【Ministry】English Transcription: Preparatory Task

The task of English Transcription Ministry is to convert our English audio to text by listening and typing. The purpose of this ministry is to train our members to do shepherding in English, accumulate English contents and increase our influence in the English-speaking people.

Our English Transcription Ministy is now recruting. To help you familiarize with the English Transcription tasks, we designed this preparatory task: Listening to a 10-min audio and converting it to text by typing down the words:

Or, you can play it online:

  • Listen to the audio, and type down the words you heard. You can edit the text to make it more fluent and accurate.
  • Please note down the time you spend finishing this task.
  • Save the text into a Word document. Email it to:


  • Please indicate your name and membership ID in the email, as well as the time you spend on the task. We will contact you afterwards.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us through the above email.

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