to study this. Do you want to gain access to the power? Do you want to gain access to the promise of Almighty God? Then we got to get away from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil because that only explains the problem but never solves the problem.

I give you a few more stories to see how damaging can that be. Someone got hurt and then they start to fall into depression. After falling into the depression, do you know what happened? People start to do the so-called psychological analysis. They got all your history and all details of your family. Then they tell you that it's because of your family, or because of the relationship, because of this and that... They are trying to explain where your problem comes from. But are they trying to solve the problem? It doesn't seem to be.

They give you an explanation why the problem is like that: because of your father, your mother, your grandfather, or even your grandmother. You have all the family line listed down and they do an analysis of this. Furthermore, they try to say that it is so unfair that this one treated you like this or that. They are enhancing the idea that you are suffering from all the past events. They give you a logical explanation. Yeah, this is correct that you have suffered. This is correct. But we never look at the reasons. The reasons are all in us, all in ourselves.

You see, these people who try to define your character are just trying to explain why the issue is like that. They look at the original family, the family life, the curse of the generation, and all these other things. But when I study the Bible, I studied with a totally different approach and I try to solve the problem. I would say no one can change your fate. It is only you, only your own choice: whether you want to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, or you do not want to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. If you refuse to eat that, let me tell you, you will be able to gain access to the promise of Almighty God.

This morning, I prayed for someone who had leg pain and sleeping problems. All of these problems are basically the result of eating too much fruit of knowledge of good and evil. So after explaining to her, I prayed for her and her problem was released. How damaging it can be to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil!

No One Can Change God's Plan in You

Do not explain. Solve the problem. Do not throw. Do not throw one thousand and one blames onto others. We can only blame ourselves. We may have eaten too much of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. It may make sense. But in the spiritual realm, it does not make sense at all! Yes, Joseph was sold to Egypt. That is real. He indeed became a slave. It's not a mock one but a real one. His brothers really wanted to kill him. They really sold him to Egypt. But Joseph refused to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil and the plan God has in Joseph had accomplished.

Let me tell you: no one can change the plan God has in you. Only you yourself can make a choice of that. That explains why not the fruit of knowledge of good and evil is so damaging. Do you want to hear many other stories? I can tell you one thousand and one stories about knowledge of good and evil. But let me assure you, you need to get away from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. Eating it is only double penalizing yourself.

Thank you for listening to me. This is Lesson 4 of our Course 101. In the next one, I will share with you some more about the fundamental belief which will surely solve the problem. I would really hope you can understand the damage of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil in our life and refuse to eat it. Amen.

May the Lord bless you. We see you next week.

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