【Sermon】We Need God (2022-06-12)

This is a note of the sermon. The full transcript will be uploaded later."

1. Review: Living is a spiritual matter

In all the incidents or accidents which happened to us, there are spirits involved.

In other words, all our problems are rooted in the spiritual realm. Our world is actually a spiritual world.

Science, technology, and medical science cannot solve spiritual problems. Spiritual problems can only be solved in spiritual ways.

2. The Solution of Our Problems Is God's Grace

God is the God of love, hope, and power. He cares for us and He has the power to care for us.

We need to search for God. We believe in God's love and power. So in our despair, we can always rely on God.

Love without power is helpless. God's power can change our fate in the spiritual world!

We minister to people wholeheartedly because God loved us and delivered us first.

3. We Need God

We must know that we are merely humans. We cannot solve our own problems in the spiritual realm.

We need God's power in our life.

We can find hope in God because the power of God's spirit will overflow in us.

4. Restore the Gospel of God's Power

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

The gospel preached by Apostle Paul is a gospel of God's power.

We need to restore the gospel of the power of Almighty God. This is in line with the Bible.

We need to form a systematic way to understand God's words. Don't read God's words in a piecemeal manner.

Our Ming Ding Doctrine is more biblical than other doctrines.

5. We Can Also Deliver People With God's Power

God's power has delivered us from spiritual bondage. We can also deliver other people with God's Power.

This is the reflection of God's mercy through us.

On the earth, we are God's representatives and we can use God's power to cast out demons and heal the sick!

God works and is still working! God performs miracles and is not confined by physical laws.

We need to walk with God and restore His images on us.

6. God's Power Is His Grace for Us

This is God's grace for us. We don't have to do anything. We can do nothing in exchange for God's power and mercy.

We just need to believe in God.

Don't rely on our own caliber. But rely on God's power.

We need to know God: what kind of people can find favor in God's eye; what do we come into this world for.

If we choose to follow Jesus, our life will be colorful and wonderful because God's power will manifest through us.

7. Conclusion: We need God in our life

Let's pray to Jesus: we want to devote our lives to you!

God has a special plan for us. We need this amazing God!

God will make our name great in the spiritual world. Devil will shiver upon hearing our name.

It is a treasure that we have God in our life!

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